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Night 2

Today was a good day.. (via @CindyLouLouBear)

I had a good day today, some might say great. I woke at @Quinn_SVM (my boyfriend) ‘s house. I’ve been staying with John lately at his house in Shreveport. It’s really nice & really big; but then again it has to be to accommodate Quinn. John..Quinn, (most everyone calls him Quinn, his Full name is John Quinn. I call him Quinn too, But when we’re alone, just he & I, I like to call him John. It just seems more personal to me.) Anyway, Quinn is a very large man. I’ve never taken a ruler to him or anything, but I’d say he’s about 6’8”. I’m 5’3” *giggles* so it makes it a little interesting seeing us together. I always have to stand on tip~toe to kiss him, but I think It’s kind of nice having someone that big around. I grew up that way after all. See I’m the runt of the litter, literally. I have three..I mean two biological brothers. Forgetting my brother James is dead sometimes is hard. It still seems like he’s here. I’m the Baby of four & our Momma died just after I turned six. It was hard on all of us, but my Dad especially. He’s the biggest of us all. It’d say Daddy was 6’5, maybe 300 lbs. He was a giant to me, always. Rusty, the oldest, grew up to be built just like Momma’s side, tall & skinny. Seeing pictures of them together was like looking at the number ten! Then again, that’s what it was like with Momma & Daddy, too. If I ever found a picture of Momma & Daddy together, I would always think “how did THEY get together?” They were the strangest pair on paper, but when they were together, they loved each other like nothing else. It was a love of attraction, but also of respect. They respected each other & what the other did. Neither of them knowing anything about the other’s field of interest at first, they learned because they loved each other. Momma was a werewolf, but I never knew. In fact, so was my grandmother, who I loved dearly. She helped raise me after Momma died. I never knew, though. She sure was good at keeping it a secret! I always thought she was off on a Bingo weekend with her girlfriends. Well, she was, they all just happened to shift into werewolves at night and run as a pack. What was I saying? Oh yeah, My Momma & Daddy remind me a lot of Quinn & I. Not to say that Quinn & I’ll be married or anything, But we do love each other very much. The best part about today though (Well, that’s between Quinn & I) But, the big thing about today was that John asked me to go with him when he shifts tomorrow night. To be there when someone shifts is an honor for me, especially if it’s my boyfriend. John’s eyes get the most amazing shade of purple I’ve ever seen, if I’ve ever seen it at all before. It’s that beautiful. So, we’ll probably go to the woods behind his house & John will shift & OH YEAH! He said I could ride on his back! *giggles* I’ve had dreams about snuggling in his fur when he’s a tiger, but now, I really get to do it! I’m so excited! I’ll let you know how it goes. But for now, I’m back to my Big Man, My Cuddly Beast, & watching a movie in his arms. Goodnight Louisiana!

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FangaThon Day 2 (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

Marathon Eric Day

Spending all day drooling at the ever so hard Viking Sex God can make one’s time turn into nothing but a kaleidoscope mess. With tomorrow being Mother’s Day I’m invoking my right to extend it another day and complete the beautiful-ness of Mr. Northman!

Image Eric [to Pam]: You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless.

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[True Blood] Fang-a-thon: Day 2 (via @ShadeBlossom)

Sookie Stackhouse, the protagonist of both the book series and the television show. She’s a fairly average, blonde, southern woman. The thing that sets her apart from others, figuratively as well as literally, is her ability to read minds. She calls it her ‘disability’.

What interests me about this character is that she isn’t reactive. Things happen to her, certainly, and she reacts, but she also takes active steps to direct her life. It would be so easy for a human, even a remarkable one, to be lost among the powerful things she interacts with. Instead, she manages to actually be a force that causes motion in the stories. In a world where bestsellers are stocked with airheads who can’t live without their vampire boyfriends, it’s nice to find one who doesn’t hesitate to “change the locks” when her fangy beau gets out of line.

I’m actually notorious for disliking the main protagonists of the books I read and the shows I watch. In a lot of cases, they’re just the lightning rods that draw in what’s interesting about the stories. In Sookie’s case, in spite of her flaws, I actually find her pleasant to read and watch. Occasionally, I question the hell out of her judgement, but that just makes her seem more real. Who hasn’t made a stupid decision from time to time?

