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Night 30

True Blood Chats and Conversations (via @vs4as)


True Blood has a few chats and online events for fans to enjoy this season!  They posted the following on their Facebook page:

It’s almost Maker’s Day and we have much in store.

TODAY: Catch-up on the first 6 episodes of Season 4 on HBO Zone (2-6)

TOMORROW: Follow live commentaries at HBO Connect during the last 6 episodes of Season 4 on HBO Zone (2-6) and the Season 5 premiere: (click on link for info on how to watch the commentary and also view the archived events)
The live commentaries will feature:

Live Commentary with

Suzuki Ingerslev

JUNE 10, 20123 P.M. ET/NOON PT
“Production Designer” from True Blood :Suzuki Ingerslev
and also:

Audrey Fisher

JUNE 10, 20126 P.M. ET/3 P.M. PT
“Costume Designer” from True Blood :

Audrey Fisher

MONDAY:Chat live with a special Mystery Guest from the cast at HBO Connect (announced on-air after the premiere)

Yes waiting sucks but the new season is almost here!!

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Hello, Season 5 (via @mswriteok)

Thirty days ago I couldn’t imagine writing my last post of this Fang-a-thon.
It’s bittersweet.
That said, this post is going to either prove I have a preternatural power of observation or I’m a complete loony, because I’m going to speculate about how Season 5 will go.
First, I read the downloaded script pages and I laughed and laughed. Since this is a spoilerish-topic, I won’t say what I saw, but I will say this.
Russell Edgington will fall head-over-fangs in love with Steve Newlin. It’s perfect. Steve is as shallow and as well dressed as Talbot ever was and Russell will love showing the former head of Fellowship of the Sun the vampire ropes and cavorting with him behind the closed bedroom door.
It appears Hoyt is either going to be a fangbanger or turn into a complete vamp-hater. He may be both. It make take him all season to transition from one to the other, but Jessica broke his heart and her feelings for Jason broke his spirit. He’s a different sort of “Lost Boy” and I hope he can find a way back to the sweet guy he was.
I believe Eric will be the man to turn Tara. He will turn her over to Pam to teach her, and those two are going to recognize kindred spirits and they are going to be hell on wheels this season.
They will be the female version of Russell and Steve. Pam will love having another woman around, especially another bi- woman, and Tara will enjoy exacting revenge on all the men and women who screwed her over in her life.
Bill and Eric are obviously going to become great friends at last. I think they’ll both show up at Sookie’s house in the first 60 seconds of “Turn, Turn, Turn,” and while Sookie will be glad of their company, she won’t want much to do with them.
Jessica is going to get to Jason in the nick of time, chasing Steve straight into Russell’s arms. This season I think the deadly redhead and her boy toy will explore the depths of their attraction to each other.
I also wonder if one day Jason will open his front door and be confronted by half of the women from Hot Shot and their babies. Payback’s a bitch, kids.
Also, while Andy Bellefleur is courting Halleigh the waitress, he will be confronted at some point by either a pregnant fairy or one with a baby who looks remarkably like him. Andy’s going to have some ‘splaining to do, and he’d going to have to think fast.
I think Alcide will make a play for Sookie this season and will be the main man protecting her from Russell’s thirst for more of her intoxicating blood. I don’t know how far they will go, because Alcide also has a lot of pack business to deal with, and he will wind up Packmaster.
Debbie Pelt’s parents will come looking for their daughter and Sookie’s conscience will bother her, but not so much that she will confess she knows literally where the body is buried.
Sam, who will at first be blamed for Marcus’ death, will be saved by Alcide, but how will Luna explain to Emma that her dad is dead and Sam was there when it happened? They’ll have a tough time this season.
Lafayette will be in mourning for Jesus and Tara and even if his boyfriend’s spirit drops by to keep him company, right now he blames Sookie for at least half his problems. He will have to come to terms with his magical powers before he can be of any use to anyone else.
Arlene’s marriage to Terry may be in jeopardy since Patrick has come back. Terry and Patrick are not going to be doing anything good, but it should be interesting.
Last of all, the Authority and Nora will at first hunt Eric and Bill, then assign them to take care of Russell Edgington before he can kill too many more humans. It will be intriguing to see Eric and Pam’s backstory, as well as see how Eric and his “sister” Nora interact. From the trailers, it seems Nora can give Sookie a run for her money where Eric is concerned.
Sookie is going to have a rough year I think. Bill and Eric will be MIA from Bon Temps, Russell is surely coming for her and bringing Steve along for the fun of it, Alcide will be doing his best to protect her but pack business will interfere, Jason will be his scatterbrained self and will forget his sister might need him, so she’s going to have to depend on herself to keep safe and sound.
And, one more thing, as the season goes along, we’ll be less and less of Sookie, and I mean that since she’s expecting in real life, camera angles will be higher and higher and I’ve heard she’ll be carrying a big purse in front of her in any long shot.
I’m ready. Bring it on.

