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Fangover: Day 9 – Bill (via @VampKingBill)

The calm before the Billith

A few days ago I complained about how Jason’s shift towards pure hatred felt especially extreme because of the use of hallucinations. That said, at least it was believable because he’s had feelings like those before – back in Season 2 when he’d gotten himself mixed up with the Fellowship of the Sun. On the other hand, Bill has always been a staunch mainstreamer. It was those beliefs that got the attention of the AVL and those beliefs that got him the assistance of the snipers to take out Sophie-Anne.*

So when you look at a Bill that has for the most part always been fairly pro-human, this shift to a religious fundamentalist felt almost like a 180 degree shift. It’s not to say that Bill was incapable of making that shift; but the mechanism they used – the flashback to his dying daughter – didn’t really work to show us how Bill had made a mistake by not turning his daughter. It was just kind of there. As a result, it left many viewers with this feeling of unease and questioning whether he really believed or was it all an act. Personally, on an Intellectual level I knew he believed – I’d seen the early descriptions of “Save Yourself” and knew that he must be a believed – but on an emotional level, I didn’t buy it.  I only bought into it towards the very end of the season, when he killed Kibwe for even praying by the blood. Stephen’s performance really helped sell it in “Save Yourself” but it shouldn’t have had to have been sold by the acting, but rather by the writing.

As for Billith, it will be interesting to see where the journey takes us with his character. Hopefully it’ll be a better trip than the one we took just to get to this point because Bill (and the viewers) deserve better.

Best Moment – Salome’s Death

Yes, I just used this in the previous post, but it still stands here. It was an absolutely fantastic scene and a reminder that Bill really is a fantastic actor himself, playing whatever part is needed to further his own agenda. He was so cool and so polite right before he killed Salome and that swagger was just awesome. I hope that the Billith we see next season leans more in this direction than in the bloody screamer that Lilith appeared as the entirety of this last season.

Worst Moment – His slapping Jessica.

I can’t help it. I felt for the baby vamp. It was just such a cruel thing to do, and it happened before I fully bought into him truly believing. It was very jarring and hard to watch.

*For those unaware, the extras on the S4 Blu Ray made it clear that a “high-ranking member” of the Authority signed off on the use of the guards. Based on what we saw this season, it stands to reason that Roman authorized it because Bill’s mainstreaming agenda aligned so well with his own.

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True Blood Episode Ratings Season Comparison (via @vs4as)

True Blood has shown strong ratings each season. I have been keeping track of the figures for a few seasons. The source for the figures is :  SpoilerTV 

  • Season 1 averaged 2 million viewers per episode.
  • Season 2 averaged 4.28 million viewers per episode.
  • Season 3 averaged 4.97 million viewers per episode.
  • Season 4 averaged 4.97 million viewers per episode.
  • Season 5 averaged 4.664 million viewers per episode.
Comparing season 4 ratings to season 5 here is the per episode breakdown for season 4:
  • Episode 4.01 (June 26th) : 5.42 million viewers / 3.0% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.02 (July 3rd) : 2.90 million viewers / 1.5% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.03 (July 10th) : 5.04 million viewers / 2.8% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.04 (July 17th) : 5.10 million viewers / 2.7% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.05 (July 24th) : 5.26 million viewers / 2.8% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.06 (July 31st) : 5.19 million viewers / 2.8% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.07 (August 7th) : 5.14 million viewers / 2.9% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.08 (August 14th) : 5.30 million viewers / 3.1% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.09 (August 21th) : 5.53 million viewers / 3.1% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.10 (August 28th) : 5.31 million viewers / 2.9% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.11 (September 4th) : 4.40 million viewers / 2.4% of the 18-49 demo.
  • Episode 4.12 (September 11th) : 5.05 million viewers / 2.8% of the 18-49 demo – Season Finale.
Season 5 figures:
  • Ep 5.01     5.201 million viewers/  2.9 % of the 18-49 demo.
  • Ep 5.02     4.417 million viewers/  2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.03     4.661 million viewers/  2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.04     4.541 million viewers / 2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.05     4.500 million viewers/  2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.06     4.629 million viewers/  2.7% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.07     4.463 million viewers/ 2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.08     4.596 million viewers/ 2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.09     4.498 million viewers/ 2.7% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.10     4.491 million viewers/ 2.6% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep 5.11     4.926 million viewers/ 2.8% of the 18-49 demo
  • Ep. 5.12    5.049 million viewers/ 2.8% of the 18-49 demo
So what do these numbers really mean? The ratings show the total viewers live plus same day viewing and the rating among the 18-49 age demographics. True Blood has grown from season 1 where it averaged 2 million per episode to an average of 4.664 million average in season 5. I know that EW recenly posted a higher figure but they are including the second viewing of the episode in their figure. (to stay consistent I used the numbers as reported by SpoilerTV).
It’s not a surprise to me that season 4 ratings were higher than season 5 figures. Season 4 featured the long awaited romance between Eric and Sookie. The storylines in season 5 did not always hold the fans interest. The finale for season 5 did show a slight increase in viewers. In short, the ratings are still very strong for True Blood. It is still rated number one as a cable show on Sunday night.
Futoncritic has a great detailed explanation to the way ratings are calculated link here:
It will be interesting to see how the ratings fare for the show in season 6. It has already been announced that there will only be 10 episodes in season 6. The season 5 finale left fans waiting for more and hopefully the ratings will remain strong in season 6.

