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Fangover: Day 9 – Bill (via @VampKingBill)

The calm before the Billith

A few days ago I complained about how Jason’s shift towards pure hatred felt especially extreme because of the use of hallucinations. That said, at least it was believable because he’s had feelings like those before – back in Season 2 when he’d gotten himself mixed up with the Fellowship of the Sun. On the other hand, Bill has always been a staunch mainstreamer. It was those beliefs that got the attention of the AVL and those beliefs that got him the assistance of the snipers to take out Sophie-Anne.*

So when you look at a Bill that has for the most part always been fairly pro-human, this shift to a religious fundamentalist felt almost like a 180 degree shift. It’s not to say that Bill was incapable of making that shift; but the mechanism they used – the flashback to his dying daughter – didn’t really work to show us how Bill had made a mistake by not turning his daughter. It was just kind of there. As a result, it left many viewers with this feeling of unease and questioning whether he really believed or was it all an act. Personally, on an Intellectual level I knew he believed – I’d seen the early descriptions of “Save Yourself” and knew that he must be a believed – but on an emotional level, I didn’t buy it.  I only bought into it towards the very end of the season, when he killed Kibwe for even praying by the blood. Stephen’s performance really helped sell it in “Save Yourself” but it shouldn’t have had to have been sold by the acting, but rather by the writing.

As for Billith, it will be interesting to see where the journey takes us with his character. Hopefully it’ll be a better trip than the one we took just to get to this point because Bill (and the viewers) deserve better.

Best Moment – Salome’s Death

Yes, I just used this in the previous post, but it still stands here. It was an absolutely fantastic scene and a reminder that Bill really is a fantastic actor himself, playing whatever part is needed to further his own agenda. He was so cool and so polite right before he killed Salome and that swagger was just awesome. I hope that the Billith we see next season leans more in this direction than in the bloody screamer that Lilith appeared as the entirety of this last season.

Worst Moment – His slapping Jessica.

I can’t help it. I felt for the baby vamp. It was just such a cruel thing to do, and it happened before I fully bought into him truly believing. It was very jarring and hard to watch.

*For those unaware, the extras on the S4 Blu Ray made it clear that a “high-ranking member” of the Authority signed off on the use of the guards. Based on what we saw this season, it stands to reason that Roman authorized it because Bill’s mainstreaming agenda aligned so well with his own.

via Fangover: Day 9 – Bill.


Fangover: Day 5 – Jessica (via @VampKingBill)

I am the OG baby vamp, got that?

It ain’t easy being a baby vamp is it, especially when you’re no longer the newest baby vamp on the block. Jessica has always been one of my favorite characters, and I think she’s one of the few female characters that generally had better development character wise than the rest. She’s Alan Ball’s baby and it showed. Unfortunately, like a lot of the main vampires this season, her development petered out and she ultimately do much of anything. Aside from dealing with a Lilith-crazed Bill and a bit of baby-vamp bonding and cat-fighting with Steve and Tara, she pretty much spent the entire season dealing with the fall out of her relationship with Hoyt, namely the impact it had on her and Jason. Where-as Hoyt’s story was ultimately well developed, hers wasn’t.

The creators said they wrote Hoyt off the show because they felt his story had come to an end. Jessica was on my kill list towards the end of season 5 because I felt hers was nearing that point and the other baby vamps are more interesting. I am glad that she survived the season, and I hope that now that the Jessica/Hoyt plot is done and Jessica/Jason seems all but dead that she’ll get to be a main part of the fight against Billith instead.

Best Moment – The way she glamoured Hoyt.

Credit where it is due: the baby vamp deserves huge props for the way she handled Hoyt’s painful request. She could have stuck strictly to the letter of it. She could have really damaged him his mind. But no, she was incredibly classy and mature about the entire thing, going above and beyond to help Hoyt start on his new life by giving him a new lease on love. It was a wonderful scene and a great job for the baby vamp.

Worst Moment – The cat fight with Tara in Fangtasia

While the verbal sparring with Newlin was clever, this wasn’t. Yeah, Hoyt can be blamed too for purposefully riling Jessica up, but Jessica didn’t have to take the bait. It’s even worse because it’s hypocritical. It’s okay for her to jump Jason but not for Tara to jump Hoyt? Yeah. She’s still incredibly young (not only as a vamp, but as a human, period) but still. That was just kind of an embarrassing scene all around.

via Fangover: Day 5 – Jessica.

