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Night 14

Welcome to True Spud (via @EricSookieLover)

For today’s (Day 14) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post…I thought I’d share with you some new cast photos of the cast of True Spud! No, that’s NOT a typo! LOL  It seems Stack Magazine is getting into the spirit of True Blood…or maybe just into the spirits?

Below are awesome pics of Eric, Sookie and the rest of the characters! Let’s see if you can guess which one represents which character?

But wait…there’s more!

If you want to find out what Jason, Lafayette and some of the others look like – check them out here!

Okay…take a guess! Which one is which?

Share your guesses below in the comments!

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Day 14: All Hail King Bill (via @Eric_NorthmanTB)

There is a misconception out there that I do not like Bill Compton. On the contrary, I have come to a great appreciation for His Majesty.

First, there is his appreciation for humanity, something that I am struggling to rediscover for myself. As a child, I was taught to show no mercy. As a vampire, I was taught to see them only as prey. Compton has shown me that there is more to them than being something to conquer or something to eat. Plus one must simply admire his dedication to the cause: going so far as to actually subside on True Blood? Not even Godric had that kind of discipline.

Second, I admire the fact that he has managed to both obtain and keep the crown. I don’t have to tell you that politics amongst vampires can be rather bloody. Few survive it, and for one as young as Compton to do so and thrive takes a great amount of skill and cunning. Using the Authorities own guards against Sophie Anne was genius, a move no monarch would have ever planned for.

Finally, I admire his dedication to Sookie. So many men – human and vampires alike have seen to ignore her or malign her name. Hell, even I wouldn’t have given her a second thought had I not see Compton’s sudden infatuation with the woman. From the moment I saw them together, I knew he saw something in her that others could not see, and I did not want to let him keep that for himself. In time, though, I have come to realize that it is cruel to separate the pair. They are meant for each other and I know now that I must bow out and let her have the happiness and joy that she only ever truly seems to reach with my liege. I will silently support them both, and I will be there to help him mourn when Time inevitably takes her away from him.

Compton is a wonderful king and I anticipate many centuries in his service.  And on that note: a warning to those that might try to take his crown: the second you make your threat is the second you will lose that head that planned to wear it.

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Do you think Bill could hear them? (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

I was Season 4 Episode watching I wish I was the Moon again today and I was wondering….Vamps are suppose to have superior hearing right? They are supposed to hear things very far away. So, at the end of the episode when they show Bill on the porch of his home with his glass of blood, do you think he could hear Eric and Sookie’s conversation in the woods when they reunited?? The look on his face is so sad and you could feel how he knew he lost and then his eyes shift at the end just enough as he looks up and levels straight ahead like he’s heard something he wish he hadn’t.  Ha…ha…serves him right at that point.

Jason: These Hot Shot f***ers are so dumb they can’t even make a werepanther right.

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Day 14 #Fangathon 2012 – Sookie’s lovers (via @SassyJessOB)

Hey! Is it me or is it the case where Sookie goes through several lovers before she meets Eric and feels like he’s the one but then blames the bond they have and so on…. I mean does this girl actually have a rebound at all like most of us normal people would… Okay she’s fictional but still… Really??? I mean she jumped into a relationship with Bill eventually in book 1 but as the books progressed she seems to have no break from going on dates with the next guy, even if they end badly or not! Although in the last and most recent few books she’s been with Eric and they’ve had an interesting relationship, but after reading DeadLocked they are on the verge of what I think is a breakup!

Sookie you need to slow down and take time heal from Eric I hope!!!

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True Bites: Don’t Cry, It’s Not That Bad (via @DarlingSookie)

Last night, @TB_PamR, @VampKingBill and I were honored to be joined by Bon Temps very own llama lovin’ local, @JBDuRoneTB.

As anyone who has ever listened to the show will know, we don’t sugar coat anything and last night was not the exception. From our favorite deviations (Lafayette’s continued existence and Jessica’s creation) to our least favorite storylines that never panned out (Hot Shot rape train, Andy’s Frolickin’ Fairy) find out what we loved/hated and out right adore about our favorite Vampire show, True Blood, by listening into Don’t Cry, It’s Not That Bad.

Remember to tune into True Bites every Tuesday night at our new time, 9/8 CST.

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The first issue of the True Blood ongoing comic book series is out and I have to say… “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steve Newlin.”

I know. That’s one of those #ThingsPamWouldNeverSay Well, never say never kids, ‘cause I’m saying it. Not only that, I mean it.

Now, to be honest, I expected a decent story arc from @McMillzz. His Tainted Love arc, while not my favorite (as I mentioned in Why I love True Blood comics ) but I did enjoy it. I really enjoyed his LUCID series. That he and fellow writer Ann Nocenti, turned in a cohesive and intriguing first issue for the ongoing comic book series is not a huge surprise. Still, -smirks- it’s reassuring to be right about something True Blood related these nights.

The Rev. Newlin didn’t stop there, however.

He pulled off a miracle. Really.

The art for the ongoing series is great! Artist Michael Gaydos (that’s an alias by the way -smirks- you won’t find him on Facebook or Google+) delivers the best art yet for True Blood comic books. You can actually -gasp- tell who the characters are without reading there names. Well, except for Chow, but there’s a good reason for that.

I’m not going to spoil the story. Neither am I going to speculate on where anyone was on that historic night when we vampires came out of the coffin because, and I am quite pleased to be able to say this, I am confident that the McMillzz can do it better.

I can hardly wait to see what Rev. Newlin has in store for #2 and that’s another #SomethingPamWouldNeverSay.


#Fangathon2012 Day 14: (via @QueenFaeMab)

Watching the progression of Pam’s rotting face over several episodes was quite fun. I kinda like the beekeeper look. *snaps fingers laughing* Hey Pam! Fetch me some honey!

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