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Fangover Fangathon Day 9 Moment that Shocked Me (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well we have a few contenders for this one. Sookie and her psychic link to a Vampire and not just any Vampire but the one who murdered her parents and who she is promised to. Finding out that Sookie is promised to the Vampire who killed her Parents. Eric and Bill having a bromance and not wanting to knock lumps out of each other. Russell Edginton having a softer side after all and finding out Salome and Nora were fanatics after all, though Nora making the about turn is still dubious.

The Vampire Lillith Blood induced rampage was also a contender for this, though it was more comical than shocking.

I could not decide on one main event so I have chosen 2.

The first was the forced blood induced vision that Eric had to endure, while Nora endured it willingly. Again we saw Godric talking to Eric and warning him, just as he did when the vampires were on their rampage, only this time Lillith appears and rips him apart. the anguish and sheer terror in Eric’s eyes was shocking as this man does not scare easily and I never seen it coming. I was really shocked and surprised by that scene.

My second was the coming of Billith and that whole build up. Bill had clearly descended into the abyss and had managed to outflank Salome, seducing her before convincing her that Lillith told him she was chosen before switching blood and lacing the new blood with silver so he could kill her. His transformation from mild mannered man to complete religious zealot was shocking in the way it was played out, that he would be so susceptible and yet still let Eric in to affect his rescue, knowing he would do it and seeing that Sookie was there too. I thought that when Sookie spoke, she may have even got through to him and saved him before it was too late but it seems that Bill was too far gone and succumbed to the voices and drank the blood.

At first I thought that the blood had overwhelmed him and his body couldn’t take it so he died. When he reformed I was basically in two thoughts, one was Oh shit and the other was what the fuck…Again I never saw that one coming either.

I just hope they don’t mess it up in season 6 now.

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Biggest Fail – Day 9 (via @lexiglam)

The biggest fail of True Blood S5 is the character of Maurella. Of course she’s beautiful and sexy. She also seems sweet and that light thing she did with her fingers was pretty awesome, so what man or for that matter, woman, could resist her?

I was actually happy for Andy that he “got some,” because it’s Jason that’s always bragging about his conquests. It kinda sucked that after his rendezvous with the faerie, things started to get good with Holly, but I chucked it up to an alternate world; supernatural type of event. Basically, a sexy times abduction.  Then, Maurella had to go get herself preggers with not one, but FOUR half-fae babies! What a fucking mess. And who’s even to say that Andy is the father, with the way those fae get their freak on.  😉

I’m all for the empowerment of my fellow woman, but to just orgasm four times and then leave the kids with Andy to raise is a bit out there. Her only wish is that at least half of them survive. WTAF kind of mother is that and how will this even work with the next season?!?

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Fangover Day 9: Ah, Sookie (via @mswriteok)

Considering the other four seasons of “True Blood,” Sookie Stackhouse had a relatively quiet few days in Season 5.

