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Least Favorite Character – Day 6 (via @lexiglam)

Can I just take a moment to talk about how annoying Arlene is and how she needed to GTFO Terry’s business?

Arlene is annoyingly sweet, basically hair-brained but a fairly decent friend to Sookie and the others but this season she was annoying ANNOYING! Honestly, the whole Ifrit storyline needed to go but it didn’t make things any better for her to be prying even further into Terry’s business. In a way, she made him run to Patrick and get caught in that shit hole.

I don’t even understand where this storyline fit into the spectrum of things. Usually, the side stories, always come together at the end, but this was just so out there. Not to mention it was treading on some very thin ice. True Blood has never shied away from controversy but the Muslim faith is a very sensitive topic and with a certain anniversary coming up, it almost went over the line.

The glimmers of hope were Layfette and his medium services. I love how he was trying to BS the whole Ifrit thing (YAY LaLa!) but he actually ended up calling upon the spirit who created the curse! Haha Oops.


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