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Day 4

Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day Four (via @DemonXDiantha)

Least Favorite Character:

Jackson Herveaux

     I thought a father and son picture might add some warmth to this relationship. I can’t actually name a least favorite character on the show. I have a sick fascination with all of them. But if I had to choose who I wasn’t exactly fond of this year, I’d have to go with Big Pappa Herveaux. Now, I’m well aware he wasn’t around as much as the other characters, which is most likely the reason I didn’t really care when he came on the screen. Also, did anyone else think the pack initiation scene was a little bit Twilight? I half expected Jacob Black to come bounding through without his shirt on. Not that I would have complained, I’m just saying. I do hope we get to see a bit more of him in the upcoming season. I’m sure it could be an interesting backstory.

     Poor kids. All these crazy parents running around, hopped up on the hooch. Maybe Papa Herveaux and Lettie Mae could go on a demon expelling date.

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Fangover: Day 4 – Russell and Steve (via @VampKingBill)

Aww. One of the cutest moments ever on True Blood. Ever. Never mind that the wolf cub is Emma…

I think you could make an easy argument that the return of Russell and Steve were two of the things that Trubies were most excited for going into Season 5. And who could blame us? These were two fantastic characters on their own, they should make two even more fantastic characters paired together, right?

Meh. You’d be kind of right.

Of the pair, I think Steve fared better of the two, his popularity was always driven by his personality as much as his story. On the other hand, Russell was a character whose strength lie in the fact that he was just so much older and stronger than the other vampires and how he was a much bigger threat to them as a result. This season, that menace was largely removed relatively early on kind of neutering him. Although he had good scenes with Steve, it ultimately felt like he was brought back to appease fans and to be a plot point – move things along by offing Roman more than to create any kind of strong story around him. The couple kind of worked, but it didn’t have the same dynamic of Russell and Talbot and given that Steve was school-boy crushing and Russell was on the rebound from Talbot, it probably wouldn’t have lasted anyway.

That said, anyone else get the feeling that the writers went “So what would be a cute gift for Russell to give to Steve?” “I know, a puppy!” “I know! Let’s have them give him Emma!” and thus the plot addicting the Shreveport wolves to V was born.

Best Moment – Steve’s “Gay Vampire American” speech.

Perfectly written, perfectly acted and a fantastic way to reintroduce a character that a lot of people loved. It’ll go down as one of the shows best scenes.

Worst Moment – Russell versus the Fairies

This whole thing just felt off. The Elder Fae was a being who had literally lived long enough and in enough places that she was driven mad by an overload of knowledge and Russell still defeated her that easily? I  don’t know that I buy that. This scene does win some goodwill back because the Elder Fae was so annoying that I can’t really say that I was upset to see her drained.

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Fangover: Day 4 – Pam and Tara (via @VampKingBill)

Let’s just appreciate how awesome they look in those outfits, shall we?

If we were to point to something that the writers did 95% right, it would be Pam and Tara. They gave Pam more depth than a quip machine or someone who can’t do anything other than mope about Eric liking Sookie and they finally made Tara a strong woman of her own, instead of a perpetual victim – even if it took turning her to do so. Best of all, they timed the whole thing that we always got just enough of them in a given episode. The end result was not that not only were characters redeemed, Tara gained fans from people who have always hated her, and most of all, it was probably the one storyline of the season that got almost universal praise. Brava .

Best Moment – Pam gives Tara a gift.

One of the things that made this storyline work so well is how slowly the writers paced things. Everything was baby steps with the pair. It wasn’t like they were BFFs the night Tara got turned. And the night that Pam publically berated her Childe – but that night offered her the same racist bitch as dinner- showed perfectly how the dynamics of the relationship were beginning to turn, from one of grudging tolerance to something more. It was a great way of showing it in a way that fit the characters beautifully.

Worst Moment – The kiss in the elevator.

This would be the one misstep. While you could argue that the kiss in the elevator was one of desperation, it still all felt a little too fast. Remember, it’s been only what, one-two weeks most? The friendship I can buy. More than the friendship kind of iffy. I have to say though, if all story lines had missteps this minor, True Blood would have some of the best writing on tv and I would be all too happy if this was the level of quibble I could find with all the storylines in a given season.

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True Blood “Save Yourself” Favorite Scenes (via @vs4as)

True Blood season 5 finale was one that left fans hollering for more! Well it definitely left them yelling during some scenes! I know I was really surprised by the turn of events at the end.

Here are a few of my “favorites”  from the finale:

Russell’s “Goodbye”

Russell finally had his drink of a whole fairy in episode 5.11. Unfortunately for him that left him quite drunk on fairy blood and allowed Eric Northman to suprise him and stake him. At first it looked like the fairy blood may have made him immune (we could see light coming from his face). Even Eric looked surprise but then the light stopped glowing and the staking did result in is final death. With one last word F#ck, Russell Edginton was no more.

