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Night 13

True Blood Stake Five Poster (via @vs4as)

Another True Blood season 5 poster was released by HBO. This one has the words “Stake Five” in reference to the show’s upcoming fifth season premiere and has 5 wooden stakes. One of the stakes looks like it was used since it has a bloody tip.

Waiting sucks but the new season will soon be here!

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Who Should Stay and Who Should Go for Season 5 (via @VampKingBill)

If you’ve ever heard me over on True Bites you know that I believe that the cast of True Blood is more than a little bloated. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good ensemble, but this show takes the ensemble concept to extremes with a cast size that can easily double most other ensemble shows. My reason for this complaint is simple: True Blood only gets 12 episodes a year and traditionally the show has always had problems finishing everything that it starts, or doing justice to what it finishes. In that vein, I do think the cast could use some paring down either via death or just minimizing their stories.

People I’d like to see the True Death this season:

Russell Edgington & Steven Newlin -I can hear the protests now. “But Bill! The season hasn’t even begun, and they’re awesome characters!!1!’ True and true. I also love the actors dearly and would be the first one to line up and see Denis O’Hare in person (I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Michael McMillan several times) but that doesn’t mean they should stick around. From the previews we know that Bill and Eric negotiate for their lives by promising to bring Russell down once and for all. And we also know that this pursuit is going to take up virtually all season . He needs to be a one season character, or else he’ll overstay his welcome. I think the one year break after Season 3 was a good call and I’d hate for the character to be ruined because the writer’s keep trying to shoe-horn him in. I have the same concern about Steve Newlin. Great character, great actor, but best in small doses. If you need an example of “be careful what you wish for” in terms of keeping around a Big Bad too long, just look at what happened with Klaus on The Vampire Diaries in Season 3. He went from still creepy as get out to a bratty teenager by the end. I don’t think either character would suffer the same assassination, but the character has definitely lost some of his luster as a result of the over-exposure.

Hoyt – To be honest, I’m not sure why he’s even still around, beyond the fact that he’s human and the writers feel an urge to prove that humans are still around in Bon Temps. That said, we still have Jason, Andy, Terry, Arlene and Lafayette. He seems like a logical place to start trimming. Maxine can stick around though, at least last season they used her just enough to provide some comedic moments (such as at Tommy’s funeral) which the show needs and can do to great effect.

People I’d like to see less of:

Terry and Arlene – But you just said – yes. I know what I just said. Really though, can you say that the baby Mikey story line had any appreciable pay off? Did you finish the season and go “I’m SO glad that that was in there?” It tied into Lafayette’s story a bit, but even that felt incredibly trite and our of a cliche of horror writing. When the best part of their arc is a cameo by Rene you know it didn’t pay off. I do have some hope for this season’s story, but as it stands, the last season didn’t make me want to see it.

Andy – Simply put, Andy’s story has gone stagnant. Let’s face facts: Andy is not a high-functioning addict. V clearly has a more serious effect on him that it does on Lafayette and his control was clearly precarious when he saw the blood of the dead vampire who’d ignored Bill’s warnings to either get out of town or go to ground in silver and he was that close to licking it up. There needs to be consequences to his addiction. Actual consequences, as in someone needs to get hurt or get killed because of his behavior not just random fairy sex in the woods. Yeah, he seemingly promises to sober up at the end of Season 4, but I doubt it’ll stick, he hasn’t had that rock bottom moment yet. And until he does, there will be no change and his arc will not progress, he will just remain pathetic. I’m not saying he needs to become the poster child for V Anonymous overnight, but there just needs to be more and I honestly don’t believe that we’re going to get it.

I get that it may feel that perhaps I’m biased towards the vampires – after all I’m saying the characters should go as to not ruin them as opposed to because I’m not interested in their stories – but at the end of the day, Alan Ball has made True Blood a show about vampires. And we still have Sookie, Jason and Lafayette – all very interesting characters in their own right that can easily give the show the human heart/soul/emotion that True Blood needs to stay grounded. At the end of the day, I love the actors behind the humans, but it just doesn’t make sense to keep them all. Pare the cast, and make the remaining stories stronger. Ultimately, it’s just good for the show.

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The Most Confounding Moment (via @EricNorthmanSVM)

True Blood 30-Night Fangathon - Day 13The Most Confounding MomentEveryone knows that a vampire cannot come into a home without invitation. Franklin blows apparent centuries old urban myth by glamouring Tara into letting him in.Totally logical but still a facepalm moment.

Everyone knows that a vampire cannot come into a home without invitation. Franklin blows apparent centuries old urban myth by glamouring Tara into letting him in.

