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Vampire’s Kiss (via @TBconfid)

Kristin’s Spoiler Chat from earlier today-
PeachyTine: So excited about season 5 of True Blood. Any scoop on any possible Alcide/Sookie romance?It’s definitely possible. Assuming of course that Alcide could get over that whole “you killed my ex-wife” thing. Alcide’s confession last season to Sookie and his desire to protect her is very much present in the season premiere, but like all things in Bon Temps, romance is on the back burner until the bodies are buried. Oh what? Yep, multiple bodies need to be disposed of. Don’t worry, there is a terribly sexy growl from Alcide in there too.
Elly: Forget about Eric and Sookie and tell me about my favorite pair on True Blood: Eric and Pam!Eric still has plenty of love for Pam. And Kristin Bauer van Straten promises that Pam is on a mission to get back in Eric’s good graces. “Pam will go to any length to be reunited with her maker. Any length,” she tells us forebodingly. “And we’re going to see it. Pam has an amazing arc because we get to see her backstory and how she was made. It explains why Pam is the way she is and also why Eric is her one person that she can’t live without.” We’ve seen the first four episodes of True Blood‘s fifth season, and trust us when we say that Pam will more than likely be your favorite T.B. character this year.

But before you settle in to catch up with the folks in Bon Temps, you should know we bugged the entire cast about the burning questions on our minds since season four. Who dug up Russell Edgington? What’s the status of the Eric-Sookie-Bill love triangle? If you’re curious to hear what Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard and the rest said, then sink your teeth into some True Blood scoop:
Let’s eliminate a couple of people from the Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) mystery.
“It definitely wasn’t Eric,” Skarsgård tells us. “Eric would never do that.” OK, one down. Only about 18 suspects to go, plus countless other new characters who might have done it. What about the werewolves?
“It wasn’t Alcide. I’ll tell you that much,” Joe Manganiello insists. OK, two down. Back to the vamps.
I can’t tell you who dug up Russell Edgington because it’s a very major plot point,” Stephen Moyer laughs. Hmmm, interesting response, Vampire Bill. We’ll let that vague answer slide…for now. Moving on to that Bill-Sookie-Eric love brouhaha, Moyer reveals how the situation is going to play out in season five.
“I think he’s got other things on his mind. There’s just not time to worry about that relationship,” he tells us. “When we left Bill and Eric last time, Sookie had just told them she was going in a different direction for a while. And then something major happens to them and they are completely caught up with dealing with that.”

Meanwhile, Manganiello says that Alcide is not exactly still smitten with the lovely Sookie. “You’re going to see him pick up where he left off last season, which was pissed, and you’re really going to see his transformation this season into the big bad wolf,” he teases. “This is the season I’ve been waiting for since I’ve been on the show.” Watch all the Videos HERE
One more photo from Entertainment Weekly‘s Season 5 coverage, love angry Pam.

From Tommy Lightfoot Garrett’s HighlightHollywood

So, what about the love triangle that dominated season 4, almost as much as the vicious 400-year-old witch Antonia, who crossed over from the other side, puddle-jumped a Continent and showed up in Bon Temps with vengeance on her mind. Stephen Moyer, perhaps feeling guilty about not offering a solid answer previously was first to chime in.
“I think he’s [King Bill] got other things on his mind. There’s just not time to worry about that relationship,” Moyer insists. “When we left Bill and Eric last time, Sookie had just told them she was going in a different direction for a while. And then something major happens to them and they are completely caught up with dealing with that.”
Meanwhile, hunky Joe Manganiello says that Alcide is not exactly still smitten with the delicious Sookie. “You’re going to see him pick up where he left off last season, which was pissed, and you’re really going to see his transformation this season into the big bad wolf,” the “Magic Mike” leading man teases. “This is the season I’ve been waiting for since I’ve been on the show.” Me too! Okay, back to the important things in life.
Sunday night is headed right our way. We are now down to THREE, count them, THREE days before Makers Day opens up everyone’s imagination. There is one thing I can promise. We are going to find out a lot more when Alan Ball hands out the drama on Sunday night. Tara’s fate will be revealed! And there is a big shocker coming forward in the Eric/Pam saga!
Somebody tell the new girl that Debbie wasn’t Alcide’s wife-

Campblood’s Bloodwork is back and ready to recap Sunday’s Premiere!

Big Giftee from HBO for 100,000  tweets of #Makersday, script pages for the Newlin Jason scene, pretty cool. From True Blood’s Facebook.

