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Fangover Day 9: Ah, Sookie (via @mswriteok)

Considering the other four seasons of “True Blood,” Sookie Stackhouse had a relatively quiet few days in Season 5.

It did literally start with a bang. Two bangs in fact. The first went to Tara’s head as she threw herself in front of Sookie in one of most selfless acts I’ve ever seen.
The second was the shot that killed Debbie Pelt, one that I thought was long overdue.
I was surprised Pam showed up and not Eric or Bill, but as I said before, they were snuggled in the trunk of a car headed to Authority Central.
Sookie and Lafayette had to do some serious begging to persuade Pam to turn Tara, and after some skillful negotiating, Pam agreed to turn Tara for a favor to be named later.
Sookie’s relief at Tara’s rising as a vamp was short lived as Tara took one enhanced sniff of her best friend and decided she would make a great first meal.
Pam’s quick moves saved Sookie from being a snack, but our girl soon realized she would need to find a new bestie.
Lafayette stuck around for a day or two to help her cope and clean, but he was one of the next people to tell her what a dangerous friend she was to have.
Yes, our Hookah was grieving for both Jesus and his cousin, but I don’t think he needed to be quite so cruel to Sookie, because she had lost a former lover, a current lover and a best friend in less than 24 hours.
I think her decision to get drunk was long overdue, and Alcide dropping by was a nice distraction and a chance for her finally to have some kind of physical relationship with someone, well, who was not a “dead boy.”
It was a real pity her stomach and Eric and Bill all contrived to ruin that idea, and fast.
I considered the hangover she must have been nursing while trying to deal with her pet vampires, and don’t blame her for practically screaming at them, “It must be Thursday.”
She didn’t have much to do in a couple of episodes that focused mainly on the Authority, Lafayette’s trip to Mexico, Jason and Jessica’s relationship, Terry’s wild ride and Russell and Steve’s Excellent Adventure.
Her real-life pregnancy made it necessary for us to see less of her, and that allowed so many other characters to get a bit more screen time, but while we might not have seen her, she was busy in the background doing things for others.
Personally, after this season, I wish she could have a bit of rest. I realize most of the folks in Bon Temps think she had a year-long vacation while she was in Faery, but she didn’t get any down time.
She has a lot of information to process right now, and probably not much time to do it.
She seemed quite surprised to see Tara and Pam kiss, but by then she was pretty shocky. Her brother has a head injury and while Sook doesn’t realize he’s seeing and talking to his parents, she knows he’s a bit more vacant than usual.
Probably the biggest shock for our girl is what has happened to Bill. I think she always believed that Bill would love her forever, no matter what he said, but after his spectacular parlor trick of rising from a pile of goo with some pretty bitchin’ fangs, she’s not so sure.
Eric, who at the beginning of the season had written Sookie off, saw he might still have a chance with her and got her out of the room as fast as he could, but the new-and-perhaps-improved Bill may be faster.
It’s a bit disheartening to believe that for the next nine months in True Blood time, Sookie is running.
I hope she’s not too exhausted when Season 6 kicks off next year.

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