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Fangover Day 4: Adios, Hoyt (via @mswriteok)

There has been only one truly normal guy in Bon Temps.
Yeah, he started out a bit of a mama’s boy, but he grew up and we watched him do it.
He met a nice dead girl, fell in love for the first time and wanted to spend a really long time with his flame-haired lover.
Poor Hoyt.
His karma pretty much was “Day late, dollar short.”
How was he to know his virginal little vampire Jessica was on a learning curve so steep only a fighter jet could keep up, and sadly, that fighter jet was his best friend, stud muffin Jason Stackhouse?
When Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship went up in flames last season, we all were a little worried about Hoyt would do.


Actor Jim Parrack put in an amazing performance as the heartsick, angry and hurt  young man this season.
No one felt too bad for Jason when Hoyt pounded on him, even though Hoyt and Jessica were broken up before Jason slept with the baby vamp.
I was happy he had plenty of other friends to hang with, but it seems like his broken heart gave him both an attitude and a death wish.
I could understand his Fanger look. He thought if he lived that way, perhaps Jessica would see him with other vampires and be jealous, and if that didn’t work, maybe one would kill him.
He needed rescuing, but by anyone but the hate-group nicknamed the Obamas.
They turned his grief to disgust and the easily-swayed Hoyt found himself kidnapping the girl who caused all this troubles.
It’s good he is easily swayed or we’d be short one Jessica Hamby, as the Obamas  were happy to let Hoyt kill her himself.
By now, Jess has realized how deeply she hurt her first love, and pleads for her life. Hoyt has a lightning bolt of clarity and frees her, nearly getting killed in the process.
When Sheriff Andy Bellefleur and Deputy Jason Stackhouse break up the Obama gang, Hoyt is injured, but alive, and both Jessica and Jason can see what their feelings have done to the once sweet, kind Hoyt Fortenberry.
His next request was a stunner and was the catalyst for the most wrenching scenes in “True Blood” history.
When Hoyt realized Bon Temps was really too small for him, Jason and Jessica, he pulled himself together and made the necessary decisions that would allow him to move forward and have a chance at a happy life.
I will never forget the knot in the pit of my stomach when Hoyt demanded Jessica glamour him, wiping out all memories of her altogether, and memories of his friendship with Jason starting in childhood.
It was perfect. He allowed himelfs a clean break and gave was the perfect punishment to the two people who loved him the most. I don’t see how Jessica and Jason can get past this and have a romantic relationship. Hoyt has put himself between them, even though he is off to Alaska to try his fortune.
The glamouring scene made me cry. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. It broke my heart that such a kind, sweet man as Hoyt felt his only recourse was to pretend it never happened.
The scene where Jason uses his patrol car to pull Hoyt over on his way out of town was brilliantly poignant. Jason started in with his standard lines and Hoyt pretty much gave a psychic sucker punch to Jason when he had no real idea that he and Jason had any history.
I hope Hoyt makes some good friends in Alaska, makes some money and meets a girl who will know what a gem Hoyt it, snatch him up and make him a happy man.
I hope too he brings that woman back to Bon Temps so we can meet her.

via Fangover Day 4: Adios, Hoyt


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