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Who I’d Turn and Why (via @mswriteok)

I have loved Sting since I first heard the Police’s first album. That love has continued now for more than half my life. Some would say that is insane. Not me. Sting is simply irresistible to me. I have seen him in five cities in four states. I’ve seen every Police tour, every Sting solo tour. I saw him again last night on the opening leg of his Summer 2012 tour. He’s still got it. He has several songs that would be perfect to play on “True Blood.” Here is a song he did with The Police for a long-ago movie, “Brimstone and Treacle.” It’s a pretty sick and sad little movie but the song, “I Burn For You,” is both timeless and very apropos for the fanged immortal ones.

Pretty good, huh? He actually penned a song inspired by Anne Rice’s “Interview With the Vampire.” The song, like the book and some of True Blood, is set in New Orleans. He didn’t sing “Moon Over Bourbon Street” last night, but I’m going to include it here and see what you think.”

By these songs, I think Sting would make a spectacular vampire. He already is used to working nights and if you’re a Sting fan like I am, you know he is adept at Tantric sex, which means he can go on for hours and hours. That sounds like a plan to me. If I really wanted to be picky, I’d want the Sting from the 1980s. Holy cow, he was hot. He’s still hot now, but back then, whew! *Fans self*

Even last night though, he’s still the main man musician for me.

His hair is a bit longer on top now, but essentially he looks exactly like this, even to the shirt. There are a few more songs that point to his secret desire to be vampire. Two I’d suggest listening to are “Mad About You,” for its discreet Russell Edgington message, and “Brand New Day” because it’s about starting life all over again. I think vampire Sting would be amazing, not only because we would never stop hearing new music from the man, but then I could volunteer my services as a willing donor.

via Who I’d Turn and Why


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