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Day 7

Fangover: Day 7 – Eric (via @VampKingBill)

I wanted more of that Eric. The suit and the attitude both.

Ask a Trubie why they watch the show and you’ll get a multitude of answers. Ask them to list their top three reasons and Eric will probably be on that list in some way shape or form. The devotion to the character goes beyond the physical attraction many feel towards Alexander Skarsgard because of the character: the attitude, the pose, the power. Eric spent much of last season neutered, a shell of his former self due to his amnesia and I at least was hoping for a return to form in Season 5.

We got that. Sort of.

The old Eric was unquestionably present at the beginning of the season – definitely through the first two episodes. He was also present in the last two episodes of the season. The other eight episodes in the middle…eh kind of. Aside from the scene where he released Pam from the Maker/Child bond (whose emotional impact I still maintain was a part of the use of Godric’s theme – the music that played when he met the sun) that bulk of the season he was just kind of there. While it’s true that he was limited in part due to having to play along with the Authority, it also felt that for long stretches of it that he was sitting back and not necessarily doing anything. And unlike Bill, whom it felt like may actually be planning something, Eric just seemed to be there only really stepping up when there was little doubt that Bill was just flat out gone. It just didn’t feel like the Eric that we’d known and grown to love. As I put it on True Bites on night – I preferred Amensia Eric – who in addition to no memories had no personality – to  this eric and that says something.

Going forward, just as Season 3 marked the shift from Sookie to Bill, Season 6 is going to mark a shift from Bill to Eric not only in terms of character focus but romantic interest (I feel you Team Bill shippers but I think the rise of Billith pretty much puts a nail in the coffin of that particular relationship) as much as such thing can happen in light of the vamp with a claim on Sookie, Nora’s jealousy and Eric trying to stop Billith will allow. Crossing fingers it’s the Eric we love and not the Eric we’re indifferent over.

Best Moments – The Bromance

No, it didn’t technically last too long since Bill drank the kool-aid, but you could just see the connection between Stephen and Alex and just how good friends they are how much fun they have doing this show. Case and point: the piggy back ride. Totally improvised. If you need even more proof: Alex and Stephen were literally brought to Alan Ball’s office to remind them to tone it down because they weren’t supposed to be BFFs.

Worst Moment – The stuff with Nora

The first sex scene was a bit shocking. The second sex scene was really? And the jealousy bit…why? Ultimately just felt unnecessary.

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True Bloodless Sunday Fangover Recovery Day 7:Favorite Quotes (via @vs4as)

True Blood season 5 ended last Sunday. Yes this is the first Sunday in a while that fans do not have a new episode to enjoy. Still recovering from the finale fangover? Well here are a few favorite True Blood quotes to make the wait less painful:

The image above has one of my favorite quotes from Vampire Pam. She has had over the seasons some of the best quotes ever! The one featured in the image:

“My mad face and my happy face are the same”   is one of my favorites from season 5. Kristin’s delivery and timing make it extra sarcastic and oh so enjoyable to hear her say it!

These quotes below are from the Season 5 Finale: “Save Yourself”:

Pam:  “Must all roads lead to f—cking Sookie?

Andy: “Her kind don’t welp in the hospital.” (little did Andy know that Maurella would really be having that many babies!)

Arlene: “Who knew watching an alien give birth could be so comforting?”

Lafayette: (to Arlene):  “It’s always the weird stuff that’s the best.”

Eric: Oh sweetie dont be a fool.
Jason: If I want to be a fool then I will be a fool! That is my God given right as an American!

This exchange between Eric and Jason was my favorite from the finale:

Jason: “Something funny, fanger?”
Eric: “Yes, blood bag.”
Jason: “Leach.”
Eric: “”Breather.”
Jason: “Dead f***.”
Eric: “Meat sack.”

Jason: Before things what, spin out of control? That train has already sailed.

Jason Stackhouse has had his fair share of funny quotes. You have to love a character that can say what he says and not crack himself up.

Rosalyn complains about Bill and Salome: “Compton and Salome are off buttering each others’ biscuits half the time.”

Bill: “I told you, the first night we ever met: Vampires often turn on those they love the most.”

Pam said this in the season 5 premiere: “I’m wearing a Walmart sweatsuit for y’all. If that’s not a demonstration of team spirit, I don’t know what is.” (the sweat suit she wore for the episode was recently auctioned for the “Out of Africa” charity and raised over $1000!)

Pam has had some of the best quotes this season.  Would love to hear some of your favorites from the show. These were just a few of the many quotes in the finale.

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Fangover Fangathon Day 7 Best Death (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well we had a few of those this season. From Eric and his badass killing of the guards in the finale to Nora in episode one, we have not been short of the blood and goo of dead Vampires. We have even had dead humans in the form of Bud Dearbourne and the nutter who runs the weapons shop in a very classic “you saved my life” scenario between Sam and Andy, I mean how honourable is that?

The best death in Season 5 however had it’s foundations laid in season 3 or to be more precise more than 1,000 years ago when Eric Northman watched his family being slain and his father’s crown stolen by a mysterious, hooded man, who later turned out to be Russell Edginton. Though Eric regained his father’s crown in season 3, Russell still lived and at some point you just had this feeling that that ancient grudge was going to surface once more. In a clever twist though, we had Eric forgiving Russell for his past misgivings when he was playing up to the other Vampires, who had been ensnared by the madness of Lillith. Of course it was going to take a lot more than that to control Eric, but ever the master he is, he played along and entered the spirit of things. He kept his enemy closest of all, just like any mafioso would and waited.

