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Fangover Fangathon Day 9 Moment that Shocked Me (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well we have a few contenders for this one. Sookie and her psychic link to a Vampire and not just any Vampire but the one who murdered her parents and who she is promised to. Finding out that Sookie is promised to the Vampire who killed her Parents. Eric and Bill having a bromance and not wanting to knock lumps out of each other. Russell Edginton having a softer side after all and finding out Salome and Nora were fanatics after all, though Nora making the about turn is still dubious.

The Vampire Lillith Blood induced rampage was also a contender for this, though it was more comical than shocking.

I could not decide on one main event so I have chosen 2.

The first was the forced blood induced vision that Eric had to endure, while Nora endured it willingly. Again we saw Godric talking to Eric and warning him, just as he did when the vampires were on their rampage, only this time Lillith appears and rips him apart. the anguish and sheer terror in Eric’s eyes was shocking as this man does not scare easily and I never seen it coming. I was really shocked and surprised by that scene.

My second was the coming of Billith and that whole build up. Bill had clearly descended into the abyss and had managed to outflank Salome, seducing her before convincing her that Lillith told him she was chosen before switching blood and lacing the new blood with silver so he could kill her. His transformation from mild mannered man to complete religious zealot was shocking in the way it was played out, that he would be so susceptible and yet still let Eric in to affect his rescue, knowing he would do it and seeing that Sookie was there too. I thought that when Sookie spoke, she may have even got through to him and saved him before it was too late but it seems that Bill was too far gone and succumbed to the voices and drank the blood.

At first I thought that the blood had overwhelmed him and his body couldn’t take it so he died. When he reformed I was basically in two thoughts, one was Oh shit and the other was what the fuck…Again I never saw that one coming either.

I just hope they don’t mess it up in season 6 now.

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Fangover: Day 3 Eric and Nora (via @mswriteok)

Sookie decided to give her heart a rest at the end of Season 4, where she broke up with both Eric and Bill.

I honestly thought both men would be at her house about a second after Tara was shot, but they were otherwise diverted — snuggling in the trunk of a car driven by a dark-haired woman we soon discover is Eric’s long-lost sister Nora, a member of the Vampire Authority High Command.



We discovered quickly how fast Eric got over Sookie as he had loud, loud sex with is “blood-sister” Nora. I’ve got the image of her smashed against the side of the trailer by Eric burned in my mind. I swear I can see it when I close my eyes, as well as hear that line, “We fight like siblings, but we fuck like champions.”
Thanks so much for that.
I am not at all impressed by Nora. I found her to be a whining little tramp, hypnotized by Lilith and Salome and determined to get her sib on the same side.
As the season progressed, we saw both Nora and Eric escape the true death, and by the end of this season, she is the only original Authority member still standing.
Eric and Bill were made members after they brought in Russell Edgington, but then he became a member at Roman’s death.
I am so happy Eric was able to fight the “Lilith” virus successfully, and to convince Nora that their father Godric was right, Lilith was a fraud, and she had been wrong too.
Eric, and his alter-ego Alexander Skarsgard, have had a great season. In one of the greatest scenes in this series’ history, Eric’s release of Pam’s bond was award-worthy. I cried for both of them. The quick, sunny smile he gave Pam when he saw her in the final episode was beatifically beaming, even covered with blood. He may have released her, but those two will always stay together because they truly love and respect the other.
I was so happy to see the tenderness in Eric as he held Sookie when Bill had puddled out. He was in total defense mode when Bill was reborn, and his first thought was to tell Sookie what she hears way too much: “Run!”
Now, with Bill turned into some super-vampire, we are left to wonder what he’ll do next.
I think Eric will grab Sookie and get her the hell out of there, and since we all know Nora knows who (and what) Warlow is, Jason will probably let her live, at least for a while.
I really hope Nora heeds Eric’s warnings about not snacking on our favorite fairy, but I think it would be funny if she developed a little girl-crush on Sook because she smells so damn good.
I’m guessing Nora will stay with Eric in Shreveport and she’ll help run the bar for awhile, since I’m guessing Pam and Tara will be busy enriching their maker/child bond in various ways.
In the end, I’m hoping Nora will go back and take over the nightly duties of running the Authority and dealing with Bill, in whatever form he lands in.
Perhaps Eric and Nora will celebrate whatever holidays vampires celebrate together, but go their separate ways, leaving Eric to brighten our lives every summer with his escapades in Louisiana, and that he also keeps close to Sookie. They’re a much more fun combination.