Fangover Day 4: Adios, Hoyt (via @mswriteok)

There has been only one truly normal guy in Bon Temps.
Yeah, he started out a bit of a mama’s boy, but he grew up and we watched him do it.
He met a nice dead girl, fell in love for the first time and wanted to spend a really long time with his flame-haired lover.
Poor Hoyt.
His karma pretty much was “Day late, dollar short.”
How was he to know his virginal little vampire Jessica was on a learning curve so steep only a fighter jet could keep up, and sadly, that fighter jet was his best friend, stud muffin Jason Stackhouse?
When Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship went up in flames last season, we all were a little worried about Hoyt would do.


Actor Jim Parrack put in an amazing performance as the heartsick, angry and hurt  young man this season.
No one felt too bad for Jason when Hoyt pounded on him, even though Hoyt and Jessica were broken up before Jason slept with the baby vamp.
I was happy he had plenty of other friends to hang with, but it seems like his broken heart gave him both an attitude and a death wish.
I could understand his Fanger look. He thought if he lived that way, perhaps Jessica would see him with other vampires and be jealous, and if that didn’t work, maybe one would kill him.
He needed rescuing, but by anyone but the hate-group nicknamed the Obamas.
They turned his grief to disgust and the easily-swayed Hoyt found himself kidnapping the girl who caused all this troubles.
It’s good he is easily swayed or we’d be short one Jessica Hamby, as the Obamas  were happy to let Hoyt kill her himself.
By now, Jess has realized how deeply she hurt her first love, and pleads for her life. Hoyt has a lightning bolt of clarity and frees her, nearly getting killed in the process.
When Sheriff Andy Bellefleur and Deputy Jason Stackhouse break up the Obama gang, Hoyt is injured, but alive, and both Jessica and Jason can see what their feelings have done to the once sweet, kind Hoyt Fortenberry.
His next request was a stunner and was the catalyst for the most wrenching scenes in “True Blood” history.
When Hoyt realized Bon Temps was really too small for him, Jason and Jessica, he pulled himself together and made the necessary decisions that would allow him to move forward and have a chance at a happy life.
I will never forget the knot in the pit of my stomach when Hoyt demanded Jessica glamour him, wiping out all memories of her altogether, and memories of his friendship with Jason starting in childhood.
It was perfect. He allowed himelfs a clean break and gave was the perfect punishment to the two people who loved him the most. I don’t see how Jessica and Jason can get past this and have a romantic relationship. Hoyt has put himself between them, even though he is off to Alaska to try his fortune.
The glamouring scene made me cry. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. It broke my heart that such a kind, sweet man as Hoyt felt his only recourse was to pretend it never happened.
The scene where Jason uses his patrol car to pull Hoyt over on his way out of town was brilliantly poignant. Jason started in with his standard lines and Hoyt pretty much gave a psychic sucker punch to Jason when he had no real idea that he and Jason had any history.
I hope Hoyt makes some good friends in Alaska, makes some money and meets a girl who will know what a gem Hoyt it, snatch him up and make him a happy man.
I hope too he brings that woman back to Bon Temps so we can meet her.

via Fangover Day 4: Adios, Hoyt

Fangover: Day 3 – Jason (via @VampKingBill)

Jason I get vamps aren’t your favorite species right now, but go study the V-teams tapes. They made this look effortless.

It’s not a good sign when the best moment of the season is when your character is tied to chair, naked, listening to a proud “Gay Vampire American” profess his love to him. I’m not saying that this was an awful season for Jason – it just felt kind of like a forgettable season for his character. There were some devastatingly good moments, some awkward moments and a heck of a lot of times where he was just helping push the plot along. Like several of the other characters, I think the best moments of his were quiet moments in the scene – the looking up the dress of the Teddy Bear, the realization that he shouldn’t have slept with the teacher, turning down the sorority chick. Ultimately though, if I asked you to sketch out what his character did over the course of the season, could you?

Best: Jason realizes he’s lost Hoyt

Prior to pulling Hoyt over, Jason had processed the fact that Jessica had glamoured him, but hadn’t really internalized it, like it hadn’t actually sunk in yet. By the time that scene ended though- man the devastation was just done pitch perfectly. The writers gave the actors a great script and Ryan (and the others) absolutely ran with it. It’s one of those scenes that will be right up there with Godric on the rooftop as one of the emotional scenes that has ever gone down.

Worst: Jason’s hallucinations/attitude in “Save Yourself”

Although he’s been heading towards this hatred of vampires all season long, the end point he got to – where he was seeing his parents and they were egging him on – seems just as forced as Bill’s initial conversion to Sanguinista. And just as Lala’s mask was a cheap indication of lack of emotional control, the hallucinations served the same purpose – a way to egg Jason on to that endpoint they wanted to take him without finding another way of going for it. The writers seem to like taking these kind of shortcuts and it’s one of my least favorite aspects of the show.

via Fangover: Day 3 – Jason.

