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Day 1

HBO GO True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene (via @vs4as)

Fans who have HBO Go were able to see the special “sneak peek” clip after the True Blood Season 5 Finale. The video is available below. This leaves us with even more questions. (as if that were even possible!).

After viewing this clip last night I had a few more questions come to mind:

  1. Didn’t it look like Jason thought about shooting all the vampires with him in the elevator for a few seconds?  I’m glad he did not. But there is a part of him now that really hates vampires. He did help get Pam and Jessica out of the Authority jail and helped Eric.
  2. How does Nora know Warlow?
  3. Is Warlow some type of ‘vampire tale’ that is told to scare vampires? (like a boogey man??) Might be that Nora has knowledge of him from being with the Authority.
  4. Will Pam and Tara have that hot date in season 6 (oh yes..more scenes where Pam will say “lay back and think of “Nawlins”/Bon Temps”)
  5. Sookie says she they’ll join them when things are safe for them. Is it safe from the vampire guards? Or is it safe from the newly resurrected “Bill” (or Billith as many are calling him now).

As if waiting were hard enough after that finale the wait will be even tougher. In an effort to help fans cope , I’ll post a daily “fangover” entry to help in the ‘recovery’ process. Waiting sucks but it sucks less with fellow fans all going through the same thing.

Here’s a transcript of what goes on in the video:

Full transcript…

[Elevator doors close]

Jessica, to Jason: Jason, she’s going to be OK.

[Jason’s zoned out. He ain’t listening.]

Nora: We don’t have time for this. They’ll be waiting for us up there.

[Everyone preps their weapons.]

Tara, to Pam: You better not go and get yourself killed, you hear? ‘Cause you and I’ve got a date. It’s been a long time coming

Pam: If that’s not an impetus to survive, I don’t know what is.


[Jason rocks back and forth like a crazy person. In an “interactive feature,” we can see that the parentals are using elevator time to feed him a little nonsense. Dad: “You got 11 of them, champ. We counted.” Mom: “Eleven soul-less fangers dead for good. I’m so proud of you.” Dad: “You just keep taking them out until you get that motherf–ker Warlow.” Mom: “Language!” Dad: “You’ve got four of them here. Easy pickin’s.”]

Jessica, to Jason: You OK, Jason?

[Jason looks around the elevator, still lost in his parents’ words. He looks like he could shoot everyone in the elevator at any second. The elevator doors open just in time.]

Vamps: [threatening hiss as they prep for battle.]

[The room seems empty…then a vamp goes for them. BAM! Jason gets it. And they start to go up a staircase.]

Jason: I’m coming for you, Warlow.

Nora: Warlow?! What do you know about Warlow?

[Jason turns toward Nora…]

Thanks to EW for the transcript! 

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the gallery below has the screencaps from the clip:

via HBO GO True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene.


HBO GO: True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene Interactive (via @DarlingSookie)

For everyone who didn’t get a chance to view it, HBO has taken that next step and has offered a bonus scene to tease all of us Truebies.

Taking place right after the elevator doors shut, we find Jason, Pam, Tara, Nora and Jessica preparing to take down the Authority guards as they attempt to escape. If you view the bonus preview without the interactive section, you do miss the conversation between Jason’s parents, thus leaving Jason just acting extremely odd. Though it is nice to see both point of views and can help the viewers understand how Sookie “didn’t notice” his conversations with their deceased parents during the finale.

We see a brief moment of teasing between Tara and Pam, which is actually something I have been saying will happen since before we knew Tara was being turned.

The biggest highlight is the knowledge that Nora knows who the elusive Warlow is. After her inability to control herself around Sookie (without Eric’s intervening) as well as her less than friendly glares when Eric proclaims Sookie to be his and when Sookie remains behind to help Eric try to save Bill, it can be assumed she may be willing to hand over the pretty little fairy.

Though I personally find this aspect to be a bit tired. Pam’s disinterest and dislike of Sookie is enough. Must another female vampire attached to Eric share in this opinion?

What did you think about the bonus scene? What part do you think Warlow will play next season?

Feel free to comment below.

via HBO GO: True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene Interactive.

Fangover: Day 1: Goodbye Russell (via @mswriteok)

He was fun while he lasted.
Russell Edgington, the 3000-year-old blood-drinker who met Jesus and was not impressed, met death by Eric with a belly full of Fae.
His final words? The less than memorable, “Oh, fuck.”

