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Sookie knows what EVERYONE likes (via @mswriteok)

I have an account at and I play all my favorite songs there all time time. Generally I listen to it while I’m writing the posts for Fangathon 2012, and last night an old song came on and I started laughing, because it should be Sookie Stackhouse’s theme song.

This is the 1980s hit “I Know What Boys Like” by The Waitresses. That was my first clue.
Since she was a toddler, Sookie’s telepathy has let her know what everyone thinks all the time, including what they think when she would tell them what she thought about what was on their mind.
So, believe me, she knows what boys–and that is boys of all ages–as well as girls, want, and she knows it all the time.
I am happy she has learned to shield her mind a lot of the time, but the background chatter has got to be annoying.
Anyway, this song details the tricks this girl uses to tease boys into submission.
Without guile, Sookie did this to both Bill and Eric. I’m sure her fairy blood helped, but some of the song lyrics are so funny.
“They get so angry, like pouty children, denied their candy, I laugh right at them.”
You know, at some point, she’s going to get enough confidence in herself to do that very thing to some guy in her life, undead or not.
However, the part of the song that made me laugh out loud is the second bridge.
The singer starts talking to some guy, assuring him in every way possible that he can do anything he wants to her. Really, he can. He can trust her, she wouldn’t lie to him. Seriously. Come on.
And she performs a deep, throaty giggle.
When Bill uses Sookie’s name in his baritone Southern drawl, we’ve heard Sookie imitate it.
It’s awfully close, and it’s hilarious.
Sookie easily is my favorite character on the series and, hey, she is the star of the books, so I’m hoping as she grows on the series, my favorite Merlotte’s waitress will take a page from The Waitresses songbook and give men as good as she gets.

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