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Night 26

Petition to Add ____________ to True Blood (via @JBDuRoneTB)

I make no excuses for it; I liked Dawn Green and Amy Burley. Sure, Dawn was a saucy nympho and Amy was a neurotic V addict,but what’s not to like about that on a show like True Blood?

I think both could have had more of a “life” on the show. I mean, AB kept Laffy alive (as a departure from the books), why not Dawn? And he went WAY off the reservation with the Amy story line. Did he have to make Jason go all Hancock with her and pitch her into orbit? We could have kept her around a bit more for kicks and giggles. Maybe she could have used Franklin for her next Source and saved us all a bunch of grief.

For these and the many other sins committed by Alan Ball, I am petitioning that the following actress be added to the cast UNTIL THE SHOW ENDS as recompense;

That’s right – Evangeline Lilly! She’s been mostly MIA since “Lost” folded and I think she needs to hang out in Bon Temps some. Let’s make her a waitress at Merlotte’s, tough as nails and standing on her own against the supes and, in general, be pretty, sexy and charming.

Is that too much to ask?

Please help get the word on this petition out by liking, reblogging, reTweeting or put this under the nose of her agent. My people would be glad to talk to her people anytime.

I get lost in those eyes…

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If I were a vampire… (via @QueenFaeMab)

 If I were a vampire, I would have been Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq. She was beautiful, snobby, arrogant, demanding, bitchy, spoiled, self absorbed loved playing games and a was also lesbian. She was obsessive, short-tempered and I think she had Attention Deficit Disorder. Where was I? Oh yeah! Like myself, she sought after Sookie. Except for wanting Sookie’s blood, she sounds just like me! I can picture myself living in the lap of luxury. Waltzing around in her marvelous home filled with a plethora of servants, a fantastic day/pool room, and gorgeous collection of exotic birds. Sophie was also fashionable. Like me, she wore many different styles of clothing, everything from fabulous dresses and sexy bathing suits to her luxurious fur coats. She also had a live in lover, Hadley. Much like my wife Valondra, she was sexy and sweet and saw to Sophie’s every need. “I WANT MY VALONDRA!” *giggles and winks to my wife if she’s reading this* Unfortunately, this queen fell on hard times and spent many a night sitting on the floor scratching off Louisiana lottery tickets. She even went so low as to sell her own blood to make ends meet. Later, she was forced to marry that dreadfull vamp King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. *shudders* Sad to say, her arrogance got the better of her and her once loyal vampire, Bill Compton had her shot to death with wooden bullets. In many respects, she was a queen after my own heart. RIP Sophie Anne

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Why in such a rush Bill Compton? (via @TrueBloodMame)

Is this a real romantic moment or just another strategic move? Well, that depends on what you think of the reason behind this proposal. Do you remember how Bill looked like the first time that someone talked about a possible marriage between him and Sookie? If not, take a look above. Hardly the face of a man itching to propose so what happened to make him so disappointed when Sookie doesn’t say yes straight away when he does pop the question? And why choose to make it now when he knows the timing is wrong?

Well, Bill is feeling how his most valuable acquisition is slipping away. He can’t control her like he used to and she has defied him a number of times, starting with her agreeing to go to Dallas for Eric. And now she is starting to develop feelings for Eric. It is obvious by the looks from Bill that he knows exactly what Sookie is experiencing and even if blaming the tiny amount of blood Eric got her to swallow, Bill knows better. He used that trick himself and knows just how effective it is, especially if there are true feelings behind and he knows that Sookie will realize this soon enough. And then she defies him to help Godric out. Something must be done and quickly. So how do you gain control of a woman? You marry her and then you’ll be in full control again. But time is of the essence so she hasn’t got the opportunity to question what you have told her and while you still have some influence over her left. And when the queen then tells you that she is looking forward to meeting her, it becomes even more so.

So even if the timing is wrong, you are in a rush to finalize the merger, so you plan the proposal like a military operation:

1) Send a gift with a note inviting you to a night out. Get the present delivered by someone sure to mention how classy you are.

2) Get dressed up and bring her to an expensive restaurant where you two are the only guests. Tell her it’s because you don’t want to share her with anyone else tonight.

3) Dance a little, treat her to the best meal of her life and when she’s finished dessert, bring out your two part surprise. The first a ticket to Vermont, and then the ring. You pop the question and she’ll say yes and then you’re in control again as you immediately take her to Vermont.

