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Fangover Fangathon Day 7 Best Death (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well we had a few of those this season. From Eric and his badass killing of the guards in the finale to Nora in episode one, we have not been short of the blood and goo of dead Vampires. We have even had dead humans in the form of Bud Dearbourne and the nutter who runs the weapons shop in a very classic “you saved my life” scenario between Sam and Andy, I mean how honourable is that?

The best death in Season 5 however had it’s foundations laid in season 3 or to be more precise more than 1,000 years ago when Eric Northman watched his family being slain and his father’s crown stolen by a mysterious, hooded man, who later turned out to be Russell Edginton. Though Eric regained his father’s crown in season 3, Russell still lived and at some point you just had this feeling that that ancient grudge was going to surface once more. In a clever twist though, we had Eric forgiving Russell for his past misgivings when he was playing up to the other Vampires, who had been ensnared by the madness of Lillith. Of course it was going to take a lot more than that to control Eric, but ever the master he is, he played along and entered the spirit of things. He kept his enemy closest of all, just like any mafioso would and waited.

Of course, Eric was rewarded. Russell, true to form went mad once again and wished to resume his pursuit of day walking, even though it was against the Vampire Bible. He shunned it at that point because it no longer was of use to him. he had already been rescued and healed and was fully strong once more. He thought that with Eric’s forgiveness he was invincible, of course he was wrong.

This leads us to a glorious death scene. Russell, having managed to drain a full fae and not just any Fae but the eldest on the planet, is intoxicated and feeling mighty pleased with himself, especially since he can now see all the other fae as his ingestion of blood has weakened their magic. He is so dizzy with intoxication and the prospect of more fae blood that he loses himself in the moment and critically for him he lets his guard down. He doesn’t know that Sookie and Eric have tasted each other’s blood and formed a bond and he doesn’t know that Eric is wandering freely, having escaped the madness of the Vampire Authority.

When he is aware of it, it is too late. Eric has the stake embedded in him and is growling above him while he is left to face his fate. The way Eric turns his head to shield himself from the blood spatter and Russell’s last words complete what is truly the best death in season five. We are then treated with a classic Eric quip to finish the scene.

This was by far and away the best death in season 5.

via Fangover Fangathon Day 7 Best Death


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