It’s a whole lot different than his defiant appearance on a national news show, where he ripped an anchorman’s heart out, said he’d eat everyone’s children, then calmly asked Tiffany about the weather.
He was fun to hate. He had such a gleeful way of doing the most horrific things and making us secretly wish we could have that much fun doing anything.
Irish actor Denis O’Hare infused the King of Mississippi with such panache. The first time I recall seeing him he was wearing a red riding jacket, atop a beautiful white horse. As he leaned down from the saddle, he invited a befuddled Bill Compton to have a ride back to his place.
We learned his terrible connection to Eric Northman and saw how Russell indulged the love of his life, the drop-undead gorgeous Talbot. When Eric (Who can ever forget that baby blue V-neck sweater?) first took revenge on Russell, it was to kill Talbot, who mis-“Staken”-ly thought he was in for a night of pleasure with our favorite Viking vamp.
I loved watching Russell drag that crystal jug of ex-Talbot around Bon Temps, and delighted right along with Sookie as she dumped the goo into Fangtasia’s garbage disposal, turning it on while watching Russell scream.
I did enjoy the season without him, but what fun it was when he escaped his cement grave via Salome and returned to form to take his place on the Authority board.
Maybe it was his advanced age or having delved into orgies before, the Lilith-fueled bloodbaths didn’t seem to affect him as much as Salome, Bill, Steve, Nora or the rest of the Authority. While he delighted in drinking as much human blood as he could stand, he thirsted for the headier stuff–Fairy blood–and its light-walking ability.
His one foray into the sun wasn’t enough for the guy I believe to have been the oldest vampire around.
Stalking Sookie, he used her dimmer brother Jason to discover her hideout.
His final meal was probably a Fae woman as old as he was and the glory of her blood made him vulnerable for one of the few times of his long, long life.
It cost him dearly.
He was staked and dying before he could realize what had happened. I don’t think  he realized he was meeting the true death until he looked down and saw a stake sticking out of his chest. Being held up by Eric, who was enjoying every last minute of Russell’s life, all the vamp could do was utter those final, sad words.

via Fangover: Day 1: Goodbye Russell

Bilith Ressurected – Day 1 (via @lexiglam)

I’m a fairly new Truebie, started watching True Blood over 6 months ago on HBO2Go thanks to the buzz and my friend lending me her login since I don’t get the channel. Of course, I can’t get enough. I’m hooked and it’s now considered a, “Where have you been all my life?,” tv show.

This past weekend has truly been a True Blood marathon. I spent 9 hours catching up on everything S5!!!! I felt I shouldn’t experience this tv event alone, so I went to my friend’s house to watch. I wore my Fangtasia shirt (duh cause I’m a vamper)

and Glamour Me lipstick.

I also partaked in some Tru-Blood which btw was very tasty. (PS: Adding a bit of alcohol gives it some kick.)

A True Blood season finale would not be a show without a mindfuck and this one was MAJOR! I am a sad panda Truebie because I’ve been so used to seeing what comes next online but now I have to wait a year! 😦

Was very glad to see Russell turned to goo because I honestly I wasn’t sure where the writers were going with that. I can only take so much of him before he has to go! Love the faes! There are so hippie and free. But WTAF is up with that bitch fae who had sex with Andy “twice”?!? First, she has orgasms while giving birth and she leaves Andy with 4 babies! He deserved to be called a dick by Holly but it will be interesting to see this play out next season.

I don’t like Nora and Eric at all. Not because they are “brother” and “sister” getting it on but they have no chemistry! I like it when Eric and Bill pine over Sookie but now that Bill is too far gone, who will protect Sookie?!? I can’t stop dwelling over who the vampire is who owns her?!? Hopefully, he’ll protect her from all of the shit that’s about the hit the fan, even though he killed her parents. Knowing this show, they may add a twist where this guy was protecting Sookie from her parents because they were bad! Jason’s visions/concussion or whatever the fuck he has does not help.

Gotta say I didn’t see Billith being resurrected. There were several times I thought Bill might’ve seen the light (pardon the pun) but that would make it too easy, right? 😉 Hey, at least that means we’ll get to see more nakedness and that doesn’t totally suck.

via Bilith Ressurected – Day 1

Fangover: Day 1 – Sam and Luna (via @VampKingBill)

Aren’t they sweet? Yeah. Never saw them this way this season. Sucks to be us.

Credit where credit is due: overall this was one of the better interesting storylines and it gave them a relatively smooth way to interact with a good chunk of the cast in a way that didn’t feel forced. Unfortunately there was a major problem with the entire storyline: to quote Darling Sookie, “shifting is the new microwave fingers.” Need to get out of the hospital? Just shift! Need to find out where the Obamas might be? Just shift! Need to get brought to Emma? You guessed it – just shift! While I can’t blame them for using their ability it’s like they can’t do anything without it. I also had some serious concerns about their entry into the Authority. But props where props are due: Rosalyn’s death was seriously one of the more imaginative ways to off someone on that show and they really went for it too. I do wonder if Luna is going to survive her skinwalking, let alone what’s going to happen since they’ve effectively outed shifters on national tv, but I guess those are questions for Season 6

Best Moment: Sam offing Rosalyn

It was a brilliant bout of quick thinking. It was a clever way to keep Luna out of harm’s way. It wasn’t nearly as ridiculous as rolling around on the ground to get the scent of the Obama’s. It was short. It was sweet. It was awesome.

