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Fangover: Day 9 – Bill (via @VampKingBill)

The calm before the Billith

A few days ago I complained about how Jason’s shift towards pure hatred felt especially extreme because of the use of hallucinations. That said, at least it was believable because he’s had feelings like those before – back in Season 2 when he’d gotten himself mixed up with the Fellowship of the Sun. On the other hand, Bill has always been a staunch mainstreamer. It was those beliefs that got the attention of the AVL and those beliefs that got him the assistance of the snipers to take out Sophie-Anne.*

So when you look at a Bill that has for the most part always been fairly pro-human, this shift to a religious fundamentalist felt almost like a 180 degree shift. It’s not to say that Bill was incapable of making that shift; but the mechanism they used – the flashback to his dying daughter – didn’t really work to show us how Bill had made a mistake by not turning his daughter. It was just kind of there. As a result, it left many viewers with this feeling of unease and questioning whether he really believed or was it all an act. Personally, on an Intellectual level I knew he believed – I’d seen the early descriptions of “Save Yourself” and knew that he must be a believed – but on an emotional level, I didn’t buy it.  I only bought into it towards the very end of the season, when he killed Kibwe for even praying by the blood. Stephen’s performance really helped sell it in “Save Yourself” but it shouldn’t have had to have been sold by the acting, but rather by the writing.

As for Billith, it will be interesting to see where the journey takes us with his character. Hopefully it’ll be a better trip than the one we took just to get to this point because Bill (and the viewers) deserve better.

Best Moment – Salome’s Death

Yes, I just used this in the previous post, but it still stands here. It was an absolutely fantastic scene and a reminder that Bill really is a fantastic actor himself, playing whatever part is needed to further his own agenda. He was so cool and so polite right before he killed Salome and that swagger was just awesome. I hope that the Billith we see next season leans more in this direction than in the bloody screamer that Lilith appeared as the entirety of this last season.

Worst Moment – His slapping Jessica.

I can’t help it. I felt for the baby vamp. It was just such a cruel thing to do, and it happened before I fully bought into him truly believing. It was very jarring and hard to watch.

*For those unaware, the extras on the S4 Blu Ray made it clear that a “high-ranking member” of the Authority signed off on the use of the guards. Based on what we saw this season, it stands to reason that Roman authorized it because Bill’s mainstreaming agenda aligned so well with his own.

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Fangover Fangathon Day 9 Moment that Shocked Me (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well we have a few contenders for this one. Sookie and her psychic link to a Vampire and not just any Vampire but the one who murdered her parents and who she is promised to. Finding out that Sookie is promised to the Vampire who killed her Parents. Eric and Bill having a bromance and not wanting to knock lumps out of each other. Russell Edginton having a softer side after all and finding out Salome and Nora were fanatics after all, though Nora making the about turn is still dubious.

The Vampire Lillith Blood induced rampage was also a contender for this, though it was more comical than shocking.

I could not decide on one main event so I have chosen 2.

The first was the forced blood induced vision that Eric had to endure, while Nora endured it willingly. Again we saw Godric talking to Eric and warning him, just as he did when the vampires were on their rampage, only this time Lillith appears and rips him apart. the anguish and sheer terror in Eric’s eyes was shocking as this man does not scare easily and I never seen it coming. I was really shocked and surprised by that scene.

My second was the coming of Billith and that whole build up. Bill had clearly descended into the abyss and had managed to outflank Salome, seducing her before convincing her that Lillith told him she was chosen before switching blood and lacing the new blood with silver so he could kill her. His transformation from mild mannered man to complete religious zealot was shocking in the way it was played out, that he would be so susceptible and yet still let Eric in to affect his rescue, knowing he would do it and seeing that Sookie was there too. I thought that when Sookie spoke, she may have even got through to him and saved him before it was too late but it seems that Bill was too far gone and succumbed to the voices and drank the blood.

At first I thought that the blood had overwhelmed him and his body couldn’t take it so he died. When he reformed I was basically in two thoughts, one was Oh shit and the other was what the fuck…Again I never saw that one coming either.

I just hope they don’t mess it up in season 6 now.

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Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day Nine (via @DemonXDiantha)

Favorite Flashback

     Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say Eric and Pam’s flashbacks! Didn’t you? Don’t you lie to me!

