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Fangover: Day 9 – Bill (via @VampKingBill)

The calm before the Billith

A few days ago I complained about how Jason’s shift towards pure hatred felt especially extreme because of the use of hallucinations. That said, at least it was believable because he’s had feelings like those before – back in Season 2 when he’d gotten himself mixed up with the Fellowship of the Sun. On the other hand, Bill has always been a staunch mainstreamer. It was those beliefs that got the attention of the AVL and those beliefs that got him the assistance of the snipers to take out Sophie-Anne.*

So when you look at a Bill that has for the most part always been fairly pro-human, this shift to a religious fundamentalist felt almost like a 180 degree shift. It’s not to say that Bill was incapable of making that shift; but the mechanism they used – the flashback to his dying daughter – didn’t really work to show us how Bill had made a mistake by not turning his daughter. It was just kind of there. As a result, it left many viewers with this feeling of unease and questioning whether he really believed or was it all an act. Personally, on an Intellectual level I knew he believed – I’d seen the early descriptions of “Save Yourself” and knew that he must be a believed – but on an emotional level, I didn’t buy it.  I only bought into it towards the very end of the season, when he killed Kibwe for even praying by the blood. Stephen’s performance really helped sell it in “Save Yourself” but it shouldn’t have had to have been sold by the acting, but rather by the writing.

As for Billith, it will be interesting to see where the journey takes us with his character. Hopefully it’ll be a better trip than the one we took just to get to this point because Bill (and the viewers) deserve better.

Best Moment – Salome’s Death

Yes, I just used this in the previous post, but it still stands here. It was an absolutely fantastic scene and a reminder that Bill really is a fantastic actor himself, playing whatever part is needed to further his own agenda. He was so cool and so polite right before he killed Salome and that swagger was just awesome. I hope that the Billith we see next season leans more in this direction than in the bloody screamer that Lilith appeared as the entirety of this last season.

Worst Moment – His slapping Jessica.

I can’t help it. I felt for the baby vamp. It was just such a cruel thing to do, and it happened before I fully bought into him truly believing. It was very jarring and hard to watch.

*For those unaware, the extras on the S4 Blu Ray made it clear that a “high-ranking member” of the Authority signed off on the use of the guards. Based on what we saw this season, it stands to reason that Roman authorized it because Bill’s mainstreaming agenda aligned so well with his own.

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Fangover: Day 8 – The Authority (via @VampKingBill)

 What a lovely bland picture for a band of bland vampires.

If you pressed me to pick one reason why I think the season just didn’t quite gel as a whole this year, the Authority would have to be it. I stand by what I’ve said on True Bites: there were hints of good ideas in here, but they were underdeveloped. It’s as if the producers got the idea ‘We want to tackle the separation of Church and State’ but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it all work in an interesting manner.

On top of a lack of a truly cohesive plot, another issue that must be brought up is the fact for the most part, the Chancellors were a rather dull personality-less group. Salome showed promise, but that which allowed Bill to defeat her was also why she was ultimately uninteresting as a character: she believed, but she couldn’t really put anything into motion. She wasn’t a schemer. As a result, she walked completely blind into Bill’s trap just as he knew she would. It would have been more interesting had she had she a cunning mind to go along with her faith. Even Roman- the single most hyped character of the bunch – didn’t really have much to bring to the table.

Throughout the first four seasons, the Authority was built up to be this shadowy group that, unless you were seeking to join them, you did not want to draw the attention of because odds are that True Death (or worse) would soon be following. This season shone a light on them and they were revealed to be just as petty as the vampires on the ground. Russell remained more intimidating than Roman and all the Chancellor’s combined.  We had no reason to be scared of them anymore and that proved to be a huge issue.

I will say that Salome fared the best of the lot them – the writers did a great job with the subtleties of making her a believer. Her words, her actions all pointed to someone who wasn’t playing a game. If the others had been more fleshed out, it might have been a stronger arc overall.

Best Moment –  Salome’s Death

Aside from the fact that we got a fantastic scene from Bill, I picked this death as the death of the night because it showed how to the bitter end she was a true believer. When she realized that she was dead, she wasn’t mad, she wasn’t even upset. She realized she wasn’t the strongest and therefore not the one that had been Chosen. She met the True Death believing that Lilith had found a perfect champion in Bill and was comforted by it because that is what she had worked towards all these years.

Worst Moment- Roman, as a whole.

I think the blame for this one had to go to HBO itself. HBO knew that Christopher Meloni had a huge fanbase – one that actually originated on HBO – so it makes perfect sense that they’d want to trumpet his joining the cast. The problem is there just wasn’t much for him there even considering how short his stay ultimately was. Though I think the character would have been a disappointment regardless of the actor playing him, having him hyped up did him no favors.

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Fang-a-Thon Day 27: Theme of the Season [mild spoilers] (via @VampKingBill)

Alan Ball often likes to have thematic narratives that arc over a season. Season 2 for example was religion, season 3 was politics. Perhaps part of the reason season 4 suffered was because there was no official theme. Regardless, the theme of season 5 is officially “Church and State”

So the main storyline for the vampires is going to be the battle within the Authority – the pro-mainstream camp lead by Roman vs. the Sanguinistas, which are likely the #vampyr faction who want to drink humans like cattle. Roman basically agrees to cut a deal with Bill and Eric for help with the Sanguinistas more so than Russell.

