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Night 10

Top Ten Reasons I Love The Men Of Bon Temps (via @CindyLouLouBear)

The Men of Bon Temps & Shreveport are Varied, but all Handsome in their own way. Here are some of the reasons why I’d like to live in that fictional world.

10. LaFayette. Do the words “Aids Burger” mean anything to Y’all? That & take your pick from any of his numerous one liners. You’ve got yourself a friend for life there, Hookah..

9. Sam. At first, I didn’t know if I liked Sam “that” way or not. But ever since I saw him with Daphne in Season Two, I can see the sweetness in him. He’s a complicated guy though. But then again… Who isn’t complicated in Bon Temps?

8. Hoyt. Hoyt just has this innocence & sweetness that I adore. He’s gotten out from under his Momma’s Annoying Thumb & is his own man now. Hoyt’s grown so much since the start, I just love seeing where he’s going next.

7. The Magister. Yes, I said The Magister. Never before his appearance had we seen behind the veil of Vampire Politics. We met the Authority, & It WAS the Magister. I got the yips just watching him rule.

6. Jesus. I will miss the sweet nurse with a soft spot for short order cooks. He was just such a breath of fresh air in LaLa’s life after all the shit that had come before. LaLa deserved to be happy with Jesus & would’ve been if it weren’t for fucking Marnie.

5. Liam. Ok, NOT the nicest guy or Nicest Vampire we’ve ever seen. He WAS the first & creepiest though. Seeing him with Maudette Pickens was the WEIRDEST thing in Vampire sex we’d see until Bill & Lorena.

4. Jason. Not too bright in the smarts department, Jason has been through the Ringer these past years. He’s really grown up though, & hopefully he can make things work with Jessica. Here’s to Bon Temps Finest! *salute*

3. Bill. I was smitten with Bill from the moment he walked into Merlotte’s. When he slid his hand in Sookie’s, I melted. I knew from the books what was coming from him, but I didn’t care. The scene where he tells Sookie she’s safe with him….Mmm.. Southern Gentlemen.

2. Eric. Ever since he laid spread out in Bill’s bathtub, I’ve adored the viking. He doesn’t suffer fools & he knows what he wants. Is he cutthroat? Hell Yes! But being 1000 years old, you kind of have to be. Amnesia Eric was the sweetest Man, you just want to lay your head against him & sleep.

1. Alcide. Good Lord, I love that man. He was in Bon Temps to do a job, and he did it. He didn’t know he’d fall in love in the meantime. Alcide’s had some bad luck with women along the way, but hopefully, that will change soon. You just want to hug him & have him sweep you up in his arms. He’s noble, he’s a man’s man, but can treat a lady like a queen. And the fact that he growls is just a bonus.

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Supernatural Superiority Race: Vampires (via @DarlingSookie)

Step right up folks! Get your seats while they last!

What exactly are you sitting down for?

Ringside seats the to the Supernatural Superiority Race, that’s what!

Honestly, I’m surprised at how low supes think humans to be, when in all fairness, they are no better than us normal folks. Though I suppose I can’t truly say I’m normal.

You would think that after years of hiding in the shadows of the human world, supes would have learned a thing or two. But truthfully, they are just so darn arrogant that they can’t see past their own fangs/microwave fingers/furry rear ends.

So here’s how all the opponents stack-up against one another.


Supernaturally fast and strong, vampires are considered to be the top of the food chain by some (mainly themselves and fangbangers, but who am I to judge?).

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True Blood Season 5: Eric Northman Billboards (via @EricSookieLover)

For today’s fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I wanted to share with you some True Blood Season 5billboards featuring Eric Northman!

These are starting to pop up all over the place! We thought you might like to see them!

This billboard (below) is located at Times Square in NYC!

Image Source

Here’s a billboard where you can sit on Eric’s face! Well…maybe after a little bit of awkward maneuvering…and you would need to be very flexible!

This was taken at a bus stop in Los Angeles!

I think I might have to start taking the bus…because gas is SO expensive nowadays. ;)   But how would I sit on there comfortably…? Hmmm… Sorry, those nasty skarsgasms are starting again, I’m beginning to go off topic!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

PS. If any of you see any billboard signs in the area where you live, please feel free to contact us by using the link at the top of the page! Thanks!

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Day 10: The Sheriff’s Favourite Moments from Seasons 1 through 4 (via @Eric_NorthmanTB)

1. Season One

This is the first time that I met the blonde telepath from Bon Temps. It seems Bill Compton was trying to keep him all to himself. I admired Sookie for not bowing down to me like all other females do. She stood her ground even though it was obvious that Compton did not teach her how a human should act in front of vampires. She intrigued me.

2. Season Two

Sookie Stackhouse. My little bullet sucker. I will never forget this moment. It was the moment that I was able to get my blood into Sookie. What made it even more pleasurable for me was that she was willing. *Fangy smirk*

3.  Season Three

Sookie’s and my first kiss. It was better than I had ever expected to be. She tried to pull back but I did not let her. She needed to come to terms with the fact that she had feelings for me. That and there was no way I was letting her go. I wasn’t finished with her yet and I would have encouraged more had we not had been interrupted by Pam.

4. Season Four

This requires no explanation as to why it is my favourite moment of Season Four.

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I wonder… (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

I’ve been re-reading the books in order and I’m up to poor Eric without his memory and I just thought of something that had not popped in my mind before. I know Eric with his memory was like a dog with a bone when it came to sex and women but didn’t Sookie feel like she might have been taking advantage of Eric just a little bit since the real Eric was MIA when they were intimate.I mean the real Eric was begging to screw her whenever he could he wanted her so. bad. So now their first time isn’t even the Eric that has been wanting and longing for so long. I don’t know I know she could only keep her willpower for so long since anyone with half a brain would bed Eric memory or not but come on. I feel bad for him just a little Hot!!

Eric Northman: It’s strange to miss someone you don’t remember.

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#5HairMistakesVampiresMake (via @TB_PamR)

Pam's Poodle HairGodric's Bloody....Russell's Widow's Peak

Eric's Bloody FoilsLorena's Backwards 'do'nt

Vampires are unchanging. You would think that would mean we have no such thing as a bad hair day. -sighs- Unfortunately, that isn’t true, not even for me. Here are my picks for the worst #5BadHairNights from the first four seasons of True Blood.

5. Pam’s Poodle Hair – I am not a poodle or a zombie! -growls-

4. Godric’s Bloody… – I can’t decide if these are really sort braids/twists or if he just didn’t wash his hair for the first 1,000 years of his existence. Either way…ICK!

3. Russell’s Widow’s Peak – You’re 3,000 years old and you want to look like an air-brushed Eddie Munster???

2. Eric’s Bloody Foils – You just had to get blood in your hair, didn’t you Eric?

1. Lorena’s Backwards ‘Do – No hairstyle looks good when you’re head is on backwards. -smirks-

And yes, I was up all day worrying about this -smirks-

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True Blood Don’t Cry Promo Video (via @vs4as)

HBO promo trailer for True Blood “Don’t Cry”. It features almost all of the True Blood character crying. Footage looks like it is from past episodes.


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