Fangover: Day 2: Jessica the broken-hearted (via @mswriteok)

My all-time favorite baby-vamp has had a bad couple of years.
I loved how this uber-Christian girl embraced her inner vampire with gusto, flummoxing her maker Bill, as well as Eric and Pam with her teenage angst.
When Bill finally becomes a father figure different from her intolerant human father, she settles happily into immortal life.
I truly enjoyed watching Jessica and Hoyt find first love together, even though she discovered sex was going to hurt eternally if she kept regenerating one particular part. Hoyt didn’t care. He simply loved his flame-haired little vixen.
Other than how Jessica solved the hymen-problem, I have no problem with her growing in to a sexual vampire. I was dismayed, but not surprised that she fell for Jason. Seriously, every girl in Bon Temps that isn’t related to him has fallen for Jason one way or another.
Last season, my heart ached for Jessica when both Hoyt and Jason threw her out of their lives in the same episode, if not night. She had tasted forbidden fruit, loved it, and “Whammo!” both guys ditch her, thinking they’re doing the right thing.
The problem there was: Jason could handle it.  Hoyt could not. But enough about him for now. We’ll deal with him in a later post.

I thought Jessica looked especially toothsome in her Halloween costume. Little Red Riding Hood suited her perfectly, and Jason was happy to succumb to her charms.
Things looked pretty rosy for Jessica and Jason until he got an attack of maturity and at the same time the shit kicked out of him by Hoyt.
Jason tried to man up, but losing his friends wasn’t as easy as he hoped.
Add to that, Jessica decided to try out the local college scene, where she was readily accepted. I mean really, wouldn’t you hang with a girl whose guardian is mysteriously absent, who can provide endless booze, has rocking parties and that vampire charm to boot?
Jason was at an impasse. He loved Jessica, but she was ready to start sowing the very wild  oats Jason had just finished. What is a deputy sheriff to do?
While his first experience with the Fae left him dreaming about his long dead parents, the massive head injury inflicted by Russell Edgington  had them hanging out with him and Sookie, hearing them  trash vampire after vampire.
I think at this time he is damaged, and all he can think of is protecting his only living family, Sookie, from all the “dead boys” she likes.
When Jessica, finally free, runs up to Jason, throws her arms around him proclaiming her love for him at last, she did not expect him to stare at her like she was something diseased and tell her he could never, ever, love a vampire.
You could hear her heart crack into pieces as the news soaked in.
I think right now she is either in complete shock or taking it in stride, because she has to smell his blood and know he has a bad head wound.
We’ll have to wait until next June to discover if the damage is permanent or if he can learn to love our ginger-haired girl again.

via Fangover: Day 2: Jessica the broken-hearted

HBO GO True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene (via @vs4as)

Fans who have HBO Go were able to see the special “sneak peek” clip after the True Blood Season 5 Finale. The video is available below. This leaves us with even more questions. (as if that were even possible!).

After viewing this clip last night I had a few more questions come to mind:

  1. Didn’t it look like Jason thought about shooting all the vampires with him in the elevator for a few seconds?  I’m glad he did not. But there is a part of him now that really hates vampires. He did help get Pam and Jessica out of the Authority jail and helped Eric.
  2. How does Nora know Warlow?
  3. Is Warlow some type of ‘vampire tale’ that is told to scare vampires? (like a boogey man??) Might be that Nora has knowledge of him from being with the Authority.
  4. Will Pam and Tara have that hot date in season 6 (oh yes..more scenes where Pam will say “lay back and think of “Nawlins”/Bon Temps”)
  5. Sookie says she they’ll join them when things are safe for them. Is it safe from the vampire guards? Or is it safe from the newly resurrected “Bill” (or Billith as many are calling him now).

As if waiting were hard enough after that finale the wait will be even tougher. In an effort to help fans cope , I’ll post a daily “fangover” entry to help in the ‘recovery’ process. Waiting sucks but it sucks less with fellow fans all going through the same thing.

Here’s a transcript of what goes on in the video:

Full transcript…

[Elevator doors close]

Jessica, to Jason: Jason, she’s going to be OK.

[Jason’s zoned out. He ain’t listening.]

Nora: We don’t have time for this. They’ll be waiting for us up there.

[Everyone preps their weapons.]

Tara, to Pam: You better not go and get yourself killed, you hear? ‘Cause you and I’ve got a date. It’s been a long time coming

Pam: If that’s not an impetus to survive, I don’t know what is.


