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Night 4

[True Blood] Fang-a-thon: Day 4 (via @ShadeBlossom)

Yes, please, may I have some more?

I did mention my judgement can’t be trusted, right?


Okay, I’m done now. Ahem. The thing, or rather, one of the things, I like about Eric is his joie de vivre. To him, being a vampire is awesome and he doesn’t wander the Earth rending his clothes and wailing about lost things. He is in the moment, drinking it up. (Yes, that pun was intended.)

I like the bad boys. It’s a long standing theme of mine, but he’s not just a flat, cold bastard. He has some good sides, he’s just extremely picky about who he shows them to. Not terribly impressed with humans as a whole, sure, but he’s savvy enough to recognize extraordinary ones when he sees them.

I’m also not terribly put off by his ability to decide to take someone out if they’re in need of it. Too many shows, books, and stories lose my interest simply by virtue of letting the bad guy go time and time again only to be shocked and dismayed when he returns to do… more bad things. Hello? That’s what they do. Eliminate your problems or stop whining about them.

Does he have bad aspects? Certainly. All characters do. I just happen to prefer his faults to the faults of others.

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Deadlocked into Dead Ever After (via @DarlingSookie)

Pam and I were honored to be joined by Eric and Sookie Lovers very own Erika for last week’s episode of True Bites.

We got right down to business and discussed the topic that everyone’s been debatin’ over for years…

Who will Sookie Stackhouse wind up with?

Of course, Erika was convinced it will be Eric. Pam whooped us all upside the head with the theory that Sam would be the best for Sookie. And of course, I rounded things out with my theory that Sookie will either wind up with Eric or completely alone.

But that’s not all we discussed and to hear it all just tune in to Deadlocked into Dead Ever After.

Tune into tomorrow’s all new episode of True Bites called All about the Blood.

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Night Four: My Only “Nails on the Chalkboard” Moments (via @CindyLouLouBear)

Just about the only Pet Peeve I have with some fans and RPers of True Blood/SVM is that they spell Bon Temps , Bon Temp. Or spell Herveaux wrong.

Darlings, if you are going to say you Live in this town, or that you are playing Alcide or know him, Those things are just SO SIMPLE!

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Day 4……..(tbshow) Why I still love Bill (via @FangbangerEst89)

Why I still love Bill.

When meeting bill the very 1st episode he was so mysterious and so pleasant and very hot lol. the first time he kissed sookie i jumped in my chair and said yes.

He was so nice to her grandmother and going and talking about the war. He protected sookie most of the time from harm and looked really good naked too.

He proposed to sookie at the beautiful restaurant and even bought her a beautiful lavender dress.

Unfortunately he got vamp nabbed and taken to Mississippi.

Spending the rest of the season thinking what’s going to happen to bill and when will he fix him and sookie but as we saw that would not particularly happen. He drained sookie and almost left her for dead but did come back to give her his blood so she could keep living on.

As seasons progressed we found the true nature of him serving the queen and betraying sookie. I felt so bad for sookie but kept thinking isn’t there any way possible to fix this.

Sadly no there wasn’t but in some way or somehow he still has feelings for sookie which he does show time to time which i still in my heart love watching

that is why i still love bill.

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Why the hate, AB? (via @JBDuRoneTB)

Ok – here’s my personal horror story; in 2008, I watched a few episodes of the new HBO drame “True Blood”.  Having liked what I saw, I decided to read the books series it was based on; The Southern Vampire Mysteries (SVM) by Charlaine Harris.

Long story short, I liked the books, too!  I thought S1 of TB was faithful to the books and loved each in their own regard.  TB isn’t a direct adaptation of SVM, which is ok; they don’t have to be.  However, it’s obvious to me that Alan Ball is thumbing his nose at book lovers through the story lines on TB.

Most obvious example; to Eric fans, the highlight of the SVM series was the amnesia SL in Dead to the World (book 4).  The shower scene with Sookie and Eric reverberated around the SVM community and continues to be a favorite.  So, what did AB do with this SL?  Well, he…

  • Gave the shower scene to Bill and Sookie in Season 3
  • Eric and Sookie DID have sex, but it was in some stupid fantasy/dream/Narnia setting
  • At the end of DttW, when Eric regained his memory, some of the boy-like Eric remained, along with some affection for Sookie.  On TB, Eric reverted to his old self and turned completely away from Sookie

Those are pretty big departures for SVM fans.  AB went out of his way to piss off the fans, IMHO.

Other examples include Hot Shot/Calvin Norris (as I mentioned in a prior post), the whole Sookie/Bill dynamic instead of the Sookie/Eric dynamic and, lastly, while the hell isn’t Arlene in jail yet?

Before you jump to conclusions, I’m not hung up on the Eric vs. Bill thing.  My own personal opinion is that all supes are bad for her; they’ve brought her nothing but trouble.  Sookie needs to find a nice, natural guy to settle down with.  Too bad the best in Bon Temps has been snatched by Tara Thornton. ; )

So, Alan Ball – why the hate?  Why go out of your way to piss off the SVM fans?  Haven’t I read that Charlaine Harris has distanced herself from your writing because you’ve gone too far off the deep end?

Look, you made a wreck of the series in S4 because, as I’ve pointed out here, you went out of your way to pervert the Eric amnesia story line.  Couldn’t you have put more effort into writing original but good material?

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Post True Blood Trailer Fangover (via @TBconfid)

True Blood GIFs was kind enough to post some gifs from the trailer, how cool are they? Check out their Tumblr for more. Caps by our friend at Skarsgardfans.

Season 5 – Trailer #1
TVFanatic– It doesn’t look like humans and vampire will be getting along very well on True Blood Season 5.

HBO has released a new, extended trailer for this summer’s new episodes and it depicts Bill and Eric discussing how to best use Sookie in their fight against the Authority; it gives us a look at Christopher Meloni in the key role of Roman; and it teases a moment between Sookie and Alcide that’s both hot and heavy.
There’s also talk of a human uprising, as well as the farming of people like animals.

I see Sam is being held by Marcus’ mom (Dale Dickey) and her crew, will he be able to shift into something that can more easily escape? 

See the brick background in this cap (all caps from B at Skarsgardfans, She had these up within 10 minutes of the trailer being shown like a machine!), well look at this cap of Newlin to see that he is there at some point too. Is he going to be used as a PR rep for them, what better promotion for vamps than the FOS lead joining up? He is wearing his little flag pin, instead of the FOS insignia pin.

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Favorite True Blood Human (via @EricNorthmanSVM)

Favorite True Blood Human – Terry Bellefleur

Sweet armadillo rescuing, Arlene loving Terry. Anything happens to Terry so help me it will not be pretty. Hear me True Blood!!

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