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Fangover: Day 3 Eric and Nora (via @mswriteok)

Sookie decided to give her heart a rest at the end of Season 4, where she broke up with both Eric and Bill.

I honestly thought both men would be at her house about a second after Tara was shot, but they were otherwise diverted — snuggling in the trunk of a car driven by a dark-haired woman we soon discover is Eric’s long-lost sister Nora, a member of the Vampire Authority High Command.



We discovered quickly how fast Eric got over Sookie as he had loud, loud sex with is “blood-sister” Nora. I’ve got the image of her smashed against the side of the trailer by Eric burned in my mind. I swear I can see it when I close my eyes, as well as hear that line, “We fight like siblings, but we fuck like champions.”
Thanks so much for that.
I am not at all impressed by Nora. I found her to be a whining little tramp, hypnotized by Lilith and Salome and determined to get her sib on the same side.
As the season progressed, we saw both Nora and Eric escape the true death, and by the end of this season, she is the only original Authority member still standing.
Eric and Bill were made members after they brought in Russell Edgington, but then he became a member at Roman’s death.
I am so happy Eric was able to fight the “Lilith” virus successfully, and to convince Nora that their father Godric was right, Lilith was a fraud, and she had been wrong too.
Eric, and his alter-ego Alexander Skarsgard, have had a great season. In one of the greatest scenes in this series’ history, Eric’s release of Pam’s bond was award-worthy. I cried for both of them. The quick, sunny smile he gave Pam when he saw her in the final episode was beatifically beaming, even covered with blood. He may have released her, but those two will always stay together because they truly love and respect the other.
I was so happy to see the tenderness in Eric as he held Sookie when Bill had puddled out. He was in total defense mode when Bill was reborn, and his first thought was to tell Sookie what she hears way too much: “Run!”
Now, with Bill turned into some super-vampire, we are left to wonder what he’ll do next.
I think Eric will grab Sookie and get her the hell out of there, and since we all know Nora knows who (and what) Warlow is, Jason will probably let her live, at least for a while.
I really hope Nora heeds Eric’s warnings about not snacking on our favorite fairy, but I think it would be funny if she developed a little girl-crush on Sook because she smells so damn good.
I’m guessing Nora will stay with Eric in Shreveport and she’ll help run the bar for awhile, since I’m guessing Pam and Tara will be busy enriching their maker/child bond in various ways.
In the end, I’m hoping Nora will go back and take over the nightly duties of running the Authority and dealing with Bill, in whatever form he lands in.
Perhaps Eric and Nora will celebrate whatever holidays vampires celebrate together, but go their separate ways, leaving Eric to brighten our lives every summer with his escapades in Louisiana, and that he also keeps close to Sookie. They’re a much more fun combination.

Who Are You? – Day 3 (via @lexiglam)

Who is Warlo? That question has been running through my mind ever since we found out Sookie’s parents were killed by a vampire.  And what a stab to the heart, eh?  Sookie has had many a torrid love affair with a couple of those beloved fangers and then she finds out one of them killed her parents! Well doesn’t that just fucking suck.  I do have to say she’s handling the news rather well unlike her brother Jason who is having flashes back to S2 ala Fellowship of the Sun. And please dear Godric, don’t have Jason backtrack to his religious wacko phase because I prefer him and his sexy times with Jessica. 😉

My first thought to Warlo’s identity was Bill because in Sookie’s vision she heard those three little words…no…not I love you, silly. YOU ARE MINE! Then my friend politely reminded me that all vampires say that. I don’t care, it could still be Bill because he was around during the time of that deed being drawn up on Sookie’s house. Plus, he had a file on Sookie’s family history when they first met. It would make it easier for Sookie to hate Bill for killing loved ones now that he’s Bilith.

I don’t think it’s Eric because he was in Europe at the time all of this was going down.  It would also make him a great ally and keep Sookie’s trust in vampires alive because his parents were killed by vampers too.  But then we have Nora reacting to the name “Warlo” in the bonus feature. I have no fucking clue how that’s gonna play out and even though, she’s Eric’s sister, she has a heavy English accent and probably wasn’t with Eric at the time.

