Aww. One of the cutest moments ever on True Blood. Ever. Never mind that the wolf cub is Emma…

I think you could make an easy argument that the return of Russell and Steve were two of the things that Trubies were most excited for going into Season 5. And who could blame us? These were two fantastic characters on their own, they should make two even more fantastic characters paired together, right?

Meh. You’d be kind of right.

Of the pair, I think Steve fared better of the two, his popularity was always driven by his personality as much as his story. On the other hand, Russell was a character whose strength lie in the fact that he was just so much older and stronger than the other vampires and how he was a much bigger threat to them as a result. This season, that menace was largely removed relatively early on kind of neutering him. Although he had good scenes with Steve, it ultimately felt like he was brought back to appease fans and to be a plot point – move things along by offing Roman more than to create any kind of strong story around him. The couple kind of worked, but it didn’t have the same dynamic of Russell and Talbot and given that Steve was school-boy crushing and Russell was on the rebound from Talbot, it probably wouldn’t have lasted anyway.

That said, anyone else get the feeling that the writers went “So what would be a cute gift for Russell to give to Steve?” “I know, a puppy!” “I know! Let’s have them give him Emma!” and thus the plot addicting the Shreveport wolves to V was born.

Best Moment – Steve’s “Gay Vampire American” speech.

Perfectly written, perfectly acted and a fantastic way to reintroduce a character that a lot of people loved. It’ll go down as one of the shows best scenes.

Worst Moment – Russell versus the Fairies

This whole thing just felt off. The Elder Fae was a being who had literally lived long enough and in enough places that she was driven mad by an overload of knowledge and Russell still defeated her that easily? I  don’t know that I buy that. This scene does win some goodwill back because the Elder Fae was so annoying that I can’t really say that I was upset to see her drained.