Of course, Eric was rewarded. Russell, true to form went mad once again and wished to resume his pursuit of day walking, even though it was against the Vampire Bible. He shunned it at that point because it no longer was of use to him. he had already been rescued and healed and was fully strong once more. He thought that with Eric’s forgiveness he was invincible, of course he was wrong.

This leads us to a glorious death scene. Russell, having managed to drain a full fae and not just any Fae but the eldest on the planet, is intoxicated and feeling mighty pleased with himself, especially since he can now see all the other fae as his ingestion of blood has weakened their magic. He is so dizzy with intoxication and the prospect of more fae blood that he loses himself in the moment and critically for him he lets his guard down. He doesn’t know that Sookie and Eric have tasted each other’s blood and formed a bond and he doesn’t know that Eric is wandering freely, having escaped the madness of the Vampire Authority.

When he is aware of it, it is too late. Eric has the stake embedded in him and is growling above him while he is left to face his fate. The way Eric turns his head to shield himself from the blood spatter and Russell’s last words complete what is truly the best death in season five. We are then treated with a classic Eric quip to finish the scene.

This was by far and away the best death in season 5.

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Favorite Storyline – Day 7 (via @Lexiglam)

Because I watched Seasons 1-4 in succession, the history of True Blood is still fresh in my mind and it’s without doubt that I crown S5 my least favorite season. I truly lived the life of a vampire while watching S1-4! I just HAD to know what happened next, so I wouldn’t go to bed until the sun rose. Then, this season happened and I was no longer wanting an instant fix. Things did pick up in the middle though and I quite enjoyed watching the Lilith/Bilith storyline unfold.

It was intriguing to witness the unraveling of the role reversal between Bill, the sensible one and Eric, the ruthless. Eric was the only one with his wits about him that ended up not giving into the hype. He wanted to save everyone from destruction, especially his sister Nora.

I can understand why the power was so seductive to Bill. He’s been so used to playing second fiddle; always having to answer to a higher being but his first taste of control was when he became King of his Parrish. Even though Eric is older, it was Bill’s turn to boss him around. I call this the foreplay. Drinking Lilith’s blood was the orgasm. The beautiful release into immaculate power.

I’m hoping that Sookie is the one who can bring Bill back to the light, metaphorically speaking. I love them together and they have been apart long enough in television land. Imagine the sex that might be had because Bill will be even more attracted to his once fae love. He needs someplace to release all that energy into. 😉 Keep him occupied Sookie, please!

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Fangover Day 7: Lafayette and … (via @mswriteok)

When Marnie-as-Lafayette killed Jesus, I was mad.
Finally, our favorite Merlotte’s cook and medium found his true love and that bitch took him away.
In “True Blood’s” first episode of Season 5, I honestly thought Lafayette might not make it through.
I loved Gran’s return from the grave and her taking care of Marnie, but the shell of Lafayette was so weak. Then, when his cousin is shot by that bitch Debbie Pelt, well it was almost more than a man could stand.
I was glad Pam agreed to turn Tara, because it gave Lafayette a chance to want to live. That long night, waiting to see if Tara would awaken in a new life, was a bad one for our boy.
And, when he decided to clean up and reached for that razor…
I like Lafayette’s new look, and after he preached at Sookie about leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake, I still was a bit worried.
I think everyone was scared when he started doing strange things around Merlotte’s kitchen and actually tried to kill our favorite telepathic/fairy/waitress. It certainly scared him.
His haring off to Mexico to discover what was happening to him was a misstep in the season I think, but I was glad to see the poor pregnant wife take her husband out before he could do any more damage.
I like to think Jesus will visit Lafayette from time to time, because after the last visit, we got our swaggering, bodacious, gayer-than-gay Lafayette back.
It was like Springtime to see him return with his glittery makeup and outfits, that smart mouth going ninety-to-nothing and his swagger, and totaly bad-assness intact.
The season finale brought it all home.
First, he changed the tunes playing in the club to a much more jazzy blues, and I agree it was a welcome change from that redneck music we generally hear.
When he came out with Cajun Margaritas and a pithy play-by-play of Maurella’s delivery of a litter of fairettes with the equally funny Arlene, you could tell he was in a better place.
Has he found some kind of inner peace at last? That being said, what will next season bring?
I have an idea.
There is a Gay-American-Vampire on the run right there in the neighborhood. He doesn’t know many people in the neighborhood and most of the ones he knows are down in New Orleans with a newly-risen Bill at the Authority.
Yes, Steve Newlin would be just the thing for Lafayette.
Lafayette has a history of doing bad things with vamps. He has no problem either using or selling “V,” and Steve could use a little more soul, don’t you think?
I do hope they let these two fabulous men hook up. Can you see the fun they’d have and I’d give a lot of cash to see Steve’s face when he got a look at all the religious icons inisde Lafayette’s house.
‘Nuff said. Bring it on.

Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day Seven (via @DemonXDiantha)

Best Death

     All jokes aside, I truly thought there was going to be a MUCH higher body count this season. I thought Alan Ball would take as many out as he could. That sick bastard. That I love. There were a few good deaths, but the only one that left me truly impressed was Rosalyn Harris. How could you not have loved that death? Kudos to Sam. He should win the big award at the next “My Girlfriend Turned Into Me And Then We Almost Kissed” Awards.  I’m sorry. It was just so fucking cool. And creative! One of very few ways a vampire could not fight back. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to sing that “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” song ever again without being reminded of what happens when that fucking fly is Sam Merlotte. I’m sorry to see you go, Chancellor Harris. But what a way you went.

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