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Night 15

Day 15: Jason Stackhouse (via @Eric_NorthmanTB)

Jason Stackhouse. I have had a special place for Jason Stackhouse since season one. Not the brightest crayon in the box but there’s something about him that makes you like him. He may not use his brain too often but when it comes down to it, he is loyal to the ones he cares for and like Sookie, he’d do anything to protect them.

In Season 1, Jason was a V addict. He struggled with the idea of being dependent on vampire blood and in the end, after watching Amy deliver the True Death to Eddy, Jason straightened out his ways.

In Season 2, Jason went off to join the Fellowship of the Sun. While he went through the camp and learned more about the organization, he realized that he had been wrong to join and ended up saving his sister and Eric.

In Season 3, Jason was working to become a cop. He then met Crystal Norris and became aware of the presence of were-panthers.

In Season 4, we watched poor Jason as he was abducted by the members of Hot Shot and used over and over again by the women in the hopes that Jason would get them pregnant and they’d make more were-panthers (obviously they were not worried about the fact that Jason was not a were-panther at the time). Crystal and her crazy boyfriend also attempted to turn Jason into a were-panther.

The one thing that disappointed me with Jason is that Alan Ball decided to not make him a were-panther like in the books. I liked that character development for Jason and I wished we were given that in the show. Jason needs a strong storyline and that could have been a perfect way to do just that.

All in all, I do like Jason’s character and I hope that he gets a solid SL soon.

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Everything is at Stake (via @TrueBloodMame)

Everything is at stake  Kneeling before the authorityWaiting for the stake to fallMaybe you are the minorityRefusing to answer their call Refusing to fall in line Behind the mainstream façadeThe cause might shineBut is it more than a charade A game of smoke and mirrors Intended to hide the liesKeeping all the errorsFar from our eyes What will you have to payTo live another day

Kneeling before the authority

Waiting for the stake to fall

Maybe you are the minority

Refusing to answer their call


Refusing to fall in line

Behind the mainstream façade

The cause might shine

But is it more than a charade


A game of smoke and mirrors

Intended to hide the lies

Keeping all the errors

Far from our eyes


What will you have to pay

To live another day

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L is for… (via @TrueBloodMame)

Loyalty – a concept Eric is familiar with


Eric: Fortsätt ni. Det är över för mig. Fortsätt ni.

Gunnar: Nej, det är det inte.

Hrolf: Eric, du räddade våra liv hundratals gånger. Vi skulle inte lämna dig åt vargarna.

Gunnar: Vi inväntar slutet med dig.

Hrolf: Ja, du ska fa en hjältes avsked.

Gunnar: Och gudarna väntar på dig i Valhalla.

Hrolf: Det kommer att vara fest med mat och guld och mjöd.

Gunnar: Mjöd ja. Och kvinnor? Kommer det vara kvinnor där?

Eric: Var än jag befinner mig finns det alltid kvinnor.

Hrolf: Kom!



“I haven’t seen my maker for much longer than that and yet I am still loyal to him. Fiercely loyal.”



“Yeah, but you’re ruthless when it comes to the people you love. You’d do anything for them. Your brother, your friends. Me”

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New Role Added to True Blood S5: E11 (via @EricSookieLover)

In today’s (Day 15) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I figured I’d share something with you that is very fangalicious…maybe. We’re not sure yet…it depends on what happens. Read on to find out more!

Here’s the latest News From The Casting Couch!

There has been another role added to the growing casting call list for True Blood Season 5: Episode 11 “Finally”! This time, it requires something specific which some of you may appreciate!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!


This is the latest role being cast:

TRUE BLOOD, Episode #511, “Finally”
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Writer: Angela Robinson
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Approx. 5/23/12

[MALE PRISONER] 20′s to 40′s, FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED. He is a prisoner in a dire situation. CO-STAR


If you remember back in Season 2, there was a lot of full frontal male nudity during Maryann’s orgies, so this isn’t the first time we saw the full monty on True Blood. Unfortunately, what we saw wasn’t very appealing, IMO. PUKE.

