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Fangover Fangathon Day 9 Moment that Shocked Me (via @SookieStack_SVM)

Well we have a few contenders for this one. Sookie and her psychic link to a Vampire and not just any Vampire but the one who murdered her parents and who she is promised to. Finding out that Sookie is promised to the Vampire who killed her Parents. Eric and Bill having a bromance and not wanting to knock lumps out of each other. Russell Edginton having a softer side after all and finding out Salome and Nora were fanatics after all, though Nora making the about turn is still dubious.

The Vampire Lillith Blood induced rampage was also a contender for this, though it was more comical than shocking.

I could not decide on one main event so I have chosen 2.

The first was the forced blood induced vision that Eric had to endure, while Nora endured it willingly. Again we saw Godric talking to Eric and warning him, just as he did when the vampires were on their rampage, only this time Lillith appears and rips him apart. the anguish and sheer terror in Eric’s eyes was shocking as this man does not scare easily and I never seen it coming. I was really shocked and surprised by that scene.

My second was the coming of Billith and that whole build up. Bill had clearly descended into the abyss and had managed to outflank Salome, seducing her before convincing her that Lillith told him she was chosen before switching blood and lacing the new blood with silver so he could kