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Night 3

A Peaceful Mother’s Day (via @DarlingSookie)

You would assume that as a single gal, whose grandmother and mother are both deceased, a day like Mother’s Day would get me down.

As much as I miss them, I find that focusing on things one can’t change is a bit pointless. Instead, I choose to use this day as a day of fond remembrance.

My mother was a beautiful and intelligent woman and despite her faults, I know she loved me to the best of her ability. Though I didn’t fully understand until more recently, my mother truly could not help herself. With his streak of fairy alluring her, she was helpless to love anyone more than she loved him. This, of course, left little room for Jason and I. Especially me, the other female in the home, what with my ‘disability’ requiring more attention than she wished to spare, my mother truly was under the spell of ‘love’.

But I try to not resent my mother. I like to believe that in her own way, she cared for me as any mother would and I hope she would be proud of the woman I have become.

I was blessed to have a grandmother as wonderful, kind hearted, as that of Adele Hale Stackhouse. Despite having already raised both of her children, my Gran never thought twice about taking Jason and I into her home when our parents perished in a flash flood.

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Having a Vampire for a Best Friend… (via @CindyLouLouBear)

So, having a vampire for a best friend can be ok, right? I mean my friend Hoyt is with… was with Jessica and they seemed fine. And Jason was friends with Jessica, too. Okay, maybe another bad example; But Sookie gets along real well with Jess. She is a sweetheart!
The friend that I have may make people do a double take. Not just because of what he is, but because of WHO he is.

See, my best friend (besides my sister Riah Lynn Washington) is… well. I’ll get to it, just give me a minute, ok?
He’s older. That’s an understatement. He’s WAY older than me; or even, if she were alive, my great grandmother ( God rest her sweet soul.) Even the fact that he is a HE often turns peoples heads, too. I mean what nice part were girl like me would be friends with HIM?
I’ll tell you what girl. THIS GIRL. See, they don’t know Eric.., shit.. I was gonna make y’all wait for that! But, I’m no Alan Ball now am I?


Anyway, Eric, yes, THAT Eric is my best friend. His wife Sookie and I get along really well too. They are so in love with each other and it’s such a beautiful thing to see. *beams*

Eric means the world to me. I be lost right now if not for him. I’m gonna tell Y’all some things about the mysterious man in sky blue, ruling over guests at Fangtasia that you would never know. You might not even be able to believe they’re true. Believe Me, They are.
I call Eric my “Pooh Bear.” Why? Because he gives the BEST hugs on the planet. (Sorry Baby! It’s a different kind of hug when I hug you, Quinn! *wink* ) As I said, Eric gives the best hugs.Since he’s so much taller, I end of hugging a little above his stomach. The perk of that is though, he leans down and smells my hair and kisses the top of my head.

We are purely platonic, but I Love Eric Northman. And he loves me. Whenever we hug, it’s like the world fades away. No, he doesn’t glamour me or anything. I genuinely want him to hug me. Remember when Sookie told him “There’s Good in you.” Well, there is. Quite a bit.

Eric walked me down the aisle and gave me away to my late husband, John. When John was killed, he hugged me and held me until I could hold myself together again. He literally helped piece me back together after John”s death. I probably would have left Louisiana if not for Eric, and I sure hope he knows I’m not going anywhere.

He calls me his “Pink Lady.” There are a few reasons for this. Pink is one of my favorite colors and my sorority rose; but when I married John, my bridesmaids dresses were various shades of pink. The groomsmen’s ties were pink. The roses were pink and white. So, am I a “Pink Lady?” *giggles* I sure am.

But the biggest reason the illustrious Mr.Northman calls me “Pink Lady” is because he couldn’t bear to call me Piglet. See, if you don’t know, Pooh Bear and Piglet are best friends, they walk side by side. “It’s so much friendlier with two,” is one of their mottos. Kinda sums up me and Eric. But he couldn’t call me Piglet. He chose “Pink Lady” instead, and it’s been my special name from him ever since.
We don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like to anymore, what with him on business a lot and my working for Pam Ravenscroft. Eric and Sookie have an amazing life together, I can only hope that Quinn and I are so lucky.

I would never give up my friendship with Eric Northman. He has done and means So Very Much to me, that there would be a whole in my heart if he was gone. FOTS and all their affiliates be damned, yes a “fanger” can be friends with a “furbanger”. And they can love each other like family, too. Take that TMZ.

