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Fangover day 1 Finale thoughts (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well, now that I caught my breath back from that finale perhaps I can share some thoughts on it. I guess I can start at the beginning. It had to be Eric that killed Russell to save Sookie, that has been on the cards since season 3 and of course they have the blood bond which explains why he ended up there. BUT Bill had a connection to Sookie too yet felt nothing? Either this is a plot hole or the connection has worn thin to be replaced with the blood bond Sookie now has with Eric.

Eric’s deadpan delivery when Russell is goo, is legendary as is his scene with Nora when he forbids her to eat Sookie. He keeps things simple and says thank you to her for helping him find peace and gain the vengeance for his family. The little smiles and glances between the two obviously show that they still love each other.

From the Epic Eric Nora Bickering to Sookie and Jason, 2 sets of siblings where one has been fucked up at some point this season, first Nora and now Jason (These visions of his parents are more than they seem and his complete 180 back to an FOTS guy from season 2 is kind of hard to believe. Hopefully we will get answers in season 6.) The interplay with them in the House, with Tara chipping in “And you owe Pam.” Though done deadpan and highlighting a serious point in the story was also damn funny, as was Eric’s PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE on the car roof, the big loveable Viking that he is!

I am glad to see Sam and Luna get Emma back and Luna ROCKED as Steve Newlin with the transformation happening on camera great to watch! I hope that she lives and hope to see more of this little family in the next season.

The way they linked Merlotte’s strange happenings to the TV strangeness was well done, Lafayette hanging everything together nicely, we need to see more of this Hookah cause he is way to good to be a minor character. The Birth scene was some much needed light relief to cut from the life or death battle that we were building up to. I WISH that we had orgasms when we gave birth instead of the pain! The part at the end where Maurella walks off, leaving Andy a dumbstruck father of 4 with the instructions that half must get to adulthood was classically funny. Holly summed it up perfectly “You’re a Dick.”

I am glad to see Pam and Eric being reunited and Pam getting the girl, not to mention that despite being in prison she retains her sense of wit, disdain for Bill and apparent hatred for Sookie. I will be keen to see what happens with her and Tara in season 6 and if she ever will learn to like Sookie.

The fighting was Epic and it was good to see Eric back to his badass best, not to mention Jason chipping in, but his rebuff of Jessica when she declares her love for him is harsh. That boy needs to sort his head out.

The final scene was as it should have been, Bill Sookie and Eric in a standoff. I found that to be OK in the main. Sookie was a little too syrupy in her speech, but she had to be as she was trying to save Bill, while Bill was still perfectly deranged. When they thought that Bill was gone, the genuine emotion Sookie and Eric showed was touching, finding comfort in each other’s arms and actually showing that Eric does care for Bill, but then after all they have been through it makes sense. The special effects employed here were superb as was the final scene.

RUN!!!! You had better!

I think it was definitely the best cliffhanger yet!

via Fangover day 1 Finale thoughts


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