[Jason rocks back and forth like a crazy person. In an “interactive feature,” we can see that the parentals are using elevator time to feed him a little nonsense. Dad: “You got 11 of them, champ. We counted.” Mom: “Eleven soul-less fangers dead for good. I’m so proud of you.” Dad: “You just keep taking them out until you get that motherf–ker Warlow.” Mom: “Language!” Dad: “You’ve got four of them here. Easy pickin’s.”]

Jessica, to Jason: You OK, Jason?

[Jason looks around the elevator, still lost in his parents’ words. He looks like he could shoot everyone in the elevator at any second. The elevator doors open just in time.]

Vamps: [threatening hiss as they prep for battle.]

[The room seems empty…then a vamp goes for them. BAM! Jason gets it. And they start to go up a staircase.]

Jason: I’m coming for you, Warlow.

Nora: Warlow?! What do you know about Warlow?

[Jason turns toward Nora…]

Thanks to EW for the transcript! 

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the gallery below has the screencaps from the clip:

via HBO GO True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene.

True Blood Females: Drained (via @DarlingSookie)

If you have ever heard me speaking on True Bites, you know how much I dislike what Alan has done to the character, Sookie Stackhouse. That is why I wrote A Telepathic Barmaid: A Tale of a Realistic and Modern Heroine. Because I love the character that Charlaine Harris created.

Sookie Stackhouse is a strong-willed, independent character who would risk everything, including her own life to protect and save those she cares for. She is extremely humble and good-natured. But in the imagination of Alan Ball, she serves as nothing more than a pawn. She is merely there as a seductive prospect to many of the males around her. There is little depth and even some of her more admirable qualities have been discarded. A prime example is her insistence at Pam paying her to babysit Eric. Sookie was embarrassed when Jason suggested such a thing in the books and this was extremely out of character for her.

In fact, Alan Ball tends to have a love for his male characters and very little appreciation for the female ones (hence Pam’s fall from grace last season). Perhaps I can suggest that he fears the idea of a strong, independent female character outshining the men around him?

Honestly, I have no clue what Alan Ball’s problem is in this respect. All I know and have seen is that he has left all of the female characters, with the exception of Jessica Hamby, as one-dimensional, fully defined by their male-counterpart, whiny, annoying, characters.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way the cookie has crumbled.

Male vampires = IMPORTANT

Dead-end storylines = IMPORTANT

Large cast = IMPORTANT

Strong, inspiring, independent female characters (with the exception of Jessica) = *hears nothing but the breeze blowing by*

Why has Jessica been spared?

Well, I do believe the simplest answer is probably the correct one. Alan Ball created Jessica Hamby. There is not a single character in the Southern Vampire Mysteries (SVM) series that even remotely resembles Jessica. Therefore, he is free to run wild with his own creation and with her, it has worked.

Charlaine has gone on the record and said she loves the baby vamp and I have to admit, I agree with her. Though it feels like sometimes Alan tries too hard to get her involved with everything.

For example, the Vampire A-Team sequence, why was Jessica even there? (Thanks JB for bringing up this point in one of your blogs)

I think this scene is a perfect example of how Alan operates. Jessica, a completely brand-new baby vampire who has shown no affinity for weapons or their use, is sent to rid the downtown area of Shreveport of their little “witch” problem?

On the other hand, you begin to watch Pam, who has been physically falling apart, begins to crumble before your very eyes. Her insane jealousy and desperation shows in every curse-filled insult and line. She truly is diminished within minutes of screen time. All because Alan Ball has no concept of how to handle Charlaine’s female characters.

Fortunately for us, the destroyer of all things Sookie (aka Alan Ball) will be gone after this season. The downside? The damage has been done and there may not be enough True Blood to save those who have been destroyed in the wake of Alan Ball’s attempt at fanfiction.

So, while I am excited for Season 5 to return, I am not holding my breath. After 4 seasons, I know what to expect and unfortunately, I’m sure I will have plenty of things that will upset me this season. I just look forward to those moments that I enjoy.

Such as

  • Sam Trammell pretending to be Tommy, who is skinwalking as Sam.
  • Nelsan’s performance as a Lafayette when he’s been possessed and so daintily picks up his shoes before walking outside.
  • Tommy’s (brief and short-lived) attempt at redemption.
  • Eric and Sookie finally getting together
  • Bill and Jessica finally finding their way to being Maker/Childe
  • Ginger riding Pam’s coffin
  • Many of Pam’s one-liners and outfit choices

And those are just some of the many things I enjoyed last season. So, I hope y’all are excited and maybe, just maybe this season will be the best one ever!

via True Blood Females: Drained.