Totally logical but still a facepalm moment.

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After taking both of their bloods, Sookie experiences dreams including both of her vampire suitors. The two dreams are completely different from one another and I wanna take the time to look over why they’re different, and what those differences say.

Bill and Sookie First Dream

Sookie wakes and goes to her window, she’s dressed in a pink tshirt and is looking down at Bill, who is standing in her garden dressed as a typical southern gentleman. Bill has an invite into her home and yet he is outside. If he was in her home then Sookie would have a feeling of safety as her home is her sanctuary, however, by making her go outside during the night she is out of her comfort area and more likely to be hurt by critters that go bump in the night. Already this is used to make her feel uneasy about the situation she is getting herself into.

Sookie pulls on a floral old bathrobe to hide her frame, perhaps she is already weary of the situation and wants to hide her body, or maybe it’s showing her shyness. She covers her tshirt which has an angel on the front, a representation of her perhaps? The vampires are the dark after all and therefore Sookie is their light, their redemption.

Sookie believes the dream is going to be all about sex and romance and everything fluffy and good, when in reality it isn’t. Bill starts to undress and she assumes sex will occur – it doesn’t.

If you listen to the backing music, when Sookie gets out of bed and moves to the window to look at Bill we hear almost haunting violin music, this adds to the creepy feel of the scene and compliments the fact it’s dark out exceptionally well.

Sookie runs to him, obviously showing how keenly interested she is in him however when she gets to where he was he’s no longer there for her. Foreshadowing perhaps? When she’s almost raped in season two he isn’t there either, Godric saves her, and then when the nest is blown up he once again isn’t there, this time Eric saves her. It seems whenever she really needs him he isn’t there, not very reliable are you Billy Boy?

She looks around for him and he creeps up on her, suddenly standing close behind her, thus spooking her. It could be a representation of how he entered her life – suddenly without any warning and with no way for her to argue about it (‘cause she was too pumped up on his blood, I still believe he caused the attack on Sook btw…)

She greets him with her typical sweet charm and a smile, but his face remains expressionless, brooding and blank and he focuses his attention on removing his shirt, never dropping eye contact with her as if he wishes he were able to glamour her which begs the question as to why he wants to glamour her, what doesn’t he want her to know or what does he want her to do?

He approaches slowly, like a lion stalking its prey, and Sookie immediately states that she never thought she’d be having sex so quickly and starts to undress herself. During all of this time Bill has said nothing and is now standing shirtless, thus giving the illusion that yes, he is after sex. Of course he then asks ‘Who said anything about sex?” throwing us a curveball as to why the hell he got undressed before doing that horrendously gross fang lick thing that no doubt gives the viewers heebie-jeebies. Personally I feel this gives us an insight into his mentality, he doesn’t want her sex or anything meaningful like that (well, it’s meaningful to humans anyway!) instead all he wants is her blood, thus telling the audience that that’s what he’s mainly after and perhaps also foreshadowing once again that Sookie’s blood is far better than others and more desirable, making the viewers question exactly what it is about her blood that makes it so good.

Later on in the show we find out it’s due to her Fae heritage of course!

The whole scene is creepy and dark and the limited dialogue from Bill suggests he doesn’t care about her mental healthy or her emotions or her feelings etc. He’s completely focused on feeding, which is a crying shame for Sookie.

Eric and Sookie First Dream

I had to include the second image purely for ASkar’s smile….it’s like Christmas morning…

Sookie’s first dream with Eric is the antithesis of her dream with Bill. Immediately the first thing to note is the lighting and location. They’re in a big plush bed with creamy sheets and golden lighting, giving the scene a gentle and warm feel which contrasts the cold and dank feeling of her dream with Bill.

We start with a tender caress, Eric isn’t demanding that she turns over and looks at him but he’s asking her to by trailing his finger over her shoulder. As Sookie turns she scoots closer to Eric, their faces and hands closing in together. Eric initiates the conversation with ‘Finish your sentence.” thus suggesting that there was talk between them before this moment, and that Eric was interested in what she had to say. He cares for her and wants to know her opinions and thoughts, unlike Bill who remained quiet until he HAD to talk. Sook has forgotten what she was saying (probably because Eric fucked her brains out…) and he’s able to recall exactly what their conversation was, thus adding to the fact that he finds her interesting and remembers all of his moments with her.