But she doesn’t say yes, which makes you real disappointed but what you show her is sadness. You are sure that you will be able to convince her with some gentle persuasion so you let her go to the rest room and start to plan again. But then you are taken away and will never hear her yes.

So why isn’t this romantic? Well, even if the proposal looks like it was copied straight from a movie, there were certain things that it lacked.

– He doesn’t kneel, and his whole speech is very detached and emotionless.

– How the ring is procured, which is a story in itself.

– The timing that is really off.

And the most important thing lacking:

– Bill doesn’t mention love at all.

This is a business venture and nothing else, not unlike the business proposal Portia made Bill in season 4.

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Tuesday’s Rant before Premiere (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

Confession time…Anyone else feel giddy, excited, nauseous?

I do and it scares the crap out of me! LOL! :-)

(If you don’t want to read my rant…at least check out my collages below!)

I’ve loved shows before, been so obsessed where it’s creepy but I’ve really never just felt relieved that a tv show is going to be back on. I mean I’m 37, a proud devoted mom of two young teens, have a job I really enjoy, and yet I am so excited for True Blood to come back on it’s like the only other thing I think about. I feel like when I was in junior high and 90210 (the original) first came on and I would “just die” if I didn’t get a chance to see New Kids on the Block live and waited “forever” in line for tix…I even begged my mom let me stay home by myself for the weekend July 2, 1991 when I was 16 and they were going away because Jack and Jennifer were finally getting married on Days…I really was crazy back then.

In college I was a bit obsessed with Rod Stewart and even had my hair cut like him but that was it. Finally once I was a mom and got married I really never got into much like that. Granted I owned every Dawson’s Creek, Buffy and Angel DVD that came out and became fascinated with the Twilight Books as they came out then onto the movies but never thought about it in the forefront it was just something I liked. I might have a reading or movie marathon or buy some memorabilia but that was it.

When Bones (D.Boreanaz/Angel) started on Fox in 2005 I felt I was getting a bit pulled in again. I was single which probably didn’t help matters because I started buying all the dvds, comics, I’d watch, create videos, read fics, etc…But when I started reading SVM novels in 2006 I found a whole new world I was drawn into.

But my world seem to stop on September 7, 2008. Being I was a Paquin fan to begin with and some were complaining that they were worried it wouldn’t hold true to the story books, I decided to watch and see this new show True Blood on HBO. Mind you we were about to shut HBO off for the winter because there wasn’t much we were watching and could save a few dollars…guess what..that didn’t happen! Thank GOD!

I was intrigued in the beginning yes I could tell things weren’t right with the story compared to the books anyway but from watching Bones I new that sometimes the author would let you do whatever but things couldn’t be exactly the same so, I figured that’s how things rolled here. I was sooooo worried about this actor that would be playing Eric Northman when he came on to the scene. I knew of Mr. Skarsgard vaguely from Zoolander (he didn’t stick out too much because I didn’t care for that film so I didn’t pay attention) I also remembered seeing him in the tv show Generation Kill on HBO but to be honest at the time I was watching to see Kellan (Emmett, Twilight) on it. I knew he was a beautiful man but I was sure that the creator wouldn’t write Eric correctly from what we loved in the books…

But OMG I was absolutely wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Skarsgard just about knocked my socks off when Escape from the Dragon House came on just a few weeks later and I was lost!!! Completely!

Yes with all the books that followed to present there is much difference between the books and True Blood. But 90% of the time I can sort of separate them for being the type of entertainment they are. I love them both! I haven’t been able to go a day (unless glued to the bathroom with sickness) without watching something from True Blood. Even if it’s a snippet! Other than Bones, Days of our lives, and WWE; True Blood is all I watch and daily! My kids sometimes get pissed because I can relate usually anything back to True Blood. Between actors/actresses being on different shows or in movies, to the soundtrack!

This season though I feel a very old familiar feeling starting. I feel like I’m back in high school screaming after Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, and 90210.

I am quite positive in saying from all the promotion for this season the creative team is bringing new life to the show. I loved every bit of what we have had so far for many different reasons but I get this feeling that with increased level of action, blood, characters, stories, and the always constant dreamingly ferocious Alexander Skarsgard there will be soooooo much more to love!

Thank you for listening to my babble!