Warlo could also be Russell, but he knew nothing of the Fae until he met Sookie. He’s also dead and that makes it no fun.

Wouldn’t it be completely fucked up if their parents were still alive and this was some messed up mind game! I wouldn’t put it past the writers you know.

The best explanation would be a new vampire introduced onto the scene for next season but speculation is more fun! V”V

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Fangover Fangathon Day 3 Favourite Flashback (via @SookieStack_SVM)

There were a few contenders this season. The death of Sookie’s parents, Alcide with his dad when he was asked what to choose and of course the Pam flashback where she first meets Eric. Eric in that top hat and tails was to die for, he was so gorgeous and I am sure I am not alone in that thought.

My favourite had to be the second Eric and Pam flashback, where Eric encounters Bill and Lorena as they had been responsible for draining Pam’s girls. Of course Eric had made it clear that he was only interested in Pam with his usual charm but that was disturbed by this discovery. Bill’s behaviour is very typical of baby vamps in that he thinks he can kill Eric, while Eric stands there, fangs bared, cheeky smirking grin on his face as he holds the stake and tells Lorena off.

The stylish way he deals with that as those two slope away before he moves in for the girl is so romantic and yet still typically Eric. I loved that flashback, best of all for the different players in it. Not to mention the insight it gave into the chemistry between Eric and Pam and how they laid the foundations for the partnership that we came to know and love over the course of the show.

This then runs onto my next favourite flashback, since I loved the whole Eric Pam story as a whole. As well as getting a nice glimpse of naked Eric, which is always a good thing, we learn more about Pam. We see her frailty and her strengths, we see her strong will shining through in her impassioned speech before she basically forces Eric’s hand. It is this whole package that convinces Eric that she would be perfect as his child and the rest, as they say is history.

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True Blood Word of the Day: Billith (via @vs4as)

TrueBlood HBO hosts a “Wednesday word of the day” on twitter. Today’s word is : Billith. SPOILERS– If you haven’t seen the finale yet look no further:

Yes this is the new name fans (and looks like also HBO) is calling the newly risen Bill.

In the season 5 finale Bill Compton drank all the sacred blood (containing the blood of Lillith the first vampire).  The blood had quite an effect on Bill:

Eric and Sookie watched as he ‘liquified’ and wound up a puddle of blood on the floor.

Eric kept an eye on the puddle as he started to see it contract.

Lo and behold a body starts to rise out of the blood-

So to participate in the “word of the day” head over to twitter and use the tag #trueblood and use #billith in a sentence. If they RT you – you get some ‘swag’. Good luck! Connect HBO link Hopefully this incarnation of “Lillith” now Billith will get a bath sometime soon! (and yes hope Eric and the other vamps can figure out what to do now against this new vampire)

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Fangover: Day 3 – Andy (via @VampKingBill)

Yeah. That happy look didn’t seem to last long. Also: so not a newborn.

Thank you True Blood writers, for giving Andy something he has desperately needed for five seasons now: dignity.

Given the nature of Andy’s abuse issues, it’s not a surprise that he’s been scraping near the bottom of the barrel for the better part of the show’s history. While I’m not convinced that he’s going to stay sober it was really great to see Andy winning the battle for once and actually proving that he can be a half-decent cop. The scenes with Holly were nice and I wouldn’t object to seeing more of that next season though considering the litter of half-fae babies that he just picked up it’s probably not going to happen.

Best: Andy figure’s out Bud’s role in the Obamas and saves the day.

Andy has never been a smart character. He’ll never be a smart character, but this was a nice moment of glory for him when he used those skills that he has picked up and really proved his worth as a cop and that just maybe, he actually deserves that spot as Sheriff.

Worst: Andy waives the ticket for the Judges’ son.

It was tired and cliché. It only existed to move the plot forward by getting Andy and Jason to the faery club. Ultimately I just wish they’d found another way to get them there.