True Blood – Ep. #501 Jason/Steve Scene I: 6/1/12 1.
the doorway, knowing better than to look him in the eye.
STEVE:Jason, I swear it to you and I swear it to God: I am not here to hurt you. All I want is to talk.
JASON:See, you say that, but I seen your fangs. And I have been ‘round the block enough times to know that fangs are basically like twin hardons. Hard-ons for trouble, or for feedin’ on somebody. But never just
for talkin’. Not ever.
BLOOD TEARS start forming in the corners of Steve’s eyes.
STEVE:Please…? I’m scared. And I’ve got no one else to turn to.
JASON:What about your followers? You got thousands of ‘em out there lookin’for you.
STEVE:And what do you think will happen when they find out about this? These are people I trained to kill folks like me.
ON JASON, softening a little, as he realizes Steve’s in quite the pickle.
ON STEVE, his FANGS RETRACT. He seems pleasantly surprised by this fact. Ah! There went the fangs! Look…

JASON:No way — I ain’t lookin’ at you.

JASON:Because you’ll fuckin’ glamour me!
STEVE:Jason, a vampire has to be taught how to glamour. And nobody taught me anything.
JASON:Bullshit. What about your, um…
STEVE:(a disdainful laugh) My “Maker”?
STEVE:My being turned was a punishment. I’m not saying I didn’t deserve it, but… I woke up in a hole in the ground with a strange woman who wouldn’t tell me anything. Didn’t even give me her name. She just…
ran off.
ON JASON, Steve’s story touching a soft spot in his armored resolve:
JASON:Seriously…? (forgetting, looking into Steve’s eyes) She abandoned you?
ON STEVE, he’s got Jason. GLAMOUR SCORE kicks in.
STEVE:Hey, there.
JASON:(under his influence) Hey.
STEVE:Invite me in, Jason.
JASON:‘Course. Come on in, Reverend… OFF STEVE, entering..INT. JASON’S HOUSE – NIGHT
Jason sits under a blanket on his barcalounger, still under Steve’s influence. Steve applies the last piece of
ELECTRICAL TAPE to Jason’s mouth.
STEVE: I want you to hear what I’m about to say with a clear and open mind, so in a minute, I’m going to
release you from my influence. When I do, all you’re going to remember is that you invited me in, and you
asked me to put this tape over your mouth, okay? Jason nods “okay”. Steve takes a seat on the couch. Only now does he release Jason from his influence. Hello, Jason. Thank you so much for inviting me into your home.
JASON: (through tape,muffled) Yrrrr wlcm, Rvrrnd Ewnln.
STEVE: There’s something I’ve been gathering up the courage to tell you ever since the day I found out
you were sleeping with my wife. You, You see…(deep breath, here goes nothin’) I didn’t care so much that you slept with Sarah. What hurt was that she got to sleep with you…
ON JASON, his eyes saying what his mouth can’t: “Where exactly are you goin’ with this, Reverend Newlin?”
STEVE: But even before that — the whole time you were at camp — all these feelings were… building up inside me. And I couldn’t admit it, not even to myself. I think that’s why I started acting the way I did, all
murderous and whatnot. But now that I’ve been blessed with immortality, I’ve finally got the strength to say it: (vulnerable) I am a gay Vampire-American, and I love you, Jason Stackhouse. And now I’m going to let you speak…
Steve gently REMOVES THE TAPE from Jason’s mouth. Sorry if this hurts…
JASON: Well, I asked for it, so…
STEVE: (expectant) So…?
JASON: First off… I’m flattered. ‘Cause that was without a doubt the nicest “I love you” I’ve ever gotten from anybody, male, female, or otherwise. Second: I forgive you, for actin’ all “murderous and whatnot”. But I gotta be honest with you, Reverend — (pointing to himself) — this dog don’t bark that way.
ON STEVE, crushed, angry, and embarrassed, all at once.
JASON: Look, I’m sorr–
Unable to control himself, Steve DROPS FANGS once again.
JASON: I ain’t pityin’ you!
JASON: It ain’t the way love works! You can’t make yourself love somebod–
But Steve has already VAMP SPED across the room, and is holding him in a half-Nelson, one of his hands covering Jason’s mouth. Jason’s eyes register a 10 on the-freaked the-fuck-out-register, as Steve whispers into his ear: (seductive, scary) My dead heart beats for you. The least you could do is try.
Acting on impulse alone, Steve SLIDES THE TIPS OF HIS FANGS ALONG JASON’S NECK, savoring him, collecting memories and smells of this moment. Jason struggles, but to no avail — Steve’s too strong.

From Celebuzz, not anything official –
True Blood is coming back for a sixth season. Though it will not come as a surprise to fans of the hit vampire drama, one of the show’s stars, Todd Lowe, dropped the news during an interview with Celebuzz when he was asked how producers were coping with hiding star Anna Paquin‘s growing baby bump.