On a shallow note: my hope is this time it will be someone as hot as Alexander Skarsgard! *keeping fingers and toes crossed* But on a more mature (haha, riiiggghhhttt) level, while this may be something many fans might find themselves looking forward to, I’m more interested in finding out more about the circumstances surrounding the character’s status.

I wonder what kind of dire situation this character is apart of, any ideas?  Will this prisoner have any scenes with Eric or Sookie? Who imprisoned him and why? So many questions and thoughts going around in my head.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and speculations below!

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To King William Compton and Sheriff Eric Northman (via @DarlingSookie)

Dear Bill and Eric,

I suppose I could have done this separately, but seeing as how things currently are, I feel as if one letter addressed to both of you will suffice.

For many years, I have always stayed on the fringes of the lives of those around me. Until you, both of you, came into my life. I had never truly believed I’d be capable of experience falling in love. My disability had always kept me from not only being accepted among my friends, family and neighbors, but it made the prospect of intimacy with another human unbearable.

I have been luckier than most, I suppose. I have had the amazing privilege of experiencing the passion and excitement of falling in love not only once, but twice. I have loved each of you for many different reasons and a part of me will always cherish you and the time we have had together.

But after much thought and consideration, I realize that I must allow this… what keeps us all bound to one another while never truly allowing us any happiness, to end. I truly wish for nothing more than for both of you to find happiness. And from the bottom of my heart I am sorry that either of you were forced to vie for my attention in some veiled attempt to one up each other.

I have been selfish for far too long, in some flawed attempt to keep both of you near me. I have desired, wished and searched for a way to be with both of you and it is in this search that I have discovered the reality of our situation.

I am not very experienced when it comes to relationships and the majority of my knowledge about the world around me comes from the minds of others, as opposed to actual experience. I am not naive about how love triangles ultimately end. Despite the possibility that two of the three involved might end up together, everyone is hurt in the process. So I find myself oddly relieved by your posts, as if in some twist of fate has allowed for both of you to come out of this unscathed. I am thankful for the knowledge that neither of you have any desire to continue pursuing me, despite how much that knowledge also cuts me to my core.

And it is with this realization that I inform you, both of you, that I am removing you from my life. I may not belong entirely in the human world, but my place along the fringes is a far better one than being in the middle of the vampire world. I have never liked the idea of either of you proclaiming me to be yours and I find myself even more disgusted by the fact you dared believe I’d allow you to trade me back and forth.

Perhaps, if your (b)romance continues on course, you will both be able to find someone who can fulfill your every desire and I truly wish you the best with that endeavor. But I will no longer act as a means for your childish struggle for superiority to continue on. I am a human being and a woman, not a possession. An idea that has never seemed to have crossed either of your minds, as had it, you would have thought twice before so publicly passing me along. I may have fallen in love with two vampires, but I have, nor will I ever be a fangbanger.

Best wishes,

Sookie Stackhouse

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Fangathon Friday (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

My post for the day is going to be a poll.  I would like feedback to see why people chose what they did and why. Thanks for humoring me.!

Sookie Stackhouse – The Beautiful blonde barmaid telepath from Bon Temps, La. 

Do you think there is a major difference between Book and True Blood when it comes to our young Fairy? Take the poll, Let me know why.

(Me. I actually like both. To me the both compliment each other since they really are the same just in different time frames of the story as Alan jumps ship alot)

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The Tan of all Tans (via @SassyJessOB)

Day 15 #Fanagthon2012 - Sookie's Tan

the thing im most envious of in all the books of the southern vampire mysteries… and of course True Blood is Sookie’s Tan!!! She’s described with a perfect tan most of all year round which makes me envious because little me only has pale white skin and burns like a prune in the summer!!! that golden glow is worth being jealous of!!! Sookie… we should swap skins!!!!!

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