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Poll: Which Eric pic do you like better? (via @EricSookieLover)

For the 3rd day in my fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 posts, (and after watching the new True Blood Season 5 2 minute teaser earlier) I definitely feel like my brain is scrambled like eggs in a frying pan, and I can’t possibly concentrate long enough on a post with any kind of insight or depth.

That being said…this post focuses on True Blood and Eric Northman in particular! For those who haven’t watched the new teaser trailer yet…you better watch it first! We have it posted on our site here!

Oh…did I mention this post features Skarsporn?

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Sookie-The Fool and The Empress (Tarot cards) (via @TrueBloodMame)

In the beginning of the show we meet Sookie Stackhouse.

When the time comes, as it always does, when the old rules, conceptual structures, prejudices and beliefs are not longer adequate to the challenges at hand, then the Fool is needed. He or she lives in a private world, and so is not bound by the shared conventions, preconceptions or norms of the society. The Gods – or Chance – select the Fool who will become the saviour who will transform society. He or She is elevated to King/Queen and must undergo many transformations before, with luck, he rejuvenates the world.

On a personal level, there are times in all of our lives when customary thought patterns have outlived there usefulness. There are no rules for this, for it is the rules that are bankrupt. The only escape is inspired frenzy and the blind leap into the abyss. We may hope for the best, but there are no guarantees. The Fool represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but this innocence sustains him/her and brings him/her joy. The Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction – one that will onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. The Fool also reminds us to have faith and trust natural responses, to believe in ourselves and follow our heart no matter how crazy or foolish our impulses may seem.

The Fool represents the irrepressible Vital Spirit, overflowing its banks, roaring across the landscape, and carving new pathways where it will. The Fool is the archetypal Puer Aeternus (Eternal Child), the Pure Fool as a necessary first step in becoming a true Hero (cf. Wagner’s Siegfried and Parsifal). Von Franz describes the fate of The Fool when she says of the Puer Aeternus, “half a devil and half a saviour [he, she] is either destroyed, reformed, or transformed at the end of the story”. At the end of S3 Sookie begins to change.

The Empress represents the characteristically feminine aspects of consciousness, the lunar illumination, which merges rather than separates. She is the First Mother “in actu,” who creates, preserves, nurtures, conserves, and organises growth and development – all with conscious awareness. The Empress is the bright side of the High Priestess; that is, she manifests in the light those tendencies that the Priestess conceals, and gives them living, material embodiment, but The Empress can be terrifying, for she is the Queen who must devour her mate, the Old King, reducing him to primary matter, raw material for her desire to mould and reshape, and so beget the Young King. She is the all-consuming side of Nature, who destroys so that she may create anew. The Empress represents the feminine Eros (vs. the paternal Logos of the Emperor): (Jung, Aion 12-3; MC 179) The Empress is accurately described in the alchemical Aurora Consurgens, where the Queen is called “the mother of fair love and of fear and of knowledge and of holy hope” (Jung, MC 377). In alchemy the Queen nurses the Green Lion and simultaneously drinks his rose-coloured blood from a golden cup brought by Mercurius, thus, like the ouroboros, consuming and regenerating her own substance, for she must integrate her own material nature before she can redeem the King (Jung, MC 292-3, 301, 305-11, 322, 364-5). The regenerated Queen is Luna (Jung, MC 315, 322). Yet by this same alchemical process, the Lion also consumes his own substance, for he will be reborn as the Young King when he has transformed the strength of his animal nature (Jung MC 294-7). The Empress corresponds to the Bride in the Sacred Marriage; in Sumerian-Akkadian mythology she is Inanna, Astarte, Ishtar, the Queen and Sister of the King and Shepherd, Dumuzi/Tammuz. Because she is also a war goddess, she gives the King his arms.

It is interesting how Sookie has to reconcile the two different paths and in the process discover who she really is and who she was born to be. Maybe this is a direct allusion to Eric’s words of two Sookies. One that is a small town naive girl who is on the perilous journey but ultimately, in the process becomes the saviour of others and the other is fairy Sookie who has powers beyond everyone’s imagination and maybe even a status that she is not even aware of. Sookie is a symbol of encroaching two worlds: our human one and the other, supernatural one.

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Favourite Scene from True Blood (@Eric_NorthmanTB)

I will jokingly say that I love every scene with Eric Northman in it and I do. For those that know me, I’m @Eric_NorthmanTB on Twitter. I love seeing Eric on screen and in the books as it allows me the opportunity to observe a character that I have grown to love. I call it research.