My Hopes For Bill (via @VampKingBill)

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who have taken the time to read my blog, even more so the few who took time to comment.

Anyway, I realized that over the course of this fest that I haven’t really talked that much about Bill or my hopes for him. I’ve resisted the idea of doing posts in defense of him because I feel like I shouldn’t have to defend my enjoyment of a character. I will continue to resist it because I don’t want to end my blog on such a down note. Instead, I can’t think of a better way to end than to look forward and what I hope to see in Season 5 and beyond.

  • Bill survive – On some level, it seems silly to put this on this list. Given that Bill’s story has so central to the show’s story since Season 3 and that Ball is ultimately a Bill/Sookie shipper (and no, it doesn’t matter Ball isn’t the showrunner anymore. He’ll still have plenty of influence over season 6) it’s still never safe to assume anything. For all that I’m certain that the show will with them together or at least a strong hint that they will end together they could just as easily pull the rug out from under us. So it still seems right to put his survival on this list. Sophie Anne was ultimately small fry. Now that he’s going to be neck-deep in inter-Authority squabbling it’ll be interesting to see how they manage it. I also that if/when he does survive it doesn’t feel cheap. Though I don’t want to drag Vampire Diaries into this, I feel like that it is the most apt comparison: in season 3 Damon regularly went up against Originals – Elijah, Kalus, Kol, Rebekah and each time he got his ass handed to him over and over and over again. He should have been dead a million times. Bill’s definitely had more of his share of luck on his side, but he survived Sophie Anne by being smart. That’s how I want to see him survive – by smart moves, not just by deus-ex-machina “he’s the main character” luck.
  • Bill not necessarily with anyone at the end of the season – Oh, I totally want Bill and Sookie back together at some point. But is this the point? I’m not really sure. One of the aspects of Season 4 that I liked was that Bill wasn’t necessarily in a rush to get back together again with Sookie. Did he want to be with her? Sure. Did he still fuck his bodyguard the same even though he knew she was alive? Yup. His Kingdom was his priority and he wasn’t going to risk it for love. I feel like he should be in that stage for some years to come. I also think that he’d also way his happiness against her safety and the stability of his Kingdom. Her existence essentially brought Jessica into the world as a vampire and brought down Sophie Anne (had she not existed, Bill likely wouldn’t have had the chance to go back to Bon Temps and there are decent odds she’d still be on the throne because you don’t know that another situation would have arouse that gave Bill the excuse/desperation to make his move) and could in some regards topple him too. As long as she lives and vampires talk there are good odds that someone will be after her. The more that come the greater the risk. Caution dating her isn’t a bad thing.
  • Bill’s relationship with Jessica and Eric continue to grow. – I like how in Season 4 we got the inference that Bill stepped up as Maker and that he and Jessica were able to not only patch up their relationship but both seem to truly trust each other and be there for each. In early Season 2, Bill and Jessica seemed likely to go the way of Bill and Lorena, but now they seem to be firmly heading towards Godric/Eric or Eric/Pam territory – a solid relationship that will likely last for centuries. I want it to continue that way. Along those lines, I’d like the understanding between Bill and Eric to grow. As much as I’m all team bromance, what’s more important the humor derived from the situation is what happens after. It’s clear that Eric tolerated Sophie-Anne as queen and the start of Season 4 showed him paying Bill only that courtesy – if even that much. I don’t necessarily want them to be BFF’s at the end of it, but if it’d be nice if we got them closer to the loyalty that amnesia Eric showed in Season 4 so that Eric could be the one Sheriff he could truly put his faith in.
  • Bill continue to grow, but still keep his humanity – Finally, I want Bill continue to grow. He’s still a newcomer to the world of vampire politics. He’s done a hell of a job to this point, but he’s in so deep now he’ll never get out. Just as Nan said, “Ever heard of a King that retired?” For as long as he walks the earth, Bill will be a player, either as King or perhaps eventually as a member of the Authority itself. If he’s going to live to see 200, let alone 300, 500 or 1000 he’s going to have to get better and better. At the same time, to do that and keep that humanity that sets him apart from other major players is going to be incredibly difficult, if not almost impossible. I want to see that struggle and hope that he wins it.

