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Charlaine Harris characters I’d Like to See on True Blood (via @mswriteok)

Since it’s Day 5 in this great Fangathon, it’s been suggested we make a Top Five list of some kind.
So, I thought about it most of the day and have picked five characters from the SVM books who would fit in well in the True Blood universe.
No. 1: JB du Rhone.
JB  is probably the only person in Bon Temps as dim as Jason Stackhouse. Believe it or not, JB is better looking than Jason. Yes, there is enough eye candy on this show already, but really, can there ever be too much? JB has several jobs. He has worked in a gym, at a home improvement warehouse and as a male stripper. He helped Sookie with physical therapy after one particularly nasty session with bad fairies and is one of the few humans she can stand to be around because his thoughts are restful and he is is a nice guy. In the book, JB and Tara get married and have twins. I don’t think Tara is going to care one way or another about humanity much longer, so he’d be a free agent in the series. I can see Chris Evans playing this part.
No. 2: Bubba
If you read my Day 4 post, it’s about Bubba, whom I love. I know it would be hard to get all the permissions you would need, and there would be rules about what he could and could not do on the show, but damn kids, having Elvis Presley sneaking in and out of Bon Temps would be so cool. I think even Russell Edgington would allow Bubba to do anything he liked, because sometimes, when he’s happy or it’s Christmas, you might hear him sing. “Blue Christmas” anyone? Chris Isaac has the voice and there are fat suits for a reason.
No. 3: Quinn
While there are no shortage of big beefy men in both the SVM and “True Blood,” I think John Quinn would be a welcome addition. First, he is a very endangered species, a weretiger. Only Sam can match him in the shifter world, simply because Sam could turn into a tiger if he felt like it. However, Quinn has the advantage of being a veteran of the supernatural fight world pit matches. The fact he survived makes him a real bad-ass. Also, his looks are amazing. He’s described as tall, extremely handsome with “pansy colored eyes.” Sounds good to me. In the books, he and Sookie date a few times and then break it off, but the blonde waitress has enough men wanting her attention. He’d simply be more eye candy to me, but a weretiger in town might make those werepanthers in Hot Shot behave. There have been discussions on True Blood websites about who would be the best Quinn, but because I love his gravelly voice, I’d go with Vin Diesel. Personally, I’d love to see him and Alcide play some shirtless football. Yum.
No. 4: Desmond Cataliades
A lawyer from New Orleans, Mr. Cataliades also is a demon. We haven’t had a demon on True Blood yet, at least not one we’ve known about. He’s a beefy guy, with two nieces who serve as messengers between him and Sookie when needed. She’s helped him too, saving his life, and he has been helpful in filling in some of her numerous questions about her past and explains Gran’s final gift to her. I think William Shatner would be perfect as the demon, but if you want someone more menacing, try Vincent D’Onofrio.
No. 5: Amelia Broadway
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve had our fill of bad witches in Season 4, but Amelia is a witch who uses her powers for good. She and Sookie meet in New Orleans when Sookie comes down to claim her cousin Hadley’s estate. Amelia is able to recreate what happened in the apartment, helping everyone find out who killed her cousin (You remember Hadley, her son Hunter is telepathic too). After a spell-soaked sexy session with her boyfriend Bob turns him into a cat, Amelia needs to lay low for while, so she and Bob come stay with Sookie until the heat dies down and she can find a way to reverse Bob’s spell. Sookie needs a mostly-normal friend, it would be relaxing for a change. Her talents would come in handy to recreate crime scenes involving supernatural beings, and her magic wards on Sookie’s house would keep her (mostly) safe from harm. Also, it would be fun to see some good magic, especially one that would bring Bob back to his human form. Talking about Bob though, would mean six characters, and that’s not the assignment is it? I’ll let you readers cast this one yourself.

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  1. LOL! I RP your #1 and #2 and am obviously in full agreement with you! : )

    May 16, 2012 at 9:41 am

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