However, my favourite scene from True Blood is the scene where Godric meets the sun in S2x09 “I Will Rise Up”. There is so much that I love about this scene, I don’t even know where to start. I really enjoyed Godric’s character. I’m glad that they changed Godfrey from the books to Godric. While Eric has a different Maker in the books, I prefer Godric for Eric’s Maker. I’m sad that we didn’t get to keep Godric around longer as I would have loved to get to know more about the ancient vampire, but I do understand why he met the fate that he did in the show.

Throughout Season One and the beginning of Season Two, we come to know Eric as an ancient vampire who cares for nothing more than himself, the well-being of his progeny, Pam, the livelihood of his business, Fangtasia and his position of Sheriff of Area 5. He becomes intrigued by Sookie and he has extended a hand in order to protect her and save her life but at this point, I don’t think he would have cared one way or another if something happened to Sookie (if you are going by the television show).

We then learn that Eric’s Maker, Godric, had been missing for a long time without a trace and it is evident that Eric is worried. Eric speaks about Godric with passion and it gives me the idea that aside for Pam, Godric is the one vampire that Eric would do anything for-including offering up his own life.The scene where Godric was on the rooftop with Eric in Season 2 broke my heart. I remember sitting on the couch all teary-eyed as I watched Eric, big, powerful Eric, reduced to tears and begging his Maker to change his mind. I’m glad that Sookie witnessed Eric and Godric on the rooftop. Sookie learned a lot about Eric in that episode. She learned that Eric isn’t everything that she thought he was. She learned that Eric had feelings and I think that a part of Sookie’s heart broke for Eric that day. I also think that it was the start to what endeared Eric to her. I know that Eric appreciated that Sookie volunteered to be with Godric until the very end. Of course, Eric wanted to be the one with Godric but he was forced inside. Sookie is one of the few humans that Eric trusts and he knew that he could trust Sookie to keep to her word and stay with Godric.

I think this scene will forever be my favourite of the series. Even when I re-watch the clip, I still get teary-eyed.

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FangaThon Day 3 Rant (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

I have been reading this fan fiction I fell in love with I Remember You, a Sookie Stackhouse/southern vampire mysteries fanfic – FanFiction.Net It is amazing…it’s not complete yet but the author is quick on the updates! I really love the the plot twists and emotions she draws out of you.

I finally finished my mini marathon for the weekend. I watched all of Season 4 again on HBO Go. I finished at 3am. I’ve been up haven’t gone to bed yet. I am looking for another story to start reading.

I kept seeing the preview before every episode yesterday and I kept looking for more things to pick up on everytime I watched it. I wasn’t sure how I liked the idea I heard of the Bromance between Bill and Eric this season but after some thinking I do think this will be a good idea. I enjoyed the glimpse we had of it while they took care of Nan. I loved Bill from the beginning as potrayed on True Blood. In the books after awhile he changed way too much for me and he kind of lost me there but after everything I still can’t help love the guy. I’m sooo much more Team Eric but I think I will like them taking on Vamp business together…I think they could really make a mark in Louisiana, a force to be wreakin with.

I read that there is more fairy stuff happening this year wonder if the Fairy Prince will make an appearance? Well I’m going to find another story.

Here’s one of my fav Stephen and Alex shots!

Below is my quote of the day too!

“Sookie: You think I’m that stupid? Eric: No I think you’re human.

Sookie: Don’t under estimate me! Eric: Don’t under estimate yourself!

Eric: Your life to to valuable to throw away!”

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Day 3 Sookie vs book Sookie. (via @SassyJessOB)

Having read all the Southern Vampire Mysteries so far, and having watched all the seasons of True Blood I have to put up this little debate (which I would also love to hear your thoughts on..)

True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse played by the gorgeous Anna Paquin…

She’s had a tough old life so far, from running away from Renè in season one with him trying to kill her because she’s been with a vampire, and let’s face it as we also know in the books and the show Sookie has lost a fair few people that’s close to her as we see in many of times, from breaking up with Bill Compton to losing her grandmother Adele Stackhouse.

But who do I like more, Fictional Sookie or True Blood’s Sookie…Well that’s a good question, so I’m starting with book Sookie.

We all know Sookie enjoys sunbathing, reading, and enjoys working at Merlottes, but the difference between book Sookie to True Blood’s Sookie is the one thing I think Alan Ball has screwed up a tiny bit…

Sookie’s flashy hands!

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