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True Blood 30-Night Fangathon: Night 4 (via @TB_PamR)

The First Trailer

So let me get this straight, Detective Stabler is the vampire Authority, Jess calls Bill “Daddy”, Sam can use a cross-bow and Eric looks great in a dinner jacket with blood on his hand. Did I miss anything?

Oh, right. that glimpse of Eric and I in bed together. God, I hope that’s a flashback. Narnia so is not my style and knowing that at some point I ask him to release me…the thought of ending up in bed with him is less appealing that it might otherwise be. Sorry, Eric.

On an up note, it appears there will be plenty of action, some of it even fighting. That appeals to me. A lot. I’ve been in the mood to kill something slowly and painfully since about the middle of Season 4. I wonder if I can talk Alan Ball into making a cameo appearance and Russel into teaching my that whole spineless thing…. -smirks-

See you all in June, but if you’re thirsty and can’t wait that long, join @DarlingSookie and I on Tuesday nights on True Bites on BlogTalkRadio.

via True Blood 30-Night Fangathon: Night 4


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