Cravin' More? Cure your TB withdrawal!


Fangover Day 3

I’m so pleased to find everyone posted their second posts on time last night!

I apologize for my absence.

For those of you who don’t know, I am located in Louisiana and we are currently all preparing for Hurricane Issac. Though I am lucky enough to not live in NOLA which is being hit at this moment by the storm, we do expect severe storms to be hitting us shortly and I may be MIA this evening due to the weather.

I’m glad to see so many people liked the season finale and I have enjoyed reading all of your posts so far. I can’t wait to read more!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I’ll continue reblogging the blogs as long as I can today.


Fangover Day 1

Let the Fangover begin!

It’s only the day after and I know some emotions are running high after last night’s finale. So what do I suggest today’s topic be?

All about the finale, of course!

I want to see what you guys thought about it. What was your favorite death? What do you think about Billith? Did your favorite character survive?

Of course, this is merely a suggestion. I’ll start reblogging your posts in the morning. This will allow you all a chance to post your blogs!

Hope ya’ll aren’t suffering too badly from True Blood withdrawal! Waiting sucks and we have a long time ’til Season 6 arrives next summer!

Season 5 Fangover Countdown!

It’s just a few hours before the season finale of True Blood and Truebies everywhere are anxiously awaiting to see how everything goes down.

Not ready for it to be truly over?

Well, we are still accepting registrations for our first Fang-a-Thon Fangover. For 10 days, Truebies are encouraged to participate in reliving their favorite moments from Season 5. All those who complete all ten days will be entered to win one of several prizes.

The prizes are as follows:

So go ahead and fight that fangover for another 10 days!

Fang-a-Thon Fangover Event

In honor of True Blood’s Season 5 finale, we at the Fang-a-thon have decided to host another event.

Now, before you start wondering how you are going to come up with another 30 days worth of blogs, calm down. Our fangover event will be a shorter event. Instead of 30 days (nights), we will only be going for 10 days. That’s right. Just a 10 day challenge.

What all do you need to do to join in?

First of all, you must register. A valid e-mail address, blog url and twitter/facebook link is required. Please provide these.

The fangover event will begin August 27th and will continue until 11:59 PM (PCT) on September 5th. Each post must be about season 5 of True Blood (if you live in a country that hasn’t shown the new season, please type that in the comment section of your registration, so an exception can be made). Each post must have at least 150 words. You may post as many video clips, pictures and gifs as you please, but an actual blog post is required.

Just like with the Fang-a-Thon, we will have several prizes to offer. I will update the prize page within the next day. But some of the prizes included are: an exclusive True Blood shirt from Comic Con 2012, Everything is at Stake – Alcide poster and Season 4 of True Blood on Blu-Ray or DVD.

The topics page will be updated and released on Sunday just before the season finale. So be on the look out. Registration is open from now until noon on August 27th.

Fangathon Winners!

So I announced these on stream and I will be contacting all of you shortly to get your information.

The winners of the first ever 2012 Fangathon are:

All Together Now – @QueenFaeMab & @llmorgan7

Tainted Love – @EricNorthmanSVM

Deadlocked – @TrueBloodMame

Sookie Stackhouse Companion Guide – @mswriteok

True Blood TV Soundtrack vol. 3 – @FangbangerEST89

True Blood Cookbook: Eats, Drinks and Bites from Bon Temps – @EricSookieLover

Choice of TB tie-in covered book – @TBconfid

Choice of Fangtasia/Merlotte’s/True Blood shot glass – @LuvBONESnTBlood

Choice of season poster – @vs4as

4 pack of True Blood – @Aly_x

Once again, congratulations to everyone who finished! I hope to see you guys for the Fangover after the end of Season 5!

Winners, I will be e-mailing you shortly to get your shipping information!


~Sookie Stackhouse

Fangtastic! You did it!!!

What is that? Did I just say we are on Night Thirty?!?!

That’s right! We did it!

True Blood returns tomorrow with a brand new episode and tonight is your last night of True Blood withdrawal for the next twelve weeks!

Bring on the Fangovers!!!!

I will be doing the drawings for the prizes tonight and I will be announcing the winners throughout the day.

You guys did an amazing job and I am really pleased to have had so many people participate. I will be e-mailing out your Maker badges tomorrow as well, for all of you who completed the full 30 nights.

We will be announcing registration for the Fangover later on in the summer and I hope to see you all participate!


Only 2 Nights to Fang-a-long

So I’m excited to see so many of you are still hangin’ in there! The finish line is in sight and soon True Blood will be here!

I almost feel like a kid waiting up for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve!

So… I don’t know if any of you listen into True Bites, but i made an important announcement.

As you all know, I’ve been reading all of your blogs and reblogging them (not as quickly as I would like, but I’ve been doing my best!)

After much consideration and just becoming in awe of one of the bloggers, I’ve decided to award a specialized prize to one of you.

I am pleased to announce that I will be awarding @TrueBloodMame a ‘Team Eric’ t-shirt for all of her wonderful posts on her blog, Eric, Alex and Mythology.

I don’t know if y’all have checked it out, but you really should. She’s done an amazing job with coming up with a daily word for each letter of the alphabet, all of which are in regards to Eric Northman. She’s been creating a Tarot set, using the True Blood/SVM characters. She’s posed poems, haikus and even interesting posts behind the mythology of symbolism and other aspects that can be found within the series.

So great job, @TrueBloodMame!

Also, I have been ordering the prizes for those who have finished all 30 Nights and I discovered one of the posters I had promised is no longer in print. I am working on trying to find another prize that is equal to that in price value and I will let you know when I find one.

Once again, I apologize for the delay on my reblogging. Unfortunately, there’s been a ton of supernatural mayhem going on around here and sometimes a telepath just falls behind. I have been keeping up with your posts and all of them are ready to be posted, I’m just trying to avoid spamming my TL too much.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for Sunday to hurry up and get here!

~Sookie Stackhouse