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A Walk in the Sun (via @TrueBloodMame)

A Walk in the SunA walk in the sun might be a wondrous thingfor a vampire

A walk in the sun

might be a wondrous thing

for a vampire

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Å is for… (via @TrueBloodMame)

Ålder – Age, as we are constantly reminded of Eric’s

“That’s Eric. He’s the oldest thing in this bar.”

“Baby? I’m over a thousand years old.”

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11 Reasons To Read The Sookie Stackhouse Books (via @EricSookieLover)

For my last and final fangalicious (Day 30) Fangathon 2012 post *sniff, sniff*, we’re going to be focusing on the books once again. I wanted to end this on a positive note, and I haven’t posted about the books for the last week or so.

Before I get into this, I just wanted to let my staff know how much I appreciate the encouragement and support I received from them during this fangathon. They were really sweet…always asking me; if I wanted to use certain ideas or topics in my posts, and letting me use them, when it might’ve been easier for them to do it themselves. They also acted as a sounding board to bounce ideas from. Thank you so much, ladies! I also want to thank you; Eric and Sookie lovers, for participating and (I hope) enjoying the posts!

Now it’s time for the very last one. I just wanted to point out one more thing before I get started…this is harder than it looks! LOL

Are you ready? Let’s get it on! (Those that subscribe to The Gracious Plenty, know what that means! ;) )

This last and final Fang-A-Thon post takes a look at the 11 reasons why you should read the books (if you haven’t read them already). This was NOT written by me, but when I came across it, I thought I would share it with you. I think you’ll enjoy reading what this person has to say about the series.

This was written by from Everyday eBook;

With season five of “True Blood,” the HBO adaption of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, premiering this month, we think it’s high time you got into the book series as well. Here are eleven reasons why the Sookie Stackhouse novels are our vampire mystery/romance/action series of choice.

1. Unlike some other vampire novel series intended for a young adult audience, the Sookie Stackhouse novels actually have main characters that are over the age of eighteen — so you don’t have to deal with all that teenage angst! Plus, those character crushes you’ve developed are a little less creepy.

2. It takes place in the South (Bon Temps, Louisiana, to be exact), which really makes you want to go hang out there and do Southern things like cook biscuits, go to Baptist church, fight off gators, and tan with Sookie.

3. Sookie could kick Bella’s butt.

4. ERIC NORTHMAN: Be seduced by the smoldering bad-boy vampire who always has the perfect witty quip. Just see if you aren’t hooked by the end of book one.

5. The writing is actually good! Finally, guilty-pleasure books without the occasional episodes of nausea, induced by overtly saccharine plotlines and adverbs.

6. Speaking of guilty pleasures — we all know a main reason to read these books is for the romance. Harris definitely delivers, with a slew of relationships, love triangles, and steamy plotlines that involve — just to name a few — humans, fairies, vampires, and were-panthers. After reading these books, normal human romance novels seem so … dull.

7. Pam. Eric’s right-hand woman and vampire progeny is the most badass person you will never meet because she’s fictional. She’ll make you want to cast off reality and become her BFF in fiction land. And her interactions with Sookie, a mixture of amusement and condescension, crack us up.

8. Sookie is funny. Name one other female character in a vampire series that has a sense of humor … that’s right, you can’t.

9. Sookie is no damsel in distress. Just after defeating a malevolent batch of memory-stealing witches, she has to take out crazed, jealous, werewolf psychopath, Debbie, with a shotgun. Does Sookie whine and moan? Nope, she just gets it done, and has Eric bury the remains in the woods. Her non-human kill count would impress the toughest Navy SEAL sniper.

10. With twelve books in the series, and more to come, you won’t run out of your Sookie fix so quickly! No trilogies here — read on!

11. Oh … did we mention Eric Northman?

Numbers: 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 11 are my personal fave reasons for reading the books! There’s nothing we could add to this list, which hasn’t already been stated. The person who wrote this is obviously an Eric and Sookie lover, just like us. I wonder if she knows about our site?

As someone who is sick and tired of hearing about Twilight, Edward and Bella…it warms my heart to read someone saying that Sookie could kick Bella’s butt – because she COULD – in a heartbeat! As for what she said about Eric…well, who am I to argue? We could probably write a novel on how much we love Eric Northman. The man is a Viking God!