As the camera pans back you get full body shots of both Eric and Sookie, granted they have to lie in certain ways to conceal bits of their anatomy from the viewers but they’re facing one another, their bodies are relaxed and the bedsheets and pillows are a little ruckled, suggesting some play 😉

Eric states that he was disagreeing with her, this is a common theme throughout TB. He disagrees with her on most things as they’re both very stubborn and have set opinions regarding certain things. There are the occasions where he agrees with her but we would miss out on their wonderful banter if he was falling all over his own feet to please her all the time.

Sookie comments on her tan and yet in the scene it isn’t obvious that she is tanned, of course we can see there’s a little more colour to her than Eric but he finds this amusing all the same and we get to see ASkars grin (ahh Christmas morning!) It shows us a gentle side of Eric, he’s unguarded and playful and his affectionate kiss to the back of her hand and his hold on her hands suggests he doesn’t want her to leave, that he’s in some sense worried that she’ll leave. He’s using both his hands to hold her and yet Sookie is only giving him one of her hands, she’s holding back a little, a reflection on their relationship perhaps? She’s not giving him all of her just yet?

Also note the similarity between their hair colour (I believe CH put in a cute dialogue about this in one of her books, right before Sook and Eric go to an orgy..) and also note that their heads are at the same height on the pillow. Eric is crazy tall and therefore should be higher up on the pillow yet he maintains eye contact level with her. Unlike Bill however, this eye contact isn’t because he wants to glamour her but because of his affection for her. Eye contact is a flirting technique and is used here to show their want for one another. Also, his bangs are messy and not swept back with copious amounts of gel like they usually are. He’s all natural, this is the real Eric, the man, not the vampire. We never see his fangs in this dream. He looks completely human and healthy.

Eric tells her she’d adapt, he’s showing that he has confidence and faith in her, something Bill doesn’t as he controls every aspect of her life, albeit in subtle ways such as buying her the dress he wants her to wear rather than letting her pick her own dress.

E: “Trade the sun for the moon and stars”
S: “Nu uh, not me, I want them all.”
E: “Greedy”
S: “Yeah, I am.”
E: “I love it.”

Eric himself is greedy, he knows what he wants and does whatever he can to get it, for example by using Sook’s gentle and caring nature against her to get his blood into her system. This is another thing they share in common and shows that Eric likes her just as she is, that he doesn’t want her to change, to just be herself. With Bill however, Sookie has to be this sweet little Southern belle, I mean she was even going to wear a petticoat for him :S

He presses several more kisses to the back of her hand before shifting to look at her properly and he takes on a more serious tone, informing her that she would be a wonderful vampire. Considering that the blood is sacred etc this is quite a compliment, he’s telling her she wouldn’t be a waste of the blood, that she’d make someone proud. We all know he’d secretly love to be the one to turn her should shit hit the fan and Sook tries to check out on us!

We get that ever beautiful grin before he teases her about being a darling, which is a contrast to the moment they met, i.e. “Well aren’t you sweet.” – “Not really.”

His fingers trailing over and down her back are meant as a sensual gesture, we associate having our backs rubbed with either a massage which relaxes us or as comfort when we need to be soothed. Eric manages to comfort and relax her.

The whispering of ‘Me’ when discussing the people she’s ruthless about is an interesting one, not only does it make ASkars beautiful voice sound rather husky (and who doesn’t love a husky voice!?) but it also shows a hint of insecurity perhaps, he’s whispering it because he’s not sure if he’s right but he wishes he was. As Sook is about to confirm that she cares for him with a kiss we get interrupted by Lorena (I’m so glad she staked that bitch…) who throws Bill’s name into the pot. I believe Lorena is used as Sook’s subconscious, reminding her that she’s actually still technically Bill’s and shouldn’t be so affectionate towards Eric, that she seems to have forgotten about Bill.

As Sook debates with Lorena, Eric attempts to pull her attention back to him with a few well placed kisses. As Sook states she still loves Bill, Eric seems to get impatient and pulls her back down to the bed, running his hands across her throat, a move which reminds the viewer that underneath it all he is still a predator.

As he teases her about her lack of humour she confesses that she believed him to be emotionless, uncaring, and all he can do is say ‘I know.’ He’s admitting himself that he’s struggling with his emotions and that he isn’t exactly a fan of them, that Sook has woken up pieces of his humanity. Sookie twists the situation, putting a lighter edge on it by calling him a ‘big faker.’ I feel this plays on the book line of ‘Eric, my big bullshitter!’ when Sookie and Eric exchange pleasantries over the phone. He called her his ‘little bullet sucker’

The whole ‘There’s love in you.” – “Only for Sookie.” thing is rather wonderful, we get to see that Eric does in fact have legit feelings for her even if he is shit at showing it and that she’s the only ‘breather’ he cares for. She should feel lucky, I know I would!