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Fangathon Day 2 favourite couple (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well this, in theory should be hard to choose but one couple outshone all the others this season. We had very little of the Eric/Pam dynamic but the scenes we had were so moving on many levels. The Flashbacks helped to explain more of their closeness and obvious love for each other and the release scene had me in tears. I was overjoyed when they were reunited in the finale, no matter how brief it was.

Sam and Luna were also a good team, ass kicking where it matters and protecting Emma as well as dealing with the Hate group.

Tara and Pam, another couple worthy of a mention as what started out as a conflict filled relationship between 2 very strong and determined women, thawed as the season drew on and they learned more about each other and ended in a delicious way. I want to see more of these ladies in season 6!

BUT Russell and Steve are by far and away the best couple this season. In this relationship, we saw 2 characters that we thought we knew, show another side to themselves. Russell was still charming as ever but he softened. In the past when he was with Talbot, he ignored him a lot and was busy being a man of power and status. With Steve though, he wants to make him happy, nothing is too much trouble, not to mention at the start he flirts like the devil. When they are all high in New Orleans, you can just see him engage the silver tongue to woo Steve. He gets Steve a puppy cause he had never had a pet and he takes him out for dinner, things we never saw him do with Talbot.  Steve also becomes really sweet and bashful as it is obvious that he is attracted to Russell. He was confident and cocky when Roman was around, trying to act like he was invincible, like babyvamps would but when Roman dies and Russell is staking claim for Alpha male, Steve is more than happy to submit to him.

Their relationship was brief, but it was cute, funny and sweet. it had so many layers and the interactions between the 2 characters were endearing. This is why they are my favourite couple.

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Fangover: Day 2 – Terry and Arlene (via @VampKingBill)

Admit it: You were yelling some “Do it! DO IT! SHOOT HIM” at the tv too.

As I discuss about Lafayette later, Arlene especially proved to be better in the small roles (her and Lala commenting on the faery birth was hysterical) but alas, the writers put her into the spotlight again this season. Borrowing the schtick from the Faery elder, I will present my argument thusly:

For: the storyline with Patrick was one of the tightest scripted and paced storylines of the season with a very clear beginning, middle and end. It was also far better crafted than the ridiculous and trite plot of the season before with baby Mikey and Mavis.

Against: everything else. As much as I disliked their storyline from last season, I hated this even more. While the framework itself was solid – a routine mission going horribly awry – it needed and deserved a more serious vehicle to be handled properly (think Generation Kill) and it didn’t need a supernatural element. Terry’s PTSD issues have always been kind of danced around, and occasionally made fun of (c.f. Arlene’s “Did you take your meds?” comments) but never properly dealt with. It still hasn’t been. What could have been a great storyline was ultimately cheapened by the addition of Ifrit.

Worse, at times the plot gave Arlene the stupid pill. At the end of Season 4 Rene clearly warned against Patrick. When the ghost of your serial killer ex-fiancee makes it a point to visit you and tell you someone is bad news, you think you’d give him a little more credence instead of blindly trusting the guy.

All and all, the storyline was a miss.

Best moment: Terry and Arlene’s quiet side.

Although the wedding video scene went on too long, it was great seeing it (I think a better way to have handled it would have been to show less, but then include the whole thing separately either as an interactive feature or a bonus for the S5 box set). I also liked seeing Terry/Arlene together in “Sunset” when Andy was asking them for advice.

Terry and Arlene are at their best when they aren’t dealing with the supernatural, but just being human and dealing with the kind of problems that regular human couples have. Like Lafayette, a little bit of them can go a long way, but if you use properly, they really do round out the show in a good way.

Worst moment: “Suicide is for Muslims.”

It was a powerful, shocking line.  But True Blood still not the right show for it.

I do want to point out to the writers that *this* is how you craft a shocking line.  Last season there was much ado about Pam calling Sookie a “gash in a sundress.” It was an awful comment,  but it was also coming from a character that during Season 4 the writers used to try and one-up each other with the next “shocking” one-liner.  Because that was Pam’s purpose, as hateful as the line was, it wasn’t really shocking.

On the other hand, Patrick’s line came from a place of pure hatred and spite – it wasn’t just the words, it was the context and the emotion used to deliver them that gave them power.

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