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Night 16

True Blood Season 5: Conjuring Up Trailer #2 (via @EricSookieLover)

For tonight’s (Day 16) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I thought I’d share two True Blood promo videos which aired tonight on HBO! One is a brand new fangalicious trailer – the other is a recap of Season 4 with the cast of True Blood!

This first videos is the new trailer, featuring new scenes from season 5! Watch it below!

The second is “Conjuring Up Season 4″, where the cast of True Blood take a walk down memory lane of season 4! Find out what they said below!

Here’s a couple of screencaps from some of the new scenes in the first video!

While Season 4 had a lot of WTF moments in it, I did find it interesting to see what the cast had to say about it. Plus, Alex was looking particularly YUMMY in the video, and Anna was looking beautiful as well!

As for the new scenes in the Season 5 trailer; I’m not sure what to say. I think I’ll have to watch it again…and again…and again to form some thoughts! Don’t worry, Evie will be sure to write an analysis as soon as she can!

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them below!

If you would like to see even MORE screencaps, please visit!

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Crossover characters? (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

Caught some old episodes today from Buffy and Angel. It made me start to think if a character from one of those shows came to Louisiana to cause trouble or to ally themselves who would I want? Well know I wouldn’t want Buffy unless it was that she was coming to get rid of some vamps and Sookie takes her down protecting her vampires! No Angel ’cause that would cause distraction! :-) now Spike would be fun he could drive Bill crazy causing trouble…Wes would have been great for research but he’s dead! I think Willow would be great for Pam! And being a powerful witch would be great for them to have!

Has anyone thought that???

Instead of a quote I decided to use the scene with Sam talking to Dean the dog about Buffy:

The Sam dog runs up to … Sam. Huh. He’s reading the paper, and opening up in a way he said he never would: “What’s up, my brother? …Oh hell, Starbucks coming to Marthaville.” He asks the dog how long until he breaks down and buys “a goddamn cappuccino machine,” then admits that more than a Starbucks, what he wish would come to town is: Buffy, ”Or Blade. Or any one of those badass vampire killers, to take care of Mr. Compton. That’s what I wish.” He laughs at the dog, who could give a damn and throws the ball for the dog; they chase it together.

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The Dangers Of Excessive Glamouring (via @QueenFaeMab)

Listen up vampires, it’s time to discuss glamouring. I realize that you vamps use it to obtain a meal or for vital information, but there should be a cap on how many times one can be brainwashed like the MIB do with their Neutralizers. A prime example is a human waitress who works for Eric and Pam at Fangtasia. This poor crazy blonde has had her memory erased so many times she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. She’s either screaming bloody murder louder than Jamie Lee Curtis or making peanut butter and butter sandwiches. *shudders* I’d hate to see the day she’s turned into a vampire. Sheesh!

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Fang Night 16 :) (via @FangbangerEst89)

sorry ya’ll i swear sometimes i’m losing my days lol.

I know this isn’t per say totally awesome but when I did watch season 1 and the end had come this moment truly really did make me happy for a little bit.


I was so happy when Bill asked Sookie to marry him. that moment made me so happy and i cried for a little bit. I was also sad but was on Sookie’s side when she was deciding to or not because of things she wanted to do and figure out her true self as well. Well at least it didn’t last long and who knows what will happen for season 5. Hopefully maybe Sookie and Eric will become completely together i hope.

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The Stakes Are High (via @TBconfid)

Eric doesn’t seem too concerned, compared to Bill’s WTF is this face.
While those reading should beware spoilers, when last we left ‘True Blood’ at the end of season 4′s “And When I Die,” a number of mysteries were still afoot. Who set loose Russell Edgington from his concrete tomb? Who’s going to clean Tara’s brains off the wall? And who sired Steve Newlin?  Screencrush
Don’t forget Sunday on HBO– Join the cast of “True Blood” and relive season 4 on Sunday, May 27th, 6:45 EST, it’s a 15 minute special.

To celebrate the UK release of True Blood Season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD, this edition of HBO Sessions features a mighty quiz that will determine who the UK’s biggest True Blood fans really are! (The host looks like Robert Knepper, T-Bag!)


5. Fucking your great-great-great-great-granddaughter

4. Letting a redneck dress you

3. Not going down on your Estonian whore enough

2. Making yourself public enemy number one

1. Hiring an attractive warm-blooded male to look after the woman you love


Fang-A-Thon Day 16: I Don’t Have A Fangover Yet! (via @VampKingBill)

This time last year I think a lot of people (including myself) were starting to get a fangover from the sheer number of video promotions for Season 4 – most notably the first eight minutes of the season. Although they obviously intended for the clips to drum up interest, I think many people found they had an opposite effect. Not only did they reveal too much, but they revealed too much of a scene that ultimately could be considered one of, if not the worst of the season due to cheesy sets and absolutely awful CGI, even by True Blood’s admittedly low standards.

The Powers That Be at HBO seemed to have learned from their mistake, and, at least as of the date of publishing, have not released the first several minutes of the first episode. I applaud this move. The promotions they have done to this point have already been extremely effective at drumming up interest: on the whole I’d say the people I know are more intrigued and excited about this season than they were about Season 4. Furthermore, the lack of that kind of promotion only gives us viewers more incentive to actually watch the first episode of the season to see what goes down.

Of course I could be wrong and we could be something soon, but I really really hope that I’m right and that we won’t see anything major between now and the 10th. While waiting does suck, knowing too much sucks even more. Ply me with Get Glue stickers and maybe a few more promotional shots of Eric and Bill and that’s really all that I need. The promos have been enough, let us all just sit back, count down and wait for the first official fangover to arrive.

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