Cravin' More? Cure your TB withdrawal!

Season 5 Fangover Topics

  • Favorite Character
  • Least Favorite Character
  • Favorite Storyline
  • The Storyline You Wish You Could Change
  • Favorite Scene
  • Moment That Shocked You
  • Storyline you wish you had seen more of
  • Favorite Flashback
  • Biggest Fail (a moment, character, storyline where they really flubbed something up and you just hated it)
  • Favorite Episode
  • Best Couple
  • Best Death
  • Best Villian
  • Worst Villian

These are just some ideas of what you can post about. Remember, as long as it is about season 5, it is acceptable. All posts MUST be 150 words in length or longer. Gifs, pictures and videos are welcomed, even encouraged!


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