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Night 17

Conjuring Up Season 4 (May 27th) (via @DarlingSookie)

Cravin’ more True Blood and findin’ it hard to curb your TB Withdrawal?

Tune into HBO‘s special Conjuring Up Season 4 and join the cast as they relive the good, the bad and the sexy moments that made up the season of the witch. The special will air at 6:45/5:45 CST.

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True Blood Season 5 premieres June 10! Waitin’ sucks, but not for much longer!

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Seventeen……….. (via @FangbangerEst89)

Got into chapter 2 of Dead by Day honestly i love the little descriptions of what’s going on and little things that Sookie and everyone else does. I can so relate to Sookie where she was going home and was going to make feschetta pizza and just relax. Sometimes I love doing that and just watching something really good that’s on or finding a movie.

Yes I am so very much learning the books (to my own opinion) are much better than the tv show. I am at the part where Sookie found Eric and he’s lost his memory but the way it’s written is just wow and so very different especially with Pam. Pam is much better in the books too and way more independent and just wow.

So hurray for the SVM books!

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And now, the guys turn (via @JBDuRoneTB)

Here’s a straight guy’s view of the male talent on True Blood. As I did with the ladies, I’ll rate the recurring male roles for lowest to highest

Andy Bellefleur – now, I love the guy and his storyline; “Conscience off! Dick on!” But looks like he should be on an erectile dysfunction commercial.

Terry Bellefleur – Terry and his armadillo are awesome! He’s a wonderful, stand up guy and ranks just ahead of his brother.

Bill Compton – his haberdashery has definitely improved with his new position and thank God he’s done with bangs.

Lafayette Reynolds – the most entertaining character on the show by far! Let’s lay off the gold glitter pants though, okay Laffy?

Jason Stackhouse – impressive workout regimen dude!

Sam Merlotte – that dude has some messed up genes! Mickens alert to all potential partners!

Alcide Herveaux – fine looking guy, but WAY too much like my boss. Gives me the willies…

Eric Northman – not to be confused with wig wearing Eric Northman. He’s got the looks, the smile and the height. Stay frosty, Eric.

And yours truly? I fit in somewhere between Terry and Andy. If Meemaw Bellefleur would have me, I’d adopt into the family. I’d fit right in!

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Only 2 Weeks Needed of Our Hiatus Support Therapy! (via @TBconfid)

Reminders: HBO will show the Conjuring up Season 4 video at 6:45 EST tonight and they tweeted this, Psst! Get another taste of scenes from #TrueBlood Season 5 before tonight’s epic @GameofThrones #Blackwater episode. It most likely will be one of the versions of  “Everything is at Stake”. Thanks to Trueblood-news for posting so expeditiously (is that a word?)

AND, we got our new promo! Happy Birthday Sir Christopher Lee!

The Nest caught another promo and posted this cap of Newlin proudly displaying his fangs. The cap below is from Skarsgardfans and seems to be right after this.

The Scene From The Books I Really Wished True Blood Had Done (via @EricNorthmanSVM)

One of my favorite moments in the books was at Club Dead when Sookie prevented Steve Newlin and another FotS from staking a vampire and gets staked instead. As she falls to the floor, all around her is chaos. Weres and shifters are changing because of the excitement and the full moon. Others were chasing Newlin out of the club and tearing apart his partner like he was fresh bread.

Meanwhile Sookie manages to call Eric (disguised as his alter ego Leif) to her side. Eric watches over her, restrains his desire for the blood coming from her wound, carries her into Russell Edgington’s estate and is with her while the stake is removed.

My euphoria evaporated as Eric instantly sat on the bed and pinned my shoulders. The Big Bad Thing was coming.

“Look at me,” he demanded. “Look at me, Sookie.”

I felt the bed indent, and I assumed Ray Don was kneeling beside it and leaning over to my wound. There was a jar in the torn flesh of my side that jolted me down to the marrow of my bones. I felt the blood leave my face and felt hysteria bubbling up my throat like my blood was leaving the wound.