Worst Moment: Sam acting the martyr and claiming to have killed Marcus.

Sorry, but that just didn’t make any sense. Tommy’s act of self-sacrifice made perfect sense. He was a character that grew up in an abusive household. Sam welcomed him in home, gave him a job, showed that he was cared for. And he threw it back in Sam’s face with his selfishness. The self-sacrifice was, in a twisted way, a way to make it back up to Sam and feel like he’s done something valuable. On the other hand, Sam had no such motivation. Luna, by virtue of being Emma’s mother (and Martha’s insisting that Emma would be wolf before she turned the first time) more or less wasn’t in any danger until Sam stepped in and if anyone owed the other it was Alcide who could have saved Tommy’s life by stepping in sooner. So in essence we had a deed with no motivation behind that endangered more than it aided. Pointless and stupid.

via Fangover: Day 1 – Sam and Luna.

Fangover: Day 1 – Alcide (via @VampKingBill)

That’s about the face I’ve making this entire season when it comes to Alcide.

Poor Alcide. He finally gets a nice wolf-centric storyline and unfortunately, he’s the weakest link in it. As far as that storyline goes, Martha was the more interesting character, the Pelts added tension but were abruptly dropped off (perhaps to return next season bookies?) and he was beaten by a V-infused JD making him seem weak right before he got kicked out of the pack. The aftermath of that defeat lead to the biggest weakness of all of that storyline: the non-stop insistence that Alcide is a pack wolf first and foremost.

Alcide has never shown any previous pack-leaning tendencies. In Season 3, he’d largely distanced himself from the Jackson pack  – it was protecting Sookie that drew him back in again. In Season 4 he resisted joining the pack in Shreveport, ultimately only doing so because Debbie wouldn’t let it drop and even then he was almost immediately disgusted by Marcus and his character. That’s not pack-first behavior.He remained disgusted by JD especially when JD allied himself with Russell. He knew where that road lead and didn’t want any part of it. Yes, he  finally made a effort to dethrone JD – but only after it was essentially too late. Had he been pro-pack, he’d taken the mantle of leadership when it was first offered to him. So what of any of that says that he’s a pack-wolf?

I think it was a shame they went that way: it was more interesting for him to be an outsider especially because he didn’t like what packs could force a wolf to become. You can almost parallel the wolves with vampires living in nests: the net effect is almost seemingly more negative than positive whether it’s a V-addiction or standing by and doing nothing when the Pack Master is obviously doing something awful. Ultimately that Alcide was more complex and more interesting than what we got. The writers did try to give him some depth by contrasting him to his dad, but I think those scenes added so little (aside from showing the baby vamps roaming) as to essentially be filler. The ending of the arc was a bit redemptive, but somehow having to stoop to JD’s level by taking the V negates it somewhat, however necessary it was.

Best Moment: Beating the ever loving shit out of JD.
I know that only the line before I said it was a bit cheap for him to take V, but hey, sometimes you do what you gotta do. Clearly JD had lost his marbles and was causing so much harm that there were few choices to be had. It was interesting to note that no one was really stepping in to try and defend JD – even before Martha and her bow made an appearance. For all of my gripes that Alcide has not been a packwolf, they have done a decent job completing the transformation to pack wolf. Let’s see what they can do with it in Season 6.

Worst Moment: Alcide tries to take advantage of Sookie
Yes folks, that is exactly what he was trying to do. He knew that Sookie didn’t feel the same way about him. He knew that although that maybe she was attracted to him, she’d never date him or do anything physical with him. He knew that she was already an emotional wreck from trying to deal with Debbie’s death. And most importantly, he knew she was drunk while he was sober. Had he really cared about her, he would have helped her upstairs and tucked her in to sleep it off – not encourage her to drink even more when she was already so vulnerable knowing that it could finally get her to act on those feelings she wouldn’t have acted on previously. I am glad that the writers didn’t actually let them go there and I will be incredibly disappointed if they hook up in the future now that this has happened.

via Fangover: Day 1 – Alcide.

Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day One (via @DemonXDiantha)

The Finale

     I’m very certain that everyone’s reaction to the finale can be summed up into two very eloquent words. Those words being, of course, “holy shitballs.” What was not to love about it? There were vampires, faeries, annoying dogs werewolves, death, blood, and sex. Well, not sex, exactly. But there was a really hot Pam/Tara kiss. And a faerie kicked her legs up and popped out a litter. So, it was kind of like sex.

     Let’s focus on the facts. Lillith’s blood is actually red gatorade and Bill was clearly allergic. Okay, so not exactly. But how much of a twist was that ending? I think M. Night Shyamalan even learned a thing or two.

     I have to say, after an almost questionable start to the season, I really did enjoy how it ended. Even though I was screaming obscenities at my television for a good ten minutes after it was over. The acting was completely brilliant and on point. Especially Stephen Moyer’s. Nobody can play a crazy, blood obsessed, religious zealot quite like him. Kudos to Billith.

via Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day One.