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Petition to Add ____________ to True Blood (via @JBDuRoneTB)

I make no excuses for it; I liked Dawn Green and Amy Burley. Sure, Dawn was a saucy nympho and Amy was a neurotic V addict,but what’s not to like about that on a show like True Blood?

I think both could have had more of a “life” on the show. I mean, AB kept Laffy alive (as a departure from the books), why not Dawn? And he went WAY off the reservation with the Amy story line. Did he have to make Jason go all Hancock with her and pitch her into orbit? We could have kept her around a bit more for kicks and giggles. Maybe she could have used Franklin for her next Source and saved us all a bunch of grief.

For these and the many other sins committed by Alan Ball, I am petitioning that the following actress be added to the cast UNTIL THE SHOW ENDS as recompense;

That’s right – Evangeline Lilly! She’s been mostly MIA since “Lost” folded and I think she needs to hang out in Bon Temps some. Let’s make her a waitress at Merlotte’s, tough as nails and standing on her own against the supes and, in general, be pretty, sexy and charming.

Is that too much to ask?

Please help get the word on this petition out by liking, reblogging, reTweeting or put this under the nose of her agent. My people would be glad to talk to her people anytime.

I get lost in those eyes…

via Petition to Add ____________ to True Blood.


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