I leave you today with some collages I made today of Memories Past and Present! Be sure to click on them to make them bigger!

Hope you like!

Sookie [after seeing vampire Bill for the first time]:

I have been waiting for this moment since they came out of the coffin two years ago!

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High Five! (via @TBconfid)

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Emmy Magazine is previewed here, more great photos HERE

True Blood stars Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are featured in Emmy Magazine’s annual For Your Consideration Issue and ETOnline has an exclusive sneak peek at their stunning photoshoot.

There’s an interview with Ryan in in-flight JetStar magazine by David Smeidt, you can skim through it HERE it starts on page 32.
It’s a rare celebrity interview that begins with an apology, but then Ryan Kwanten is a rare celebrity. “I’m sorry we had to move the time around a bit,” he says, his Australian accent tempered by the odd flat Californian vowel. Truth be told, rescheduling is par for the course when trying to eke a few minutes from a schedule that’s more packed than the red carpet on Oscars night. Aside from playing hyper-sexed, somewhat troubled Jason Stackhouse on the vampire juggernaut that is the True Blood television series and writing a book that satirises the self-help genre, Kwanten is also starring in the new Australian movie Not Suitable For Children.
More screencaps at Skarsgardfans, wheeeee!

Denis O’Hare is still filming, from his twitter-Fantastic day of shooting yesterday on the old TB. Another great episode written by Alexander Woo and Directed by Scott Winant. I’m Lucky.

From Megabuzz–  I can’t wait to see Russell Edgington again on True Blood. Got any scoop on his return?— Mark 
NATALIE: The former King of Mississippi will be getting a new love interest this season, and it’s someone we’ve already met! Here are a few clues straight from Denis O’Hare: “He’s taller than I am, but he’s not as good a dresser,” he says. “On hair terms, we’re on par, neck and neck because I wear a wig, of course, but his hair is pretty rockin’. I think I still win on the hair thing.” Could Russell’s new lover be the same person who dug him up from his concrete grave? “No, I have many fans, many people working for Russell,” O’Hare adds coyly. Oh it is really sounding like NEWLIN to me!

From TVLine’s Ausiello– Question: Wait… you get to seeTrue Blood episodes before they premiere!? —Kevin
Ausiello: Um, yeah. That’s kind of how this whole thing works. I’ve actually already screened the first four episodes of True Blood‘s new season and, based on what I’m seeing so far, I feel very comfortable declaring Season 5 the year of the Pam. Between the origin stuff with Eric and her present-day storyline with [SPOILER], Kristin Bauer van Straten’s vamp is practically in every other scene — and the show is the better for it. I’m starting the 2013 Emmy campaign for KBvS now. The woman is a national treasure! (The folks at Walmart will probably beg to differ after they watch Sunday’s premiere, but whatevs.) Question: Anything else you can share on Tina Majorino? Love her. —Tim Ausiello: Her first scene is with Eric and Bill. A shirtless Eric and a shirtless Bill. Question: Can’t wait for True Blood this Sunday! Is it safe to say Russell is back to exact revenge on Bill and Eric? —Yvette Ausiello: ”Russell doesn’t forget anything, but he’s also smart enough to know when to let bygones be bygones — for tactical and political reasons,” the king’s portrayer, Denis O’Hare, tells TVLine. “There may be a greater good.”From Eonline’s KristinJanea in Placentia, Calif.: I was absolutely devastated for Lafayette last year when Jesus died. I don’t think he can handle losing both Tara and Jesus!
Come on, y’all, this is True Blood! Just because someone “dies” doesn’t mean they’re gone for good, right? We caught up with the sexy nurse himself, Kevin Alejandro, and he tells us audiences could be seeing this brujo again. “My character definitely has a role in this season, but I can’t tell you how.” Alejandro teased. “I’ll tell you this, the death of Jesus really has affected Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in a very dramatic way, so you can expect to see how he deals with that and how it affects the other people around him. There’s a lot more depth to Lafayette that audience is in store for, hope you’re ready for it!” Please, we’ve been ready for months!