“I think she is due right before we start (filming) the sixth season,” revealed Lowe, 35, who plays Terry Bellefleur.
The subtle confirmation comes on the eve of the 12-episode fifth season premiere and follows the decision of show runner Alan Ball to stand down.
In February, Ball said he would continue on the series in a supervisory role should True Blood be renewed for a sixth season. At the time, HBO added that if the show “proceed(ed) to season six, the show will remain in the very capable hands of the talented team of writers and producers who have been with the show for a number of years.”
A source close to the production last night told Celebuzz nothing had yet been confirmed.
“I’m sure they said that as an assumption and meant it in the context of assuming there’s a pick-up,” the insider said.
Whether or not Lowe, 35, accidentally revealed the studio’s sixth season secret, he was candid about how producers have been forced to call on a stunt double to work overtime to mask Paquin’s expanding waistline.
“I know that her stunt double has had more work than needed before,” he said. “I know that and they’re pretty creative with staging and costuming.”

The Only Way (via @TrueBloodMame)

The Only WayI don’t want to hurt you but this is the only way to make us all safe

I don’t want to hurt you

but this is the only way

to make us all safe

via The Only Way


Sookie goes to Russell’s mansion and saves Bill…after he had sex with Lorena, told Sookie it was great and then dumped her ass over the phone.

I’m sorry but if that was me then I’d have left his undead ass to rot and wiped my hands clean of him. I wouldn’t have staked his Maker for him and I certainly wouldn’t have then given him my blood in the back of a rusty old van knowing I was part Fae and that he was suffering from extreme blood loss and would need a lot to replenish his strength.

Idiot woman.


Three to Go Thursday (via @TBconfid)

AccessHollywood has a Trueblood rundown for Season 5, with links for all the premiere interviews. There’s more goodies HERE.
True Blood” returns for its fifth season on Sunday, and Denis O’Hare said to expect a refreshed take on Season 3 favorite, former Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington.
“What everyone is expecting, is that he’s going to come out of the ground, spitting sparks… and what they’ve done is satisfied that, but also given you something else, which I think is really smart,” Denis told Access Hollywood last week at the premiere of HBO’s pulpy vampire drama in Los Angeles. “We get to see a different side of him and a lot more of the humor — without losing the viciousness — which is great.”
Season 5 is being set up as a battle between the vampires who want the bloodsuckers to live in harmony with humans (mainstreamers) and those who don’t – like Russell.
“He’s an anarchist; he doesn’t believe in joining groups; he doesn’t believe in actually obeying rules, so I think it’s really hard for him to be in any sort of framework, so he might play along for a little while,” Denis teased.
Alan Ball (Creator): “It is really the most epic season,” he told Access. However, star Anna Paquin’s pregnancy won’t affect her character – fairy/human/waitress/butt-kicker Sookie Stackhouse – but it will affect her wardrobe.
“I actually heard from the costume designer midway through the season, she said ‘Sookie can’t wear a Merlotte’s T-shirt anymore.’ And I went, ‘Well, it’s a good thing Sookie really isn’t at Merlotte’s anymore, she’s basically trying to save the World’ outfits,” he added. (so she isnt at Merlotte’s this season, Whaaaa?)
Kristin Bauer van Straten on the reveal of Pam’s backstory: “It explains her personality and her connection to her maker, and her unsympathetic nature, and I also feel like why she takes such effort to dress.”
Nelsan Ellis on Lafayette moving on without Jesus: “He’s a bit dreary… It was a powerful romance and now he loses him, by his own hand… but he comes out of it.”
And on how his character might deal with life-threatening situations in the future: “If Lafayette’s life is in peril, he has acquired some skills where he can thoroughly defend himself.”
Sam Trammell on the troubles ahead for Sam Merlotte: “Physically, it’s probably the worst season. I get hurt pretty bad this year. No human being could survive the amount of physical abuse I take this year.”

EW has 11 different covers out on June 8 and behind the scene photos from HBO.

When penning the fifth season ofTrue Blood, the frightening yet disarmingly funny vampire drama that returns to HBO this Sunday, creator Alan Ball found inspiration (in all places!) by watching the scary-in-their-own-right presidential primaries.“My first instinct about going into religion and politics was from watching Michele Bachmann, who thinks she has a direct line to God.” Ball told EW. “What would happen if she became president? A lot of right-wingers would like to see a theocracy in America. From there we thought, ‘What would a vampire theocracy be and how would you justify it? What kind of impact would it have on humans?’”The result is a battle between the Tru Blood-sipping Authority, headed by Roman Zimojic (Christopher Meloni), and religious extremists like the Sanguinistas, who believe humans were created by God for one purpose only: to serve as a hearty meal. “Sanguine is from the Latin word for blood, and I was trying to find a name that like a real movement,” explains Ball.
I saw this Joe and Kristin video before but CNN just posted it on youtube.
Sam at Philadelphia Comic Con, Philicon- Thank You Pattie for posting (she has great videos from the con, Norman Reedus, Stan Lee!) For Shelita, Laura and Heather!