Now my fangathon has come to an end…hope you enjoyed these 30 days/nights as much as I enjoyed writing them!

What are your favorite numbers, and what do you think of these 11 reasons? Share your thoughts

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True Blood Females: Drained (via @DarlingSookie)

If you have ever heard me speaking on True Bites, you know how much I dislike what Alan has done to the character, Sookie Stackhouse. That is why I wrote A Telepathic Barmaid: A Tale of a Realistic and Modern Heroine. Because I love the character that Charlaine Harris created.

Sookie Stackhouse is a strong-willed, independent character who would risk everything, including her own life to protect and save those she cares for. She is extremely humble and good-natured. But in the imagination of Alan Ball, she serves as nothing more than a pawn. She is merely there as a seductive prospect to many of the males around her. There is little depth and even some of her more admirable qualities have been discarded. A prime example is her insistence at Pam paying her to babysit Eric. Sookie was embarrassed when Jason suggested such a thing in the books and this was extremely out of character for her.

In fact, Alan Ball tends to have a love for his male characters and very little appreciation for the female ones (hence Pam’s fall from grace last season). Perhaps I can suggest that he fears the idea of a strong, independent female character outshining the men around him?

Honestly, I have no clue what Alan Ball’s problem is in this respect. All I know and have seen is that he has left all of the female characters, with the exception of Jessica Hamby, as one-dimensional, fully defined by their male-counterpart, whiny, annoying, characters.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way the cookie has crumbled.

Male vampires = IMPORTANT

Dead-end storylines = IMPORTANT

Large cast = IMPORTANT

Strong, inspiring, independent female characters (with the exception of Jessica) = *hears nothing but the breeze blowing by*

Why has Jessica been spared?

Well, I do believe the simplest answer is probably the correct one. Alan Ball created Jessica Hamby. There is not a single character in the Southern Vampire Mysteries (SVM) series that even remotely resembles Jessica. Therefore, he is free to run wild with his own creation and with her, it has worked.

Charlaine has gone on the record and said she loves the baby vamp and I have to admit, I agree with her. Though it feels like sometimes Alan tries too hard to get her involved with everything.

For example, the Vampire A-Team sequence, why was Jessica even there? (Thanks JB for bringing up this point in one of your blogs)

I think this scene is a perfect example of how Alan operates. Jessica, a completely brand-new baby vampire who has shown no affinity for weapons or their use, is sent to rid the downtown area of Shreveport of their little “witch” problem?

On the other hand, you begin to watch Pam, who has been physically falling apart, begins to crumble before your very eyes. Her insane jealousy and desperation shows in every curse-filled insult and line. She truly is diminished within minutes of screen time. All because Alan Ball has no concept of how to handle Charlaine’s female characters.

Fortunately for us, the destroyer of all things Sookie (aka Alan Ball) will be gone after this season. The downside? The damage has been done and there may not be enough True Blood to save those who have been destroyed in the wake of Alan Ball’s attempt at fanfiction.

So, while I am excited for Season 5 to return, I am not holding my breath. After 4 seasons, I know what to expect and unfortunately, I’m sure I will have plenty of things that will upset me this season. I just look forward to those moments that I enjoy.

Such as

  • Sam Trammell pretending to be Tommy, who is skinwalking as Sam.
  • Nelsan’s performance as a Lafayette when he’s been possessed and so daintily picks up his shoes before walking outside.
  • Tommy’s (brief and short-lived) attempt at redemption.
  • Eric and Sookie finally getting together
  • Bill and Jessica finally finding their way to being Maker/Childe
  • Ginger riding Pam’s coffin
  • Many of Pam’s one-liners and outfit choices

And those are just some of the many things I enjoyed last season. So, I hope y’all are excited and maybe, just maybe this season will be the best one ever!

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Last Night 30 wah :( (via @FangbangerEST89)


wah it is the last night of the fang a thon……sadly. this has been so much fun and it has helped me personally cuz i’ve had trouble writing and i wrote my 1st poem and stuff that i haven’t done in so long…..i hope we’re still doing a fang over :) happy for that too lol.

Up is the picture of baby vamp jessica i think this season she will no long be baby vamp lol i think poor jason is in trouble because he thinks with his penis lol and then automatically thinks he’s in love poor jason. Jessica is going to kick major butt this season. Was excited to see that promo of her with steven looking like she’s going to take him down. I look forward to seeing that as a whole lol. “My daddy’s the king”. lmao! it’s going to be a great great season. I am hoping lol as we all are.

Thank you to the makers of the fang a thon i hope there will be more to come as i’ve personally enjoyed reading others blogs and also blogging myself. so thank you thank you thank you!


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