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Night 20

Day 20: You Cannot Trust Anyone (via @Eric_NorthmanTB)

With Russell on the loose, it begs the question as to who was crazy enough to let him out.

Likely suspects?:

Steve Newlin. Why? He’s just a crazy as Russell is. Also, we haven’t seen Steve. Gives him something to do.

It’s also possible that Russell has other progenies running around out there. Given Ball’s style, there could be another random vampire running around that could have come to Russell’s aid. Who knows, could even be Newlin.

Who do you think let Russell out?


Vamp Men (via @TrueBloodMame)

Vampire men working hard or “it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it”. There are a number of steps in the corporate ladder of the queendom of Louisiana and here we see two of them, procurer and sheriff. Being a procurer is basically being a delivery boy, bringing different kinds of treats to be enjoyed by the monarch. Sheriff, on the other hand, is a very important office that calls for both brains and detective skills. The sheriff is the law in his own area and all vampires in that area are his constituents. This particular sheriff is so smart that he also heads his own worldwide business empire.

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Q is for… (via @TrueBloodMame)

Queen Sophie Ann – Eric’s boss, the vampire queen of Louisiana

It’s pure luck. Yahtzee is the most egalitarian game in the world. You could be my social, physical and intellectual inferior, but your chances are equal to mine. It’s the perfect antidote for this world, where things such as superiority and inferiority do matter.”

You may be the strongest, oldest vampire in my queendom but if I wanted, I could own your fangs as earrings. Understand?”

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Who let the loony loose? (via @TrueBloodMame)

Only four people know for sure where RE was buried: Eric, Bill and Alcide b/c they were on the site and Pam b/c she saved Eric.  We saw Alcide’s worker in S4, who was glamored when RE was dug up (- it has to be a vampire doing the digging/glamoring b/c we can already see RE was in too poor a condition to do either of those things himself).

When Bill and Eric hear from somebody – probably Alcide – that RE has been released, they also hear about the worker being glamored. So they need Sookie to listen to his thoughts, hence Sookie holding the worker’s hand when they visit the site. They want her to read his mind to see if he can say what he saw – if he isn’t too glamored too remember that is – as they’re trying to figure out who freed Russell.

We have seen Sookie trying to read glamored minds before. In season 1, it was Ginger and all Sookie said was that it was blank. In season 2 she walks by a glamored man in Hotel Carmilla and gets white noise and music. We also see how Sookie with the help of Bill is able to access Tara’s mind after Maryann had used her version of glamor on her and later she is able to do the same on her own with Eggs. And the rules about what is possible or not for Sookie to use her telepathy has changed before in TB and this time, she has also had boost in the form of Eric Northman’s blood. So what if this blurry image is what the worker remembers? It looks like a female, and it could fit Pam; is this why Eric goes mental on Pam, suspecting her of freeing RE?

That leaves us with four suspects: Eric, Bill, Alcide and Pam. It is hard to imagine any of them doing it. We don’t know much about Alcide and his loyalties and his dark side. Could he be in association with some vampire? I doubt it, but it is a possibility. So what is left? Another progeny of RE? He could have been able to summon his child to help him, but why did it take a whole year to happen? Who could this progeny be? RE is ancient and so is Salome. Could she be the one? After all, she is said to be as crazy as RE, LoL.

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The Monarch Returns (via @TrueBloodMame)

The Monarch Returns  You really had it allBut it was not enoughOh, how the mighty fallGoing for a bluff  A promise of the sun so bright Brought you to this placeAs you walked into the lightYou vanished without a trace They buried you in a concrete grave Expecting you to go insane And now others are here to saveThe dried up husk that does remain  What do they intend to doWhy have they come after you

You really had it all

But it was not enough

Oh, how the mighty fall

Going for a bluff


A promise of the sun so bright

Brought you to this place

As you walked into the light

You vanished without a trace


They buried you in a concrete grave

Expecting you to go insane

And now others are here to save

The dried up husk that does remain


What do they intend to do

Why have they come after you

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True Blood Brings Out the Dead not the Undead although…. (via @TB_PamR)

John Bernthal

I am not a Zombie!I am a walker

Kristin Bauer Van Straten

Vampires are dead. Not, I repeat, not undead. The undead are zombies, or if you prefer the popular vernacular, they are walkers. Either way the differences are both profound and significant.

For starters the undead rot. They are also totally devoid of personality and emotion. Any brains they had have been vanished or been eaten. Most of all, they never stop until they get what they want…or are finally dead.

Ok, so that does sound a lot like me in True Blood Season 4.

I assure you, I am not, nor have I ever been, a walker.

I have, however, met one. A former Sheriff, in fact, by the name of Shane Walsh at the 2012 Phoenix Comic Con. And let me tell you, if all walkers looked like this…maybe being undead is not the worse thing that could happen. Though I admit, it’s not my first choice. I was born to be a vampire and that is all I will ever be.

Sadly, there were very few vampires and no True Blood cast members at this year’s event. So in a pinch, a walker will do…particularly this one. I could have a lot of fun with him before he rots away…

Also, I have to say there’s apparently something about the title of Sheriff that requires a male be incredibly handsome and sexy. Ruthless, cunning and deadly don’t hurt either. It’s not a title I aspire to but I enjoy the perks of being near it.

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My Experience With The HBO Store (via @QueenFaeMab)

I remember someone writing a blog on the pen they bought from HBO and how it was of poor quality. After my own experience, it sparked me to write this. Now of course I didn’t buy the pen, but I wanted a poster and t-shirt. So I casually looked online at their array of what they call posters. Last time I checked 11” x 17” does not quality as a poster. That’s like a sheet of paper. Way too small for what I wanted, so I bought a huge True Blood poster of the whole cast from The product was perfect and I received it within the week. (Looks fabulous framed on my wall) Onto the shirt. I looked through the many shirts HBO had to offer and there were plenty to choose from. Since I didn’t care for the women’s, I opted for a men’s black True Blood logo. I waited over two weeks for my order and was so excited when it finally arrived. I open up the package and low and behold, the shirt looks faded. On the site, the shirt appears black with the logo from the True Blood bottles. I shrugged it off and proudly wore it. Come laundry day, I did exactly as the washing instructions said. Turn inside out, washed it in cold water, then dried on low. When I took out the shirt, I realized the ink used on the design came off. How sad that for $20, HBO’s store couldn’t make decent products. So when looking for True Blood merchandise, shop elsewhere or just make it yourself!

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