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Night 5

Day 5 list………… (via @FangbangerEst89)

in honor and as suggested of the fifth night……………

5 reasons why i feel bad for Sam

1. he will never get over sookie

2. his relationship with luna is about to go south

3. he got conned about trying to know his mother

4. his brother tommy tried to sabotage everything after he came in the picture

5. everything bad keeps happening to the other workers 😦

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True Blood 30-Night Fangathon – Day 5 (via @EricNorthmanSVM)

Never enough Swedish.

Den våta sanden mellan mina tår.

“The wet sand between my toes.”

Vinden mot mina skulderblad.

“The wind against my shoulder.

Hennes ögon.

“Her eyes.

”Hennes ögon. De var kalla. Tomma ögon.

“Her eyes. They were cold. Empty eyes.”

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Favorite Eric Moment (via @missxflawless)

30 night fang-a-thonfavorite Eric momentmy favorite Eric moments are when he’s fighting.  he’s literally at his most powerful and in control when he’s fighting someone or something, when he’s proving himself.

my favorite Eric moments are when he’s fighting. he’s literally at his most powerful and in control when he’s fighting someone or something, when he’s proving himself.

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True Blood Season 5 Speculations Respect (via @vs4as)


True Blood season 5 promo shown on Sunday night had quite a lot to enjoy for fans. We finally got to see a bit more of the mysterious vampire group “The Authority”. Here are some more speculations from the new promo trailer.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T The Authority!


Christopher Meloni is “Roman” the head of The Authority vampire council. In the promo we hear him say “I AM THE AUTHORITY”. The Authority council member are seen kneeling in front of a glass case that holds a large vial of blood. Why is this blood so sacred? Does it hold the blood of the very first vampire? Does it hold special powers? Wonder if we will see it used in the new season.

Just what does this secretive group have in mind for the former King of Louisiana and Vampire Sheriff (Bill and Eric). We see the duo on the run from a possible true death sentence. The casting calls had a form of an underground railroad that perhaps they use to try and escape. A big explosion is also seen:

Eric and Bill after the exposion:

Eric Northman True Blood season 5

We see a burnt vampire (probably Hayes a new character mentioned in the casting call for episode 5.01:  [HAYES] A large vampire of Eastern European descent, he is dispatched by the Authority to give the True Death to some other vampires…3 lines, 2 scenes) after the car explosion:

Nora who is a council member (she is seen wearing the Vampyr necklace) who seems to be helping them escape. Nora is another progeny of Vampire Godric so she is Eric’s “sister”. It does look like though they are eventually all caught.

Nora is put in her own jail cell as are Bill and Eric:

Bill looks like he is burnt a bit as punishment:

Never fear. We seen him fully healed in the same promo.



Yes! We finally see King Russell Edgington (ok former King) in the new trailer. He seems to have healed quite well from being kept in concrete for a long period of time. In the prior trailer we did see an unwilling donor who was probably the reason for Russel’s healing.

Really looking forward to seeing the mayhem Russell will cause this season. We do see Eric and Bill pleading their case with the Authority to “end” what they started and are shown going into the location where Russell was kept to heal: (Eric has a big ole stake for RE!) It looks like Eric, Bill, Alcide and Sookie will have a mission to get Russell. (but probably won’t find Russell at this location)

The scene used for the filming above was held at the “creepy hospital” location. Quite perfect for what looks like it will be a very dangerous scene for the vampires, fae and were!

Where is This Were?

Debbie Pelt

In this promo trailer we see Sheriff Andy Bellefleur holding the photo of Debbie Pelt. The casting calls had her parents of Barbara and Gordon Pelt who are looking for their missing daughter. Sookie is shown to be burying something (or someones perhaps) with Lafayette (my guess). In the season 4 finale we saw Sookie shoot Debbie Pelt. Debbie had tried to shoot Sookie but Tara took the bullet instead. So yes the big question now is when we last saw Tara Sookie was holding her pleading for someone to help her!


Tara had quite a grave injury. Lafayette is upstairs will he use his powers to save Tara? Will Sookie use her energy hands to somehow revive Tara?

Speculations that Tara will be turned really started popping up when the episode title for the season 5 premiere came out- “Turn, Turn , Turn”. Is this a nod to her being turned to save her from death? Some are saying nay Tara is dead for good. If Tara is really really dead and Debbie was the person responsible Sookie would have a justifiable reason for shooting Debbie in self defense. However since we do see Andy with that photo of Debbie and her parents think she is missing no one really knows that Debbie is dead.

