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Favorite Scene from ‘Save Yourself’ (via @DarlingSookie)

Now I know people are going to wondering why I didn’t put Eric, Sookie and Bill as my favorite scene. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed seeing the trio together again. But honestly, with the cliffhanger and so many things left unresolved… I just prefer to see how it pans out next season.Though I have been less than enthused about the fairy story lines, I must admit that seeing Maurella and her fairy vajayjay’s light show was a bit amusing. It was actually a stronger scene than I would have ever expected.

Why do I feel it was strong?

Trust me, if it weren’t for Arlene and Lafayette, this scene would have been yet another eye rolling moment. Can I just say, it’s nice to see Arlene and Lafayette being normal again? Their commentary and presence just helped with bringing a bit of comedic relief.

Of course, Holly wasn’t entirely amused by the situation. Then again, can you blame her? Her boyfriend walked up to her with a pregnant fairy in tow and she had to put her feelings aside to help deliver the babies.

And Andy… Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy..

Caroline isn’t going to be happy when Andy returns home with not one daughter, but four!

It was nice to see the writers of True Blood capture the essence of Merlotte’s once again and have a bit of normalcy even with all the supernatural light show, orgasmic fairy births going on.

via Favorite Scene from ‘Save Yourself’.


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