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Biggest Fail – Day 9 (via @lexiglam)

The biggest fail of True Blood S5 is the character of Maurella. Of course she’s beautiful and sexy. She also seems sweet and that light thing she did with her fingers was pretty awesome, so what man or for that matter, woman, could resist her?

I was actually happy for Andy that he “got some,” because it’s Jason that’s always bragging about his conquests. It kinda sucked that after his rendezvous with the faerie, things started to get good with Holly, but I chucked it up to an alternate world; supernatural type of event. Basically, a sexy times abduction.  Then, Maurella had to go get herself preggers with not one, but FOUR half-fae babies! What a fucking mess. And who’s even to say that Andy is the father, with the way those fae get their freak on.  😉

I’m all for the empowerment of my fellow woman, but to just orgasm four times and then leave the kids with Andy to raise is a bit out there. Her only wish is that at least half of them survive. WTAF kind of mother is that and how will this even work with the next season?!?

via Biggest Fail – Day 9


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