Alcide is shown in the promo with another were who seems quite upset with him perhaps this is Debbie’s dad looking for his little girl (ok a very mean big girl hooked on V)

So again where is Tara?? Waiting really sucks. (my guess is hopefully Pam gets the chance at being her maker that would be something to watch).

Lots more to speculate and absorb in this promo. It will have to last for fans! The next promo is not due out until 6/4/12! Waiting really sucks! At least the new season will be here soon.

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Fave season 5 promo (via @xXItsCoZmicXx)

::TrueBlood Challenge::
::Fave season 5 promo::

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Fangathon 2012 Night 5 (via @Alice_Simon_)

Tonight, Ill be trying my hand at a short story fan fiction. It`s something I`ve always wanted to do, but have had no time to do!(only 26 more days!)

Bill awoke for the night. He could feel the day`s sleep on him slowly starting to wear off as he started to wake up for the night. He rubbed his hands over his face and sighed. Tonight would be another night of paper work he would have to do, and idiotic vampires he would have to punish. Being the king was a tough job, but he had known what he`s signed up for. Slowly, Bill got out of his satin sheets and began to search for fitting clothes for the night. What was he doing other then the usual drag?  If he had remembered correctly, he would have a skype conference with the sherifs. Including Eric. Pushing the thoughts of Eric out of his mind, he settled on a blue dress shirt, and a nicer pair of dark blue jeans. After Bill had dressed, he could not care it any longer. He sat back onto the comfy bed full of memories and dwelled on the nights he had spent with the most beautiful Ms. Stackhouse. Bill thought of Sookies sun kissed skin, and shivers were sent up his spin. Thoughts of her naked flesh and sweet Lousianna sun scented hair invaded his mind and a bad weed sending runners into the soil. the very thought of Sookie put Bill on edge. Suddenly there was a rap on the door. Bill knew he couldnt linger in the past. He needed to be concerned about the future and act in the present.

“night Sook!” Sam`s voice was cut off by the slame of a door. Sookie sighed as she left the bar for the night. It was great to know that she didn`t have to work tomorrow. It was seldom these days that she did get a day off and when she did she spent it cleaning. Tomorrow would be different. She would get to sun bath, and watch the movies she loved oh so very much. The idea made her almost giddy. Maybe she would even call Tara or Jason to come over for supper. Sookie opened her purse and started searching for her keys. Where had she put them? She stopped in front of her old car and stood there looking like a fool. Sookie almost turned her purse inside out looking for those damn keys. well hell. She glared at the old car, thinking of how she possiblely could have lost them. “I should go ask Sam or Jason for a ride” sookie muttered. She quickly scolded herself for thinking that. Jason was probably spending time with Mitchell tonight, and Sam was busy with the bar.  So without fully thinking it through, Sookie started walking down through the Merlotts parking lot. Unaware of the two hungry eyes watching her.

“Mr.Compton we understand that you are upset but please know that we have sent over very best to recover them.”

“You shouldnt have let them get away in the first place! There are innocent woman and childern here that could be brutely slaughtered because of your mistake! God help you if one drop of bloos is spilt tonight. If so, you shall have the punishment of true death on both of you..Dismissed!”

Bill ran his fingers through his hair. Idiots. The authority will have his head if they hear about two massicotic vampires running around Bon Temps eliminating the residence. His top two human guards quickly left him alone in his study. Bill watched as the two doors slowly closed. As soon as the two doors closed,Bill picked up the phone and dialed Sookie`s home phone number. It was probably a good idea that Sookie knew two bllod thirsty ampires were running around. After a few rings, her voice mail picked up. Bill slammed down the reciever and picked it up with super speed and punched in the number to Merlotts. sam answered. Before Sam could say anything else, Bill interupted.

“Is Sookie in tonight sam?” the line went quiet for a few moments, and the crowd at merlots roared in the backround.

”She left about twenty minutes ago. Is something wrong?”

“Watch your patrons tonight Sam. There are rogue vampires about.” with that Bill hung up. He punched in Sookie`s cell phone. Thankfully after a few rings, she answered.


“Sookie,” Bill sighed with relief. “Where are you?”

“I decided to walk home tonight. I couldn`t find my keys and I didn`t want to bother anyone. Is something wrong Bill?”

A white fear for Sookie took over Bill. “Sookie you need to go back to merlotts quickly. I dont want you walking alone in the dark at night. Its not safe.”

Sookie snorted. “Bill Im a grown woman I can- Oh hello who are… oh my, BILL” and the line went dead. With the speed that only a vampire could posses, Bill ran into the night after Sookie.

Sookie tried her hardest not to tremble, but her poor hands could not stop shaking. Two vampires stood infront of her. These two were obviosuly not the clean and tidy vampires that society strived for. The first one had short black spiked hair, and dressed like your sterotypical goth. The other stood in the shawdows with a dark hood over his head. Both looks like they had bathed in blood only hours ago. swallowing Her fear, Sookie spoke.

“You know I don`t know where ya`ll are from, but it`s rude to knock someone`s phone out their hands while they`re talking on it. espicially if you crush it.”

The pair laughed a villious chuckle. THe one in the hood with impossible speed and slamed Sookie into the frozen ground. It was not a soft landing.

“Well arent you a sight of sore eyes, aint she mate?” The hooded vampire climbed on top os sookie, straddling her to the ground. Sookie thrashed and struaggled but it was no use. This vampire was heavy. The gothic looking vampire kneeled down beside the hooded vampire, never taking his eyes off her.

”lets have a taste, shall we?”  The gothic vampire dragged a ragged finger nail down Sookie`s skin, from the base of her neck, through her merlotts tee shirt, towards the middle of her breasts. Sookie tried to scream, but no sound would come out. Slowly, the hooded vampire laped up the long bloody line the gothic looking vampire had cut. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“aw love, we havent even started. Give us a smile!” An earth shattering knee went in towards her rib cage, and Sookie felt pain and heard snapping and cried out a scream of pain. The gothic vampire spoke again.

“See, my friend here has already fed. But he likes pain yes he does. So I`ll let him break you up a little.. But my friend, keep that face in tact will yah? shes got a pretty face”

A low chuckle came from the hooded figure, and as slowly as he has laughed, Sookies left leg had been twisted around like a candy wrapper. Sookie tried to scream, but an face melting punch towards her jaw shut her up. Was this how it was going to end? She prayed to god that Bill had heard some of her conversation she had had with these freaks before they had crushed her phone. The hooded one stood up, and stared her down and nodded. Sookie watched as the hooded one walked towards the brush, leaving the gothic vampire and her alone. As far as Sookie could tell, the gothic looking one was the leader, and probably came from England. She knew nothing about the hooded vampire, except he liked to break her legs, and any other bones. The gothic vampire kneeled beside her and whispered in her ear.

“My name is ron by the way. I figure youd like to know that before you die. Sorry lovely but I`m not sparing a single drop becauuse you smell…delectable.”

With all of Sookies strength, she spat at the gothic vampire. It was terriblely un lady like and rude. But she wouldnt give this creep any satisfaction.

(this shall be finished on another date)

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The Viking (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

I just love Eric Northman!  I always thought if there was a character I would definitely want on my side at my side and be inside :-) it would be Edward Cullen but ever since Tall Blonde and Handsome strutted his way into my life there has never been a character I would move heavan and earth to hear him say “You. Are. Mine”  but see since I would have absolutely NOOOOOO problem with his ownership of me that is why it would never work out…So sad I know..see he wants fiery yes I’d be sarcastic and perverted and kick some serious ass with him but I could never tell him no…ever!   I do not care for the sparkling in the sun doe eyed never sleeps shy boy Mr. Cullen…My whole bond was opened to the cool collected, cockiness all wrapped in a piercing blue-green eyed chisled out of marble form! Not too mention the fact that he is a magnificant player in the world of vamps with a Viking heritage to boot!  I had a shirt made at…I saw this check list they made for the Teams and I changed it up a bit and then wrote out Sookie’s words throughout of Eric in my definition so to speak of Mr. Eric Northman! I rec’d it today and I took some rough pics so I could post today! I think I will wear it Fri to see  Battleship! I’ms so excited it came today. Pics below~

Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Pam: Eric!                 Eric: What?!

Pam: You’re losing it.      Eric: How is that helpful Pam?!

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