Askars going to watch the Stanley Cup Finals, more pics hereThe 35-year-old True Blood heartthrob heartthrob drove his 25-year-old The East co-star to catch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and the N.J. Devils.

I thought I was watching Access Hollywood last night when I saw DAW, doh! It was Extra, thank you Wetpaint.

via Three to Go Thursday

11 Things to Remember From ‘And When I Die’ (via @VampKingBill)

Season 4 was a bit unusual in that it was the first season that didn’t immediately follow the one proceeding. Because of that loose ends from the finale of Season 3 weren’t necessarily tied up (such as Maxine buying the shotgun after Hoyt said he was going to be with her) and as a result you could get by without having the finale fresh in your mind.

Season 5 however, will be returning to the previous trend of picking up exactly where Season 4 left off. With that in mind here are a list of events that you’re going to want to remember since they’re surely going to have play on Sunday…

1. Lafayette’s blood powers – I use that phrase deliberately because I do think the remorse over what he did to Jesus will come into play. It won’t matter that he wasn’t his right self, it was still his hand that did the deed. How he’ll use these powers should be interesting to watch in the season ahead.

2. Fall out from Marcus’ death- this will certainly entangle Sam and Alcide, and there’s a very good chance that it’ll ensnare Luna as well due to her past relationship with Marcus and her more current relationship with Sam. She could easily become some kind of pawn in the upcoming fight, not to mention they’re still going to have to deal with Emma and the very real fact that her daddy’s dead because of Sam.

3. Jason/Jessica/Hoyt – It’s clear from previews that Jason and Jessica will continue to explore this new friends with benefit relationship. Hoyt’s hurt at Jason’s betrayal isn’t likely to go away soon. Look for things to remain strained.

4. Jason/Vampire!Newlin/Jessica – The relationship between these two was complicated even when Newlin was still a human.It’s only going to get more so now. Previews also show him interacting with Jessica so I imagine that a lot of their storyline will intertwine this season.

5. Patrick – The ghost of fricking RENE warned Arlene about this guy. ‘Nuff said.

6. Debbie’s death – Previews have suggested that Sookie is having trouble dealing with it, not only in the possible form of nightmares, but based on her conversation with Alcide. Look for it to color her interactions, at least through the first part of the season.

7. Tara’s questionable status – Many of you likely know what have happened, but for those who don’t read spoilers I won’t say. Let’s just remember that no one on True Blood is truly dead til you see the body in the ground and even then…

8. Pam – There’s going to be some kind of fall out from her behavior last season. Although her behavior is likely what ultimately saved Eric and Bill (though I’m sure Sookie could have microwave hands up a solution herself) it’s also likely the reason why we have the death warrant on Bill and Eric. Plus there’s the fact that she disobeyed Eric by revealing her location to Bill and disobeyed Bill by not revealing the location sooner. She’s in hot water with two powerful vamps. Something will happen.

9. Bill and Eric and the Dead Gay Storm Troopers – Doing the Authority’s dirty work (i.e. killing Nan) doesn’t get you out of the warrant on the True Death. The main motivation for their storyline this season is the fallout of the fact that they’re still alive and Nan is not.

10. Bill and Eric and Sookie – There’s clearly going to be some extra love interests for Bill (apparently Salome) and Eric (Nora) and perhaps even some bromance between the guys, but the triangle wouldn’t just fade away.

11. Chains and a hole where Russell used to be buried – Nothing more need be said.

Honorable mention

12. Andy and Holly – the apology was sweet and the confession a big step for the guy. Whether they continue that storyline remains to be seen.

Phew! Quite a lot isn’t it? When you first watched the episode, it didn’t necessarily feel like a lot of stuff happened, but break it down and it’s really was a crazy episode wasn’t it? We have a lot to look forward to this season and I hope you’re all as excited as I am.

via Fang-A-Thon Day 28: 11 Things to Remember From ‘And When I Die’.

Sun-kissed (via @TrueBloodMame)

Sun-kissedSun kissed skin so softunderneath my moving handtravelling so slow

Sun kissed skin so soft

underneath my moving hand

travelling so slow

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Entertainment Weekly True Blood Covers (via @DarlingSookie)

Who wouldn’t be excited to see their favorite cast members gracing the covers of EW?

Of course, I’m personally hoping for Anna, Stephen and Alex to all appear in my mailbox.

What’s that? You are only sending me one copy in the mail? Oh ok.. I guess I’ll have to go buy the others, but I still hope I get one of the main trio first!

Tell me, which cover has you salivating for more?

via Entertainment Weekly True Blood Covers.