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[True Blood] Fang-a-thon: Day 4 (via @ShadeBlossom)

Yes, please, may I have some more?

I did mention my judgement can’t be trusted, right?


Okay, I’m done now. Ahem. The thing, or rather, one of the things, I like about Eric is his joie de vivre. To him, being a vampire is awesome and he doesn’t wander the Earth rending his clothes and wailing about lost things. He is in the moment, drinking it up. (Yes, that pun was intended.)

I like the bad boys. It’s a long standing theme of mine, but he’s not just a flat, cold bastard. He has some good sides, he’s just extremely picky about who he shows them to. Not terribly impressed with humans as a whole, sure, but he’s savvy enough to recognize extraordinary ones when he sees them.

I’m also not terribly put off by his ability to decide to take someone out if they’re in need of it. Too many shows, books, and stories lose my interest simply by virtue of letting the bad guy go time and time again only to be shocked and dismayed when he returns to do… more bad things. Hello? That’s what they do. Eliminate your problems or stop whining about them.

Does he have bad aspects? Certainly. All characters do. I just happen to prefer his faults to the faults of others.

via [True Blood] Fang-a-thon: Day 4


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