Eric finally had revenge against Russell for killing his parents. Took 1000 years but revenge was sweet. I’m sad to see Denis O’Hare leave the show but it was time to say goodbye to Russell. (I also liked how Eric was able to do this in front of Sookie and the fairies. It was because of Sookie’s fear vibe that Eric was able to get there in time to stop Russell from killing more fairies)

 Sister Time

Loved how protective Eric was towards Sookie. Nora caught a whiff of Sookie and was enthralled. Sookie asked Eric to please tell his sister not to eat her (or something to that effect). He made Nora swear on Godric that she would not harm Sookie. It was funny to see Nora sniffing away!! Eric also was chastizing Nora for having such little self control. (sounded so much like a big brother there!)

Oh Baby!! Times 4!

Andy Bellefleur had a surprise visit from the very pregnant fairy Maurella. A lot of the scene showing Maurella delivering the set of quadruplets was a bit over the top for me. The part I did like was the look on Andy’s face when Holly (who was a saint for helping deliver the babies) handed Andy the baby. He looked like such a proud poppa.

Season 6 will have Andy raising 4 female fairies. It’s his duty as the dad to raise them and make sure that at least half make it to adulthood. Little did Andy know when he had sex with Maurella he’s be a dad a short time later to some “alien” babies! Not sure he knows what he is in for!

Sam Pretty Fly!

Sam Merlotte shifted into a fly to help Luna rescue Emma. While Luna skin walked as Steve Newlin and shifted back into herself on tv, Rosalyn was hollering her head off.

Sam took that chance and flew into her mouth.

Next we see Rosalyn explode since Sam shifts back into a human.

One of the grossest but coolest ways we’ve seen a vampire meet the true death so far on True Blood.

Jason and Eric battle of words…

The tumblr link here has a snippet of the back and forth word exchange between Eric and Jason. So funny to see them going at it like that.

Eric’s “Pleeeasssseeeee”…..

Jason and Sookie are sharing some brother sister time during a drive (on their way to the vampire Authority). Eric hitches a ride on the truck and asks Jason to let him in. Upside down and pleading “Pleeaaassseeee”. It was a bit of fun comic relief in a pretty tense episode. It felt good to giggle at the Viking Vampire.

That KISS…

Tara opened up Pam’s jail cell even though it was silver. Yes the burn on her hand was very worth it. Pam plants one heck of a kiss on her progeny! It has been hinted that they would become a couple and finally some spark is on screen! Season 6 will hopefully have this couple steaming up the screen!

Pam…free at last!

One of my favorite moments from the finale was seeing Pam and Eric together in a scene again. The smile on their faces and the way Pam placed her hand on Eric’s chest spoke volumes to me. Despite being released by her maker there is still a strong bond there and one I hope we see more of again in season 6.

Another interesting element to this photo is the look on Sookie’s face in the image above. It almost looks like she is a bit jealous perhaps of the relationship between Eric and Pam. Sookie does not know that Eric released Pam. Pam is not very fond of Sookie (and based on the look on Sookie’s face the feeling might be mutual). 

Sookie and Eric

The finale brought Sookie and Eric together to help rescue Pam, Jessica and Bill from the Authority. They were successful in getting Pam and Jess out but neither Sookie nor Eric were able to reason with Bill. He drank the rest of the sacred blood and wound up liquifying in front of them. (after Bill was pretty mean to Sookie). Both Eric and Sookie appeared quite affected by Bill’s ‘demise’. The screen cap image above showed Sookie and Eric sharing a moment together. There really have not been many scenes in season 5 with the two of them (or at least with Sookie not being ticked off at the Viking)

Amazing and MINE…

Nora and Eric sneak Sookie, Jason and Tara into the Authority in plain sight. The guard catches a whiff of Sookie (who’d been with full fairies and picket up their scent) and comments how the blonde smells amazing. Eric replies yes she is amazing and MINE. Loved hearing Eric say that. Sookie does not like to “belong” to any vampire but she will need some protection. Hopefully season 6 will have Eric staking a claim to the telepathic waitress.


Sookie and Eric tried to reason with Bill Compton to not drink the kool aid/sacred blood. No amount of reasoning or pleaded worked. After chugging the vial of blood we see Bill start to dissolve and look like he was liquifying and meeting a final death. That scene was truly a shocker for me. I screamed my head off! Never in a million years did I think Alan Ball would allow Bill Compton to finally die.

Well that shock would soon be replaced with a bigger shock. We see Bill rise up from the blood in the same fashion we had seen Lillith rise up from the blood. Bill now newly incarnated shrieks in a primal scream (much like the way Lilltih did) and is sporting a new set of really long fangs.

The end credits of the finale show Eric telling Sookie to RUN!! Didn’t take long for fans to call this version of Bill Compton “Billith”. I know the whole “Lillith” story line was not one of my favorite ones from season 5. I’m a bit apprehensive that now in season 6 we will be seeing another variation of this perhaps with Bill taking on the role of what might be a vampire “god”. What will this Bill be like in the new season? Who knows. The writers have not yet started the new season work. I just hope it makes sense and not just another silly story line.

These were just some of my favorite scenes from the True Blood season 5 finale. Feel free to leave your comments or add what you enjoyed in the finale. Fangover therapy day 4 hopefully will help fans in their withdrawal from the show. Waiting sucks!