I’m sure that there are other things that I’m missing, but I think that’s a solid list of basics as any. I hope that everyone enjoyed the Fang-A-Thon and I’ll see you all for the Fangover this September.

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Going Away (via @TrueBloodMame)

Going away<br /><br />
Your mind is made up,<br /><br />
nothing will keep you away<br /><br />
from meeting the sun

Going away

Your mind is made up,

nothing will keep you away

from meeting the sun

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Character comment in S4E8 (via @TrueBloodMame)

Character comment in S4E8Godric gave a comment during Narnia scene:The ability of a vampire to feel what humans call love diminishes rapidly through the years.  The closest an older vampire such as Eric comes is in his relationship to his progeny, but that, too, does not quite approach what Eric is feeling right now. The elation is contagious: to be happy with another person—human or vampire. I hope that Eric and Sookie can enjoy this moment, then embrace it, and hold on to it forever. And not worry about what will happen when this spell eventually breaks and Eric returns to his old self.

Godric gave a comment during Narnia scene:

The ability of a vampire to feel what humans call love diminishes rapidly through the years.  The closest an older vampire such as Eric comes is in his relationship to his progeny, but that, too, does not quite approach what Eric is feeling right now. The elation is contagious: to be happy with another person—human or vampire. I hope that Eric and Sookie can enjoy this moment, then embrace it, and hold on to it forever. And not worry about what will happen when this spell eventually breaks and Eric returns to his old self.

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Why? He’s been around for over 2000 years, imagine everything he’s witnessed during that time, imagine the immense amount of knowledge he has! Seriously, I would just love to sit down with him and listen to him recount everything from the past, it would probably take years but I really wouldn’t mind, I’d happily do it! Could you imagine the stories he’d be able to tell you!? It’d be incredible! You’d gain so much knowledge from his stories, and knowledge is power. Not to mention the fact I have a feeling he’d be the sort who wouldn’t loose patience with you should you not grasp something straight away, he’d explain it to you until you understood. My only concern is how softly spoken he is, I’d worry all the time that his gentle tone and wonderful stories would act like a bedtime story and lull me into sleep in the early hours of the morning, that would be rather rude and I’d hate to appear rude.


The Only True Blood Mystery Left (via @TB_PamR)

Before they became the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the series of books by Charlaine Harris on which True Blood is based were the Southern Vampire Mysteries. No one really seems to remember that. The writers at True Blood certainly don’t.

The first season of True Bloodis, arguably the only one that actually had a mystery at its heart. Did anyone, who hadn’t read the books first, suspect Rene was behind all the killings? Let’s be honest, Jason made a much better and more obvious suspect. I’m really glad he turned out to be innocent by the way. One killer in a couple is plenty. -smirks-

After that, however, the mystery quotient has slowly but surely vanished from True Blood.

It made a token appearance in Season Two as fans wondered what Mary Ann was and what happened to Godric. Both questions were answered in fairly short order and replaced by other curiosities like what was Sam’s connection to Mary Ann and was Jason really stupid enough to join a religious cult?

Season Three started out strong, with the mystery of Bill’s kidnapping. That too was resolved fairly quickly. The question of what was Sookie with her telepathy and microwave fingers lingered for a while but it was never really a mystery or of pressing importance to anyone but Sookie and Bill. Even that question was answered by the end of the season.

The biggest mystery of Season Four was WTF the writers and Alan Ball were thinking. Ignoring the curiosities liek the giant mexican midget wrestler and the lady haunting Lafayette, there were enough dropped storylines to make a book of.

It’s difficult to tell from the trailers and teasers we’ve seen so far what the central question of Season Five will be. Personally, I’m putting my money on “what are all these extra people here for?” though I hope the writers will draw out the mystery of just who helped Russell escape for most of the Season. Then again, I’m hoping Russell survives the Season as well. Yeah, I don’t have much hope for either. Still hope springs eternal, even in vampires.

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