Lorena shoves her nose it again as her subconscious, this time telling Sookie she doesn’t want Bill and she goes to protest but once again Eric is fed up of her trying to defend her care for Bill and silences her with more kisses. It’s obvious to him that the vast quantity of blood Bill pumped into her is the reason for her care for him and he wants to do everything in his power to make her see that she doesn’t actually care or love Bill, that she actually wants him.

‘This is the beginning.” is my favourite line EVER. ASkars husky voice just makes me shiver all over and of course he speaks the truth, as shown when Sookie sees Eric the next day and ends up staring at him across the room (talk about awkward!) His kisses go from sweet and chaste to passionate and needy, he even slips her the tongue 😉 add in the sexy hair grab which seems to be his trademark (see season three episode ten) and you can tell he so badly wants her. Sookies little moans shows just how much she actually loves the Viking’s sexual advances 😉

She then wakes up, as in BANG EYES OPEN, and turns to look at a ‘sleeping’ Bill, who really does look dead. He’s pale and still and looks mighty old, Eric on the other hand looked young even though he had centuries on Bill. She goes to curl up against him and takes his hands in a similar manner to the way Eric held her hands, as if she’s feeling guilty about her dream and trying to convince herself that she does love Bill.

As you can see I wrote wayyyy more about E&S’s dream, this is because the clip runs for 3:11 while B&S’s dream only runs for 1:30. E&S’s dream is twice as long and this suggests that it’s more important. Of course it is, as Sook gets her first look at the real Eric Northman and subsequently finds herself accepting her affections for him. It takes the ultimate betrayal of trust for her to realise that Bill isn’t the one for her and unfortunately Eric is the one to break the news, putting him in Sook’s shitlist for a while. He’d rather she know the truth and be angry with him though rather than unaware and eventually suffering even more. He puts her needs and emotions above his own, which is exactly how love should be 🙂


Midweek Mutterings (via @TBconfid)

Interview from Gold Derby, it would be wonderful for her to get the Emmy nomination and better to get the Emmy (to match her hubs, the great Michael Emerson)-To stand out in such a crowded field of contenders is no easy feat, but Preston has made an indelible mark on the show in just a few appearances. This season she was singled out by Ken Tucker (EW) who raved that, “Preston was playing, as she has here in the past, what could have been a stock figure – the crafty person who masks the craft in eccentric hesitation … [but] she imbued the role with a quirky rhythm all her own.” She is also prominently featured in the show’s Emmy campaign as one of only four guest actors put forward by CBS for consideration (the others are Fox, Perry and Rita Wilson).
New Season 4 DVD ad from HBO

News from yesterday’s Deadline– True Blood co-executive producer Mark Hudis will take the reins of the hit HBO vampire drama if it gets renewed for a sixth season. With True Blood creator/executive producer Alan Ball stepping down as showrunner at the end of the upcoming fifth season, Hudis would be upped to executive producer/showrunner for Season 6 as part of an overall deal he has signed with HBO. The two-year pact also includes a development component. Hudis has been on True Blood for the past two seasons — last year’s Season 4 and Season 5, which premieres June 10. 
Let’s do some vamp history, I posted it before but I like it, a lot.
Tonight on Craig Ferguson!.  On Wednesday, Craig welcomes actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and actress Rutina Wesley.
 TVGuide’s True Blood blurb-Got any scoop on True Blood? — Tyler
NATALIE: It’s going to be a fairly military-themed season. The war against the vampires is imminent, Terry’s buddy from the trenches (Scott Foley’s Patrick Devins) is back and the show is casting a tough-as-nails general who is being compared to Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf. Y’all better be at attention, y’hear?
They also posted the summer preview article (the one paraphrased a few days ago on this blog.)– On the Set: True Blood Raises the Stakes For Its Most Intense Season Yet.