     Actually, I really enjoyed the flashback of Bill seeing his daughter. It showed that he did still have his “humaniteh” and that he still truly cared for his family as a father would. It must have been torture to see his child laying there, and knowing that he would not help her. I thought it was interesting that he still may have hated what he had become. What other reason would he have to not “save” his daughter. He didn’t want to condemn her to his immortality. Perhaps he knew it wouldn’t be everything she expected. I have heard a lot of hate about this scene; but I just don’t understand that. He wanted to see his daughter one last time. To speak with her. To let her know she was loved. Hate Bill all you want, but he was a father. And father knows best.

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Fangover: Day 7 – Eric (via @VampKingBill)

I wanted more of that Eric. The suit and the attitude both.

Ask a Trubie why they watch the show and you’ll get a multitude of answers. Ask them to list their top three reasons and Eric will probably be on that list in some way shape or form. The devotion to the character goes beyond the physical attraction many feel towards Alexander Skarsgard because of the character: the attitude, the pose, the power. Eric spent much of last season neutered, a shell of his former self due to his amnesia and I at least was hoping for a return to form in Season 5.

We got that. Sort of.

The old Eric was unquestionably present at the beginning of the season – definitely through the first two episodes. He was also present in the last two episodes of the season. The other eight episodes in the middle…eh kind of. Aside from the scene where he released Pam from the Maker/Child bond (whose emotional impact I still maintain was a part of the use of Godric’s theme – the music that played when he met the sun) that bulk of the season he was just kind of there. While it’s true that he was limited in part due to having to play along with the Authority, it also felt that for long stretches of it that he was sitting back and not necessarily doing anything. And unlike Bill, whom it felt like may actually be planning something, Eric just seemed to be there only really stepping up when there was little doubt that Bill was just flat out gone. It just didn’t feel like the Eric that we’d known and grown to love. As I put it on True Bites on night – I preferred Amensia Eric – who in addition to no memories had no personality – to  this eric and that says something.

Going forward, just as Season 3 marked the shift from Sookie to Bill, Season 6 is going to mark a shift from Bill to Eric not only in terms of character focus but romantic interest (I feel you Team Bill shippers but I think the rise of Billith pretty much puts a nail in the coffin of that particular relationship) as much as such thing can happen in light of the vamp with a claim on Sookie, Nora’s jealousy and Eric trying to stop Billith will allow. Crossing fingers it’s the Eric we love and not the Eric we’re indifferent over.

Best Moments – The Bromance

No, it didn’t technically last too long since Bill drank the kool-aid, but you could just see the connection between Stephen and Alex and just how good friends they are how much fun they have doing this show. Case and point: the piggy back ride. Totally improvised. If you need even more proof: Alex and Stephen were literally brought to Alan Ball’s office to remind them to tone it down because they weren’t supposed to be BFFs.

Worst Moment – The stuff with Nora

The first sex scene was a bit shocking. The second sex scene was really? And the jealousy bit…why? Ultimately just felt unnecessary.

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Favorite Storyline – Day 7 (via @Lexiglam)

Because I watched Seasons 1-4 in succession, the history of True Blood is still fresh in my mind and it’s without doubt that I crown S5 my least favorite season. I truly lived the life of a vampire while watching S1-4! I just HAD to know what happened next, so I wouldn’t go to bed until the sun rose. Then, this season happened and I was no longer wanting an instant fix. Things did pick up in the middle though and I quite enjoyed watching the Lilith/Bilith storyline unfold.

It was intriguing to witness the unraveling of the role reversal between Bill, the sensible one and Eric, the ruthless. Eric was the only one with his wits about him that ended up not giving into the hype. He wanted to save everyone from destruction, especially his sister Nora.

I can understand why the power was so seductive to Bill. He’s been so used to playing second fiddle; always having to answer to a higher being but his first taste of control was when he became King of his Parrish. Even though Eric is older, it was Bill’s turn to boss him around. I call this the foreplay. Drinking Lilith’s blood was the orgasm. The beautiful release into immaculate power.

I’m hoping that Sookie is the one who can bring Bill back to the light, metaphorically speaking. I love them together and they have been apart long enough in television land. Imagine the sex that might be had because Bill will be even more attracted to his once fae love. He needs someplace to release all that energy into. 😉 Keep him occupied Sookie, please!

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Fangover: Day 6 – Sookie (via @VampKingBill)

Yeah girl, you earned that drink.