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Charlaine Harris Interview SciFi Now UK (via @vs4as)

SciFi Now UK spoke with Charlaine Harris and the interview and page scans are in the gallery below. She speaks a bit about the end of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Dead Ever After is due out May 2013 and will be the final installment in the series. She also speaks of the faux pas committed by Alan Ball during a press conference. She had confided in him that she was contemplating having the character of Bill Compton die in an upcoming book (book 9). Well good old Alan Ball let that one slip at Paley Fest 2009. The way he said it was just unbelievable. It mislead fans a bit. So glad she finally said something about this!!

The page here on the site has the full size scans link here:

Gallery has the page scans:

Happily Never After Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

It will come to no surprise to anyone who has ever listened to True Bites, but I am not a fan of True Blood’s Pamela Swynford de Beaufort.

Now before you start judging, please read what I just wrote. Notice how I used a full name?

This is because I am not referring to Pam Ravenscroft. I adore (love even) Pam in Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries. Pam and Eric are two of the liveliest characters in the books, which of course is ironic, since they are both (un)dead.

No, the Pam I referring to is that of Alan Ball’s creation. The whiny, repugnant, pathetic excuse for Eric’s child…

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A Viking Warrior Poem (via @missxflawless)

sheathed silent away,
ivory knives pierce flesh,
burn through cores,
bring with them destruction
ivory knives bring pain
all for his life
all for him to live
why should he live while others die
why is he worthy of life
when others are not
ivory knives bring guilt
men, women, children
dead at the feet of ivory knives
dead at the teeth of a warrior
ivory knives smothered in a ruby elixir
the velvet solution to life
ivory knives sheathed in blood

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Day 2: A Tale of Two Vampires (via@mswriteok)

Like so many others, I have a thing for tall, blonde and handsome vampires.

The thing is, I like two of them. One, naturally, is Viking Eric Northman. His rival is Lestat de Lioncourt, a creation of another vampire fan, author Anne Rice.
Going by literary age, Lestat is tall, has flowing blonde hair and a French accent. He was created against his will and left with little knowledge on how to be a proper vampire. It turned out well for him. He found his way to the New World — New Orleans to be exact — and did very well for himself, ending up as a late 20th Century rock star.
When it was time to make the movie “Interview with the Vampire,” a much shorter Tom Cruise took on the role of Lestat. Cruise did a wonderful job of bring the arrogant vamp to life, but I still prefer the book version.
The two men also have a dislike for wolves in common, though Lestat’s fight with them was as a mortal. Before his conversion to the undead, Lestat lived in the French countryside with his human family. It was there he fought an entire pack of wolves, killing them all. He made a cape of their pelts.
Rice’s vampires have a decidedly homo-erotic slant and sadly for all women, it’s rare to see Lestat with a woman. Damn.
Charliane Harris created our Viking vampire, Eric Northman, as Scandinavian as the day is long. In the books, the human Eric was married with a family, though in the show his maker had him playing for both teams, though it’s plain the Area 5 Sheriff prefers those with two XX chromosomes. Thank heaven for me.
In “True Blood,” Eric’s maker Godric made him a partner, bringing death to all their prey.
Both in the books and in the show “True Blood” we know Eric was a very bad-ass Viking back in the day and that in present times he is extremely well off.
Still, I wonder. When Eric goes to New Orleans, does he ever run into Lestat? Do they know of each other and what does one think of the other? Would Lestat deign to drink True Blood, and does his visit Queen Sophie-Anne at all?
Have the two ever gone hunting together, knowing their looks would attract all kinds of attention, bringing pulsing blood oh-so-close?
One more thing. Since Lestat drank from his Egyptian Vampire Queen Akasha, he can walk in the sun if he likes with little damage. Eric can only do this after he drains a fairy, or gets a really good swig of Sookie, and his wears off. Does Eric think of having a taste of Lestat to spend some time outside with his love, our own blonde fairy-tale princess of Bon Temps?
Now there is an episode of “True Blood” I’d like to see.