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Crossover characters? (via @LuvBONESnTBlood)

Caught some old episodes today from Buffy and Angel. It made me start to think if a character from one of those shows came to Louisiana to cause trouble or to ally themselves who would I want? Well know I wouldn’t want Buffy unless it was that she was coming to get rid of some vamps and Sookie takes her down protecting her vampires! No Angel ’cause that would cause distraction! :-) now Spike would be fun he could drive Bill crazy causing trouble…Wes would have been great for research but he’s dead! I think Willow would be great for Pam! And being a powerful witch would be great for them to have!

Has anyone thought that???

Instead of a quote I decided to use the scene with Sam talking to Dean the dog about Buffy:

The Sam dog runs up to … Sam. Huh. He’s reading the paper, and opening up in a way he said he never would: “What’s up, my brother? …Oh hell, Starbucks coming to Marthaville.” He asks the dog how long until he breaks down and buys “a goddamn cappuccino machine,” then admits that more than a Starbucks, what he wish would come to town is: Buffy, ”Or Blade. Or any one of those badass vampire killers, to take care of Mr. Compton. That’s what I wish.” He laughs at the dog, who could give a damn and throws the ball for the dog; they chase it together.

via Crossover characters?.


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