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And now, the guys turn (via @JBDuRoneTB)

Here’s a straight guy’s view of the male talent on True Blood. As I did with the ladies, I’ll rate the recurring male roles for lowest to highest

Andy Bellefleur – now, I love the guy and his storyline; “Conscience off! Dick on!” But looks like he should be on an erectile dysfunction commercial.

Terry Bellefleur – Terry and his armadillo are awesome! He’s a wonderful, stand up guy and ranks just ahead of his brother.

Bill Compton – his haberdashery has definitely improved with his new position and thank God he’s done with bangs.

Lafayette Reynolds – the most entertaining character on the show by far! Let’s lay off the gold glitter pants though, okay Laffy?

Jason Stackhouse – impressive workout regimen dude!

Sam Merlotte – that dude has some messed up genes! Mickens alert to all potential partners!

Alcide Herveaux – fine looking guy, but WAY too much like my boss. Gives me the willies…

Eric Northman – not to be confused with wig wearing Eric Northman. He’s got the looks, the smile and the height. Stay frosty, Eric.

And yours truly? I fit in somewhere between Terry and Andy. If Meemaw Bellefleur would have me, I’d adopt into the family. I’d fit right in!

via And now, the guys turn.


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