Kandice in Austin: Can I try to glamour you into giving us some True Blood scoop?!
Well you could try, but we were going to give it up anyways! We’ve seen vampires, witches, werewolves and fairies, but now there’s a new kind of mythical being in Bon Temps. At the end of last season, we met Patrick, Terry’s commanding officer in Iraq, who will be heavily involved in this season’s drama. Foley explains, “We’re going to see a lot of Terry figuring out who he is and coming to grips with what he has done in is past, especially over in Iraq. And we’re going to find out whether Terry and Arlene stay together.” But what is it about Patrick that makes him so important? Foley teases, “I bring in a substantial supernatural element to the show that hasn’t been seen yet.” Start the speculation fangbangers!
So is the Iraqui Woman a ghost, Ereshkigal (Mesopotamian queen of the dead)  a demon, an avenging spirit, Pazuzu ?

Q&A with Composer Nathan Barr  by Gianna Sobol
As the season premiere nears, Nathan Barr is busy scoring upcoming episodes, getting everything in order for an on-time delivery. I stopped him for a few minutes to talk about his music, his most memorable scenes, and what it’s like being the guy who scores True Blood.

Gianna: You’ve been with True Blood since season one, how did you find yourself composing for this show? What was the hiring process like for you? Did you go after the gig or did Alan come to you?
Nathan: My score to Hostelserendipitously ended up in the cutting room and was temped into the pilot, so when it came time to interview composers, I was on the short list.  I met with Alan and several other editors and producers and pitched them my musical take on the show.  In a nutshell, since the songs were going to handle the regional Southern feel, the score could steer away from slide guitars, harmonicas, or any other instruments which might have been a bit on the nose.  Following the meeting, I believe Alan went away on vacation with a stack of my cd’s and those of one other composer, and upon returning I got the call that I was going to be hired. It was a very exciting day.

Gianna: How has the show changed — at least from your perspective and regarding the work that you do — from season one to now? Nathan: Since season 1, the amount of score has increased dramatically.  I am currently at work on Season 5 and on average there is a solid 10-15 minutes more score per episode than what was required in Season 1.  The scope of the story in the show has also blown up quite a bit, and so the score has followed that journey by becoming a bit more grand and orchestral.  It still has all the flavor and tone of what was established in season 1, it’s just a bit bigger.  This shift began in Season 4 with the massive Faerie sequence which kicked off the season.  Ever since, an orchestral palette has been a part of the show.  In addition, there are always new and interesting characters who require new themes. Gianna: What was the hardest scene you’ve had to score and why? Nathan: Generally at the end of each season there are a couple of intense action sequences. What comes to mind are the Maenad wedding ceremony at the end of season 2, and the “Bill and Eric burned at the stake” sequence at the end of season 4.  In addition to being longer cues — sometimes over 10 minutes — these sequences also require a lot of detailed musical work so all the various beats throughout a scene are covered.  These scenes are often the most difficult and time consuming. Gianna: What’s your favorite part about working on this show? Nathan: My favorite part of working on the show hands down is the people.  Everyone I work with in post is so supportive and excited about the show, and this creates an environment that is ripe for creativity.  On many shows, there seems to be some sort of a ‘fear factor’ driving things.  That element is not at all present on True Blood. Gianna: Anything you can tell us about the upcoming season? Have you started working already? How’s it going? Nathan: I am just finishing the third episode in season 5 as I write this and it’s going wonderfully.  I just finished writing the theme for Salome, which takes the score into new territory.  Every season has a new set of surprises and challenges from a musical standpoint and that keeps the whole process very fresh and exciting.

True Blood Comics has an interview with Mariah Huehner, who co-wrote (with David Tischman) “True Blood All Together Now” and “The French Quarter”. She talks about working with Alan Ball, the writing process and how she got the gig. 
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Bill vs Russell’s Wolves (via @EricNorthmanSVM)

No matter what you think of Bill, you have to agree that he was pretty bad ass when outnumbered five to one.

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Procuring the Ring (via @TrueBloodMame)

Procuring the ring

So here is how Bill Compton procures the ring. And there are a number of interesting things in this short clip. First, Bill has obviously invited the woman over and he is in a rush somewhere. From the trousers he’s wearing, I’d say to pick up Sookie for the dinner. He then glamours the lady to find out what she’s really after. Hm, the man who willingly went with the Rats to get drained feels the need to glamour an elderly woman that he has invited himself? Anyone else than me that smells something fishy? And then he makes her give him the ring at wholesale price despite that it’ll get her into trouble. This is the ring that he then offers Sookie. A symbol of true love, or just another good buy?

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