It did literally start with a bang. Two bangs in fact. The first went to Tara’s head as she threw herself in front of Sookie in one of most selfless acts I’ve ever seen.
The second was the shot that killed Debbie Pelt, one that I thought was long overdue.
I was surprised Pam showed up and not Eric or Bill, but as I said before, they were snuggled in the trunk of a car headed to Authority Central.
Sookie and Lafayette had to do some serious begging to persuade Pam to turn Tara, and after some skillful negotiating, Pam agreed to turn Tara for a favor to be named later.
Sookie’s relief at Tara’s rising as a vamp was short lived as Tara took one enhanced sniff of her best friend and decided she would make a great first meal.
Pam’s quick moves saved Sookie from being a snack, but our girl soon realized she would need to find a new bestie.
Lafayette stuck around for a day or two to help her cope and clean, but he was one of the next people to tell her what a dangerous friend she was to have.
Yes, our Hookah was grieving for both Jesus and his cousin, but I don’t think he needed to be quite so cruel to Sookie, because she had lost a former lover, a current lover and a best friend in less than 24 hours.
I think her decision to get drunk was long overdue, and Alcide dropping by was a nice distraction and a chance for her finally to have some kind of physical relationship with someone, well, who was not a “dead boy.”
It was a real pity her stomach and Eric and Bill all contrived to ruin that idea, and fast.
I considered the hangover she must have been nursing while trying to deal with her pet vampires, and don’t blame her for practically screaming at them, “It must be Thursday.”
She didn’t have much to do in a couple of episodes that focused mainly on the Authority, Lafayette’s trip to Mexico, Jason and Jessica’s relationship, Terry’s wild ride and Russell and Steve’s Excellent Adventure.
Her real-life pregnancy made it necessary for us to see less of her, and that allowed so many other characters to get a bit more screen time, but while we might not have seen her, she was busy in the background doing things for others.
Personally, after this season, I wish she could have a bit of rest. I realize most of the folks in Bon Temps think she had a year-long vacation while she was in Faery, but she didn’t get any down time.
She has a lot of information to process right now, and probably not much time to do it.
She seemed quite surprised to see Tara and Pam kiss, but by then she was pretty shocky. Her brother has a head injury and while Sook doesn’t realize he’s seeing and talking to his parents, she knows he’s a bit more vacant than usual.
Probably the biggest shock for our girl is what has happened to Bill. I think she always believed that Bill would love her forever, no matter what he said, but after his spectacular parlor trick of rising from a pile of goo with some pretty bitchin’ fangs, she’s not so sure.
Eric, who at the beginning of the season had written Sookie off, saw he might still have a chance with her and got her out of the room as fast as he could, but the new-and-perhaps-improved Bill may be faster.
It’s a bit disheartening to believe that for the next nine months in True Blood time, Sookie is running.
I hope she’s not too exhausted when Season 6 kicks off next year.

Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day Nine (via @DemonXDiantha)

Favorite Flashback

     Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say Eric and Pam’s flashbacks! Didn’t you? Don’t you lie to me!

     Actually, I really enjoyed the flashback of Bill seeing his daughter. It showed that he did still have his “humaniteh” and that he still truly cared for his family as a father would. It must have been torture to see his child laying there, and knowing that he would not help her. I thought it was interesting that he still may have hated what he had become. What other reason would he have to not “save” his daughter. He didn’t want to condemn her to his immortality. Perhaps he knew it wouldn’t be everything she expected. I have heard a lot of hate about this scene; but I just don’t understand that. He wanted to see his daughter one last time. To speak with her. To let her know she was loved. Hate Bill all you want, but he was a father. And father knows best.

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Fangover: Day 8 – The Authority (via @VampKingBill)

 What a lovely bland picture for a band of bland vampires.

If you pressed me to pick one reason why I think the season just didn’t quite gel as a whole this year, the Authority would have to be it. I stand by what I’ve said on True Bites: there were hints of good ideas in here, but they were underdeveloped. It’s as if the producers got the idea ‘We want to tackle the separation of Church and State’ but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it all work in an interesting manner.

On top of a lack of a truly cohesive plot, another issue that must be brought up is the fact for the most part, the Chancellors were a rather dull personality-less group. Salome showed promise, but that which allowed Bill to defeat her was also why she was ultimately uninteresting as a character: she believed, but she couldn’t really put anything into motion. She wasn’t a schemer. As a result, she walked completely blind into Bill’s trap just as he knew she would. It would have been more interesting had she had she a cunning mind to go along with her faith. Even Roman- the single most hyped character of the bunch – didn’t really have much to bring to the table.

Throughout the first four seasons, the Authority was built up to be this shadowy group that, unless you were seeking to join them, you did not want to draw the attention of because odds are that True Death (or worse) would soon be following. This season shone a light on them and they were revealed to be just as petty as the vampires on the ground. Russell remained more intimidating than Roman and all the Chancellor’s combined.  We had no reason to be scared of them anymore and that proved to be a huge issue.

I will say that Salome fared the best of the lot them – the writers did a great job with the subtleties of making her a believer. Her words, her actions all pointed to someone who wasn’t playing a game. If the others had been more fleshed out, it might have been a stronger arc overall.

Best Moment –  Salome’s Death

Aside from the fact that we got a fantastic scene from Bill, I picked this death as the death of the night because it showed how to the bitter end she was a true believer. When she realized that she was dead, she wasn’t mad, she wasn’t even upset. She realized she wasn’t the strongest and therefore not the one that had been Chosen. She met the True Death believing that Lilith had found a perfect champion in Bill and was comforted by it because that is what she had worked towards all these years.

Worst Moment- Roman, as a whole.

I think the blame for this one had to go to HBO itself. HBO knew that Christopher Meloni had a huge fanbase – one that actually originated on HBO – so it makes perfect sense that they’d want to trumpet his joining the cast. The problem is there just wasn’t much for him there even considering how short his stay ultimately was. Though I think the character would have been a disappointment regardless of the actor playing him, having him hyped up did him no favors.

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