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Procuring the Ring (via @TrueBloodMame)

Procuring the ring

So here is how Bill Compton procures the ring. And there are a number of interesting things in this short clip. First, Bill has obviously invited the woman over and he is in a rush somewhere. From the trousers he’s wearing, I’d say to pick up Sookie for the dinner. He then glamours the lady to find out what she’s really after. Hm, the man who willingly went with the Rats to get drained feels the need to glamour an elderly woman that he has invited himself? Anyone else than me that smells something fishy? And then he makes her give him the ring at wholesale price despite that it’ll get her into trouble. This is the ring that he then offers Sookie. A symbol of true love, or just another good buy?

via TrueBloodMame


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