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Breed all about it: Letting sleeping dogs lie (via @mswriteok)

I can’t say how this idea came to me, but here it is.
There is no doubt that Terry Bellefleur loves his catahoula dogs, that for some reason Sam Merlotte loves becoming Dean the collie, and I personally love my dogs Caro and Woody.
Thinking about what to write today I came up with this.
If the vampires of “True Blood” were dogs, what breeds would they be?
Right away, with no thought whatsoever, I decided Eric would be a greyhound. These dogs are long, lean, elegant, seem to fly and know how absolutely, stunningly beautiful they are.
That describes Eric to a T. Also, greyhounds love to lie around and be admired. They love attention, will cheerfully wear clothes, shoes, hats, whatever will keep them comfortable in the great outdoors, and expect respect. Generally, they get it because they are the second fastest animal on the planet. This breed has been around for thousands of years and live to hunt down lesser beings, which is in their minds is everything else.
Bill Compton is a chow chow. They are a one person dog, and when their find their person, they are loyal only to them. Sookie Stackhouse is Bill’s person. He is ever loyal to her, even if he does go out playing games with other dogs frequently. When he wants comfort, when he needs to protect something, it’s Sookie or no one.
Pam is a poodle. I’m not talking about the ill-bred yappy kind, I’m talking the purebred, standard variety. They are regal, they too know they are beautiful, but they can be really bitchy when their nerves get jangled or things don’t go their way. Poodles know when they look good and Pam doesn’t leave her nest without every hair in place, perfect outfit, perfect shoes. She loves nipping at any lesser breed, which for her is everyone but her greyhound, Eric.
Russell Edgington is the Rottweiler. He is a big brute, cunning, intelligent, stubborn and powerful. Only a rottie could pull the spine out of a news anchor, then nonchalantly ask Tiffany about the weather forecast. His only loyalty was to his lovely cocker spaniel mate Talbot, and after that guy’s true death, he is on the warpath with Eric and Bill in his sights.
Queen Sophie-Ann was a shih tzu. Can’t you see her in her “sun room” in New Orleans, bow in her hair, curled up on her chaise, playing games all night with her coterie of fellow lapdogs? Eric and Bill stop by and pay grudging homage to her, but when they leave, they stopped to pee on everything, you know they did.

via Breed all about it: Letting sleeping dogs lie


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