Starting in Season 3 True Blood began to shift its focus. It became less about the waitress from Bon Temps and more about the vampires in her life, but especially Bill. While personally I don’t mind this shift, one of the undeniable victims of the shift has been Sookie herself. She spent much of Season 3 and Season 4 looking for them/trying to save them/generally focused them and having little of any storyline that was uniquely hers. So when they announced that Sookie wouldn’t get back together with them for at least a period time in Season 5 (probably lengthened by Anna’s pregnancy) I was happy: the writers would finally have a chance to give us something new for her and reinvigorate the character. Now that the season’s come to end though, I’ll admit it: I missed Sookie with the vampires. She had the must spunk, the most attitude, the most Sookie-ish behavior when she was around them.

This is another instance of where the writer just hasn’t done the character justice. I can’t say that I was a fan of Sookie at the beginning of the season, but there her behavior was justifiable as was her emotional state. Once the aftermath of Debbie Pelt was neatly swept under the rug however, things began to fall apart and by the time she’d lead the vampires through the factory to find Russell that was pretty much the end of where she was interesting.

As with Jason, this whole plot about Warlow just not good or entertaining. She had some good scenes here and there – like the chats with Jason, she had some scenes stolen – Lafayette channeling Gran and a lot of scenes that made you stare at the screen with an expression of WTF on your face, like the meeting with the fairy elder. To be fair, the fairy elder stuff was exacerbated by the fact that director/cinematographer did a really distracting job of trying to hide Anna’s pregnancy.

It is clear by now that the whole theme of “who is Warlow?” is going to play a large part in Season 6. At this point, I just hope she doesn’t stay away from the vampires because she needs them as much as the audience enjoys watching them.

Best Moment – Sookie taking the vampires through the factory.

She was still buzzed and she was lecturing Eric and Bill like they were a couple of stupid teenagers who’d never watched a horror film before. Great scene and a reminder of just why she really shouldn’t be kept from the vampires, even if we sometimes wish she would be.

Worst Moment – The whole way the Debbie Pelt situation was handled

There’s no question that the Debbie situation had to be handled, but it ultimately came across that the writers didn’t really want to commit to it and so swept it under the wrong with a few lies from Alcide and some convenient glamouring from Jessica. If they wanted to make it go away, why not just claim self-defense? Given that Tara was shot and killed, you’d have a pretty solid case for it and it’d felt less forced. But if they went that route you couldn’t have had Alcide trying to take advantage of drunk Sookie, could you?

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Fangover: Day 5 – Jessica (via @VampKingBill)

I am the OG baby vamp, got that?

It ain’t easy being a baby vamp is it, especially when you’re no longer the newest baby vamp on the block. Jessica has always been one of my favorite characters, and I think she’s one of the few female characters that generally had better development character wise than the rest. She’s Alan Ball’s baby and it showed. Unfortunately, like a lot of the main vampires this season, her development petered out and she ultimately do much of anything. Aside from dealing with a Lilith-crazed Bill and a bit of baby-vamp bonding and cat-fighting with Steve and Tara, she pretty much spent the entire season dealing with the fall out of her relationship with Hoyt, namely the impact it had on her and Jason. Where-as Hoyt’s story was ultimately well developed, hers wasn’t.

The creators said they wrote Hoyt off the show because they felt his story had come to an end. Jessica was on my kill list towards the end of season 5 because I felt hers was nearing that point and the other baby vamps are more interesting. I am glad that she survived the season, and I hope that now that the Jessica/Hoyt plot is done and Jessica/Jason seems all but dead that she’ll get to be a main part of the fight against Billith instead.

Best Moment – The way she glamoured Hoyt.

Credit where it is due: the baby vamp deserves huge props for the way she handled Hoyt’s painful request. She could have stuck strictly to the letter of it. She could have really damaged him his mind. But no, she was incredibly classy and mature about the entire thing, going above and beyond to help Hoyt start on his new life by giving him a new lease on love. It was a wonderful scene and a great job for the baby vamp.

Worst Moment – The cat fight with Tara in Fangtasia

While the verbal sparring with Newlin was clever, this wasn’t. Yeah, Hoyt can be blamed too for purposefully riling Jessica up, but Jessica didn’t have to take the bait. It’s even worse because it’s hypocritical. It’s okay for her to jump Jason but not for Tara to jump Hoyt? Yeah. She’s still incredibly young (not only as a vamp, but as a human, period) but still. That was just kind of an embarrassing scene all around.

via Fangover: Day 5 – Jessica.