I’m intrigued by this notion and look forward to how it’s going to play out over the course of the season. Not only does it let the show get its usual social commentary on, but it makes perfect sense that there WOULD be this kind of battle going on among vampires. You know that when the decision to come out of the coffin was made, it wasn’t put up to a popular vote. It really probably was something like “I am Roman. I am the Authority. We reveal ourselves” and lo they did. And I’m sure that many were not happy about it, hence having a decided need for pro-mainstreaming monarchs and why the Authority cleared the way for Bill to become King. Digression aside, you know that the tensions that have been hinted at subtlety and more overtly probably have been running much deeper than we’ve been lead to believe and now is threatening to spill out into the public as a full out civil war – the likes of which could bring about all their demises. We don’t know much more beyond this. There are teases that perhaps Russell isn’t the main villain and we’ll also see the European Authority as well.

All told, I think there is a lot of play with this idea and I look forward to how it comes together.

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True Blood’s Secret Societies (via @TrueBloodMame)

There has been many clues to secret societies throughout the seasons from the ku klux klan child in the opening credits to the latest, the symbol of the Authority as shown in the promos.

We have collected the visual clues from the different seasons here:

Season 1 – the ku klux Klan from the opening credits (pic. 2) and the Shriners (pic. 3).

Season 2 – the Free Mason’s in the form of the ring belonging to Hoyt’s dad (pic. 4) and Rosicrucianism in the form of the cross (pic. 5).

Season 3 – ku klux klan’s burning cross (pic. 6).

Season 4 – Skull and Bones in the form of the symbol on the wall (pic. 7).

Season 5 – the Authority and their symbol as shown in the promos (pic. 1).

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True Blood Gets Buzzed on Red Carpet (via @EricSookieLover)

For today’s (Day 23) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon post, we have video from The Buzz, as they interview the cast as they made their way down the red carpet at True Blood’s Season 5 premiere! This video shows some spoilerish scenes from Season 5, so please be forewarned!

Here are some screencaps as Alex and Anna get buzzed!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

Before you watch the video, check out this screencap of Eric and Bill in kinky looking clothing! Are these the Vampire Authority’s version of handcuffs?

Are you ready to get Buzzed? Watch the video below!

Sounds like we’re in store for a lot of interesting things this coming season!

What do you think? Share your thoughts via True Blood Gets Buzzed on Red Carpet.

Club Fangtasia Reopening (via @DarlingSookie

Apparently business in Fangtasia is doing really well if he has a second location in Australia.

Though it does seem that they are having to deal with that messy ‘V’ business. Surely by now, Sophie-Anne’s blood would have been all used up?

Perhaps there’s a new vamp supplier down under?

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Waning Hiatus Support Group (via @TBconfid)

Only 8 more days and the hiatus is over, but we sure did have fun during this one. Judging from this photo, I think Salome is going to be one crazy tripped out chick on the show.

Another interview with cutey Jacob Hopkins from Best Movies Ever News, more at the link
Jacob Hopkins (Alexander Drew) hasn’t watched ‘True Blood‘ as most parents wouldn’t let their ten-year old child watch the uber-violent and ultra sexy vampire show, but he’s one of the newest and youngest characters to join the show as part of Season Five’sVampire Authority.  He’s also the youngest person we’ve interviewed on Best Movies Ever too!

He’ll be playing Alexander Drew, a vampire who was turned at the age of nine who is part of theVampire Authority and has a penchant for taunting the big boys. He’s even gotten so into his character that one day when one of the mayke up people called out the name ‘Alex’ both he and Alexander Skarsgard(Eric) answered. As everyone who’s ever met Skarsgard knows, he’s always funny so he just referred to Hopkins as ‘the other Alex‘ while quickly pointing out how well he’s doing in his role as Alexandar Drew.
BME: What was the audition like for True Blood, and what did you do to prepare for it? JH: I remember there was like six people in the room when I auditioned. I was going in for the producers and Alan Ball was there too. My dad is my acting coach and he really prepared me for it. I went in there being really strong, sarcastic and pretty much full of myself. Like I was more important then any character in the scene or anybody in the room. That’s how I think Alexander thinks.
WOW, thank you Nesters for this video, even more scenes from S5! Now we know what the photo below is, a harness for bad vamps, I’m guessing if it’s tinkered with that bullet thingee is released and snap crackle pop- true death! When it’s in place a red light is on, ha, like a bug zapper I have. Pam all cried out in Sookie’s kitchen and lookie at that Newlin, slinking into the party with his groove on. Lafayette cooking and then he sees that he is channeling Jesus demon in a mirror, what’s he going to do with that bleach?
Skarsgardfans did screen caps (many at the link) for the Buzz vid above-

Is Steve going to be Russell’s new beau, ha, would that be hilarious?

The invocation of my demon brother cook, look out for the special sauce, bleach?

Are these the new go-go boys at Mr. Blacks? Oh wait it’s Eric and Bill.

Don’t worry Kingee, first thing in the morning we’re going for mani-pedis.

Oh Pam, no reason to ever give up on fashion or style. Eek, that sweatshirt!

The rise and possibly fall of the Roman Empire? He’s pissed off for sure.
Check out more HERE
Fun interview from Eric Zuley with Dale Raoul.

Janina on Extra

Everytime I watch this I see something more, so re-posting