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Why in such a rush Bill Compton? (via @TrueBloodMame)

Is this a real romantic moment or just another strategic move? Well, that depends on what you think of the reason behind this proposal. Do you remember how Bill looked like the first time that someone talked about a possible marriage between him and Sookie? If not, take a look above. Hardly the face of a man itching to propose so what happened to make him so disappointed when Sookie doesn’t say yes straight away when he does pop the question? And why choose to make it now when he knows the timing is wrong?

Well, Bill is feeling how his most valuable acquisition is slipping away. He can’t control her like he used to and she has defied him a number of times, starting with her agreeing to go to Dallas for Eric. And now she is starting to develop feelings for Eric. It is obvious by the looks from Bill that he knows exactly what Sookie is experiencing and even if blaming the tiny amount of blood Eric got her to swallow, Bill knows better. He used that trick himself and knows just how effective it is, especially if there are true feelings behind and he knows that Sookie will realize this soon enough. And then she defies him to help Godric out. Something must be done and quickly. So how do you gain control of a woman? You marry her and then you’ll be in full control again. But time is of the essence so she hasn’t got the opportunity to question what you have told her and while you still have some influence over her left. And when the queen then tells you that she is looking forward to meeting her, it becomes even more so.

So even if the timing is wrong, you are in a rush to finalize the merger, so you plan the proposal like a military operation:

1) Send a gift with a note inviting you to a night out. Get the present delivered by someone sure to mention how classy you are.

2) Get dressed up and bring her to an expensive restaurant where you two are the only guests. Tell her it’s because you don’t want to share her with anyone else tonight.

3) Dance a little, treat her to the best meal of her life and when she’s finished dessert, bring out your two part surprise. The first a ticket to Vermont, and then the ring. You pop the question and she’ll say yes and then you’re in control again as you immediately take her to Vermont.

But she doesn’t say yes, which makes you real disappointed but what you show her is sadness. You are sure that you will be able to convince her with some gentle persuasion so you let her go to the rest room and start to plan again. But then you are taken away and will never hear her yes.

So why isn’t this romantic? Well, even if the proposal looks like it was copied straight from a movie, there were certain things that it lacked.

– He doesn’t kneel, and his whole speech is very detached and emotionless.

– How the ring is procured, which is a story in itself.

– The timing that is really off.

And the most important thing lacking:

– Bill doesn’t mention love at all.

This is a business venture and nothing else, not unlike the business proposal Portia made Bill in season 4.

via Why in such a rush Bill Compton?


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