“Don’t, Sookie! Look at me!” Eric said urgently.

I looked down to see that Ray Don had grabbed the stake. Next he would … I screamed over and over, until I didn’t have the energy. I met Eric’s eyes as I felt Ray Don’s mouth sucking at the wound. Eric was holding my hands, and I was digging my nails into him like we were doing something else. He won’t mind, I thought, as I realized I’d drawn blood.

And sure enough, he didn’t. “Let go,” he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. “No, not of me,” he said, smiling. “You can hold on to me as long as you want. Let go of the pain, Sookie. Let go. You need to drift away.”

It was the first time I had relinquished my will to someone else. As I looked at him, it became easy, and I retreated from the suffering and uncertainty of this strange place.

~Club Dead

Of course Eric is back to his old flirty self again once Sookie awakens. But that’s another entry.

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I know i’m meant to pick one, but that’s far too difficult!

Spending an eternity with a woman would frustrate me, she’d probably bitch all the time and I’d want to smack her, so i’m narrowing it down to two men.

1. Robert Downey Jr – he’s hilarious, he’s beautiful and partying with him at the weekends would no doubt be incredible!

2. Hugh Jackman – he’s a family man, he’s adorable, he’s nice to look at and THAT AUSTRALIAN ACCENT. UNF.


Fang-A-Thon Day 17: Best/Worst Faeries (via @VampKingBill)

I got a response to yesterday’s post about the promos for season 4, specifically to my comment that the faery promos wound up causing more people to become weary about the new season as opposed to excited. Although the commenter mistook it as me disliking the season as a whole (far from the truth) it did inspire me to take a look at certain aspects of the show. So off and on for the rest of the Fang-A-Thon I’ll be doing a series of best/worst posts, to look at the highs and the lows a particular character or characters bring to the series.

Since the comment was related to the fae,what better place to start?

Best – The time jump. As my Darling Sookie is apt to remind me, despite the fact that we are about to embark on our fifth summer watching this show, in reality we’ve only seen a year and a half (or less) pass in their world. Unlike a lot of dramas where the calendar of the show roughly follows our calendar (thus allowing for things like holiday-themed episodes at appropriate times) their world is self-contained and most seasons occur over a few weeks if that. The first three seasons all took place back to back, and season 5 will immediately pick up right after season 4. While story-wise this can make for some good over-the-summer tension as we wait for plot resolution, it can make it difficult to make necessary changes over hiatus, be it casting, story or otherwise. What the fairy storyline provided was that cushioning the writers needed to be able to hit fast forward button and reposition several of our characters. It allowed Bill time to establish himself as King, Jason as a Sheriff Deputy and Tara to get some semblance of happiness in her life. All were needed and gave the first episode a good place to start for the rest of the season.

Honorable Mention to Claudine’s death and Sookie’s “You ate my fairy godmother!” reaction.

Worst – Well, to be honest, just about everything else. A few weeks ago an interview with Lara Pulver (Claudine) confirmed what many of us had suspected: the producers had intended to do more with the faery storyline, but ultimately decided they didn’t have the time to play it out and therefore chose to drop it. This had the unfortunate side effect of making the entire plot entirely pointless. Why bother to introduce the fae realm at all if you end up doing nothing with it? We don’t get to really meet any of the characters or learn any motivations. It fell completely on its face rendering it nothing more than a poorly rendered deus-ex-machina device. If the producers had planned better, they could have found another device to skip ahead. Or heck, with the way the season ended they didn’t necessary even <i>need</i> one, they could have just made the jump on its own without much stretch. The fae are going to play a larger role this season, let’s hope that it works out better this time around because we don’t need a repeat of that this season.

Honorable Mention – the overall set design and CGI for faery land. The whole thing was so cheesy and distracting that it almost didn’t matter what actually happened. It was just a gigantic mess.

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