Chris Meloni’s face is splattered with blood. He’s just shot his first staking scene for HBO’s megahit True Blood — and he’s seriously amped up.
“When that blood hit me in the face, I went, ‘This looks awesome!'” Meloni says gleefully. It’s nearly 11pm and it took two hours to set up the shot — called a “goo drop.” A bucket of stage blood (with some latex blobs mixed in for guts) is suspended from a scaffold. Just below it hangs an empty suit of clothes matching what the actor playing the doomed vamp is wearing. As the stake goes in, the bucket empties through the garments, and the bloodsucker is no more. There’s only one chance to get it right. And Meloni nailed it.
The actor’s excitement is matched only by the seriousness of the character he plays: Roman, the 500-year-old head of the Vampire Authority with the weight of the world on his pinstripe-suited shoulders. He’s chief executive not only of the vampire government but of their religion, too. “My first day on set, I recited a prayer in Aramaic,” says Meloni. No separation of church and state here.
“Roman is a politician who has a dream,” explains executive producer Alan Ball. “He was behind the coming-out-of-the-coffin [movement], something that’s been in the works for at least a hundred years. But there are factions in the vampire community who want to go back to the Dark Ages and feed on humans. The biggest arc in Season 5 is the future of peaceful coexistence.” Adds Meloni, “Roman’s determined. He wants peace, but others have been trying to stomp out his path. Think Obama with very long incisors.”
Tonight’s stakee is one of these fundamentalists, a traitor to the Authority who meets the “true death” in the sleekly furnished conference room of an underground New Orleans compound Ball has nicknamed “the Vampire White House,” where Roman and six chancellors govern the fractious vampire community.
Says Meloni, “Elliot was free-form. Roman’s more thoughtful — yet unafraid to pull the trigger. He’s a man of action. Get the facts; get it done. But they both have a certainty of their view. They both think they’re right.”
A major obstacle to Roman’s political agenda has arisen, literally, thanks to two bloodsuckers fans know and love: King of Louisiana Bill Compton and Sheriff Eric Northman . At the end of Season 3, the two buried crazed former vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington  in cement instead of killing him as ordered. Now he has escaped, and Bill and Eric are dragged before Roman for judgment. (It doesn’t help that they also killed the Authority’s Nan Flanagan last season.) They bargain for their survival by offering to track Russell down and bring him in.
When the duo hit the road, “bromance” blooms. “They end up caring for one another,” says Moyer, who will go behind the scenes to direct Episode 8 this season. “Me and Alex are mates, and it’s been really enjoyable actually getting to stuff where we’re not just bitch-slapping each other.” Read more at the link above.

Nice recap of the shooting in New Orleans and fan pics from Eonline’s Malkin.

He linked to this article (below) from the Times Picayune too, he should do a TB blog.
Set in Louisiana and mostly shot in the Los Angeles area, the HBO vampire drama “True Blood” came to New Orleans on Friday (May 18) to shoot street scenes. Present were actors Alexander Skarsgard (who plays Eric Northman on the show), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) and Lucy Griffiths (who is joining the cast for its fifth season). Also a cast of thousands. The street was Bourbon. Various ad hoc correspondents reported on the shoot – which apparently included one scene in which Moyer jumps atop a moving taxi – for social media.

Among other “True Blood” actors to appear in the scenes, according to an HBO spokeswoman, were Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) and Valentina Cervi (Salome). Shooting covered just one long night, according to HBO, and it’s not known if the show will return for any more New Orleans filming. The show last came to Louisiana for location shooting in July 2009, as Clinton, La., acted as stand-in for Bon Temps. The series also shot in the Shreveport area during its first season. Some location photos here. More here. MORE

Random Thoughts regarding the True Blood world (via @JBDuRoneTB)

What happens to the makeup female shifters wear? Or their nail polish? Or their hairdoo?

I can’t help but picture Debbie Pelt in wolf form, complete with pink nails, pink lipstick, base, rogue and mascara. Or Luna as a pretty mare with a powdered nose. I seem to remember Daphne shift from a deer into a perfectly made up, coiffed suitor for Sam. Must all be part of the magic…

Along the same lines, when Sam shifts into a pretty bunny, where does his hair gel go?

Another random thought; Bon Temps is an entrepreneurial gold mine! I would try my hand at a few different things to see what would make a go of it;

– All night bank with trust services, catering to wealthy Vamp clients

– All night shoe cobbler; moving at Vamp-speed has to be hell on soles.

– Discreet clothes delivery and taxi service for shifters caught naked and far from home

– Rapid clean up and repair service for supe activity cover up

– Waitress Temp Agency for the perpetually understaffed Merlotte’s

At least one of those should work!

Final random thought; if Andy Bellefleur came in the woods and no one was around to hear it, could he still get a fae pregnant? (I’m hoping Queen Mab weighs in on this one)

Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

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Night o’ thirteen :) fangarrific! (via @FangbangerEst89)

Which moment made me really sad?

yes i know there is a million and one scenes in seasons 1 through 4 that are really really sad but this one still even now is the only one that makes me cry really really hard.


just watching eric and godric together on the roof. eric on his knees crying. this isn’t the eric we’ve seen before and it is so touching and truly sad when he lost godric. I just couldn’t believe that godric did this and they just had him and killed him off so quickly as well. does that happen in the books? someone tell me there’s a little something happier with godric?

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