Yeah girl, you earned that drink.

Starting in Season 3 True Blood began to shift its focus. It became less about the waitress from Bon Temps and more about the vampires in her life, but especially Bill. While personally I don’t mind this shift, one of the undeniable victims of the shift has been Sookie herself. She spent much of Season 3 and Season 4 looking for them/trying to save them/generally focused them and having little of any storyline that was uniquely hers. So when they announced that Sookie wouldn’t get back together with them for at least a period time in Season 5 (probably lengthened by Anna’s pregnancy) I was happy: the writers would finally have a chance to give us something new for her and reinvigorate the character. Now that the season’s come to end though, I’ll admit it: I missed Sookie with the vampires. She had the must spunk, the most attitude, the most Sookie-ish behavior when she was around them.

This is another instance of where the writer just hasn’t done the character justice. I can’t say that I was a fan of Sookie at the beginning of the season, but there her behavior was justifiable as was her emotional state. Once the aftermath of Debbie Pelt was neatly swept under the rug however, things began to fall apart and by the time she’d lead the vampires through the factory to find Russell that was pretty much the end of where she was interesting.

As with Jason, this whole plot about Warlow just not good or entertaining. She had some good scenes here and there – like the chats with Jason, she had some scenes stolen – Lafayette channeling Gran and a lot of scenes that made you stare at the screen with an expression of WTF on your face, like the meeting with the fairy elder. To be fair, the fairy elder stuff was exacerbated by the fact that director/cinematographer did a really distracting job of trying to hide Anna’s pregnancy.

It is clear by now that the whole theme of “who is Warlow?” is going to play a large part in Season 6. At this point, I just hope she doesn’t stay away from the vampires because she needs them as much as the audience enjoys watching them.

Best Moment – Sookie taking the vampires through the factory.

She was still buzzed and she was lecturing Eric and Bill like they were a couple of stupid teenagers who’d never watched a horror film before. Great scene and a reminder of just why she really shouldn’t be kept from the vampires, even if we sometimes wish she would be.

Worst Moment – The whole way the Debbie Pelt situation was handled

There’s no question that the Debbie situation had to be handled, but it ultimately came across that the writers didn’t really want to commit to it and so swept it under the wrong with a few lies from Alcide and some convenient glamouring from Jessica. If they wanted to make it go away, why not just claim self-defense? Given that Tara was shot and killed, you’d have a pretty solid case for it and it’d felt less forced. But if they went that route you couldn’t have had Alcide trying to take advantage of drunk Sookie, could you?