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Fangover Fangathon Day 4 Storyline I wanted to see more of. (via @SookieStack_SVM)

There are really 2 answers to this topic for me. The one thing that they have in common is that they feature my favourite couples, Eric and Pam and Russell and Steve.

I wanted to see more of the Reunion between Eric and Pam at the start of Season 5 and how they resolved their differences first of all. Secondly I really wanted to see more flashback sequences. There was so much material that could have been used like Pam’s first night as a Vampire, how she reacted, Eric teaching her what she needed to know and also how she and Eric “lived in the wind.” That would have tied in really nicely when she explained to Tara that that is what they would do because it would have let us seen exactly what she meant by that phrase as well as giving us more Eric and Pam scenes.

I also wanted to see more of Russell and Steve and their blossoming relationship. I wanted to see more of them interacting, see how they got to know each other and also the wooing. I wanted to see much more of that because I loved the two of them together. They seemed to bring out the best in each other before Russell went back to chasing faeries, though he did take Steve with him when he did. I just loved those two together and really wished we could have had more of an expansion in the development of their relationship.

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Favorite Flashback – Day 4 (via @lexiglam)

Pam and Eric circa San Francisco 1905.

Pam is such a bad ass bitching vampiress that it was rather refreshing to see her vulnerable human side. Yet, she runs a whorehouse in San Fran, so she’s always been a bit of a bad ass even when she was a mere mortal.

When Eric and her first meet, he is her white knight swooping in to save her from a potential rapist. What a tender moment it was, even though our hero was covered in blood and licking it off his fingers. Pam was not afraid so Eric knew there was something special about this woman who would eventually become his greatest ally.

Eric uses his brutality and lack of conscious to gain more power as one of the strongest and oldest vampires of his parish, yet he was so tender with Pam after they made love in her whorehouse. She wanted him to turn her, but he refused. He felt for her enough, that he didn’t want to see her suffer for eternity. But Pam was willing to risk death in order to be with Eric; her supernatural soul mate.

Remembering the day she was reborn,  marked the moment when she realized that Eric finally had to let her go because she was a Maker now and nothing would ever be the same.

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Fangover Day 4: Adios, Hoyt (via @mswriteok)

There has been only one truly normal guy in Bon Temps.
Yeah, he started out a bit of a mama’s boy, but he grew up and we watched him do it.
He met a nice dead girl, fell in love for the first time and wanted to spend a really long time with his flame-haired lover.
Poor Hoyt.
His karma pretty much was “Day late, dollar short.”
How was he to know his virginal little vampire Jessica was on a learning curve so steep only a fighter jet could keep up, and sadly, that fighter jet was his best friend, stud muffin Jason Stackhouse?
When Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship went up in flames last season, we all were a little worried about Hoyt would do.


Actor Jim Parrack put in an amazing performance as the heartsick, angry and hurt  young man this season.
No one felt too bad for Jason when Hoyt pounded on him, even though Hoyt and Jessica were broken up before Jason slept with the baby vamp.
I was happy he had plenty of other friends to hang with, but it seems like his broken heart gave him both an attitude and a death wish.
I could understand his Fanger look. He thought if he lived that way, perhaps Jessica would see him with other vampires and be jealous, and if that didn’t work, maybe one would kill him.
He needed rescuing, but by anyone but the hate-group nicknamed the Obamas.
They turned his grief to disgust and the easily-swayed Hoyt found himself kidnapping the girl who caused all this troubles.
It’s good he is easily swayed or we’d be short one Jessica Hamby, as the Obamas  were happy to let Hoyt kill her himself.
By now, Jess has realized how deeply she hurt her first love, and pleads for her life. Hoyt has a lightning bolt of clarity and frees her, nearly getting killed in the process.
When Sheriff Andy Bellefleur and Deputy Jason Stackhouse break up the Obama gang, Hoyt is injured, but alive, and both Jessica and Jason can see what their feelings have done to the once sweet, kind Hoyt Fortenberry.
His next request was a stunner and was the catalyst for the most wrenching scenes in “True Blood” history.
When Hoyt realized Bon Temps was really too small for him, Jason and Jessica, he pulled himself together and made the necessary decisions that would allow him to move forward and have a chance at a happy life.
I will never forget the knot in the pit of my stomach when Hoyt demanded Jessica glamour him, wiping out all memories of her altogether, and memories of his friendship with Jason starting in childhood.
It was perfect. He allowed himelfs a clean break and gave was the perfect punishment to the two people who loved him the most. I don’t see how Jessica and Jason can get past this and have a romantic relationship. Hoyt has put himself between them, even though he is off to Alaska to try his fortune.
The glamouring scene made me cry. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. It broke my heart that such a kind, sweet man as Hoyt felt his only recourse was to pretend it never happened.
The scene where Jason uses his patrol car to pull Hoyt over on his way out of town was brilliantly poignant. Jason started in with his standard lines and Hoyt pretty much gave a psychic sucker punch to Jason when he had no real idea that he and Jason had any history.
I hope Hoyt makes some good friends in Alaska, makes some money and meets a girl who will know what a gem Hoyt it, snatch him up and make him a happy man.
I hope too he brings that woman back to Bon Temps so we can meet her.

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