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Day 4……..(tbshow) Why I still love Bill (via @FangbangerEst89)

Why I still love Bill.

When meeting bill the very 1st episode he was so mysterious and so pleasant and very hot lol. the first time he kissed sookie i jumped in my chair and said yes.

He was so nice to her grandmother and going and talking about the war. He protected sookie most of the time from harm and looked really good naked too.

He proposed to sookie at the beautiful restaurant and even bought her a beautiful lavender dress.

Unfortunately he got vamp nabbed and taken to Mississippi.

Spending the rest of the season thinking what’s going to happen to bill and when will he fix him and sookie but as we saw that would not particularly happen. He drained sookie and almost left her for dead but did come back to give her his blood so she could keep living on.

As seasons progressed we found the true nature of him serving the queen and betraying sookie. I felt so bad for sookie but kept thinking isn’t there any way possible to fix this.

Sadly no there wasn’t but in some way or somehow he still has feelings for sookie which he does show time to time which i still in my heart love watching

that is why i still love bill.

via Day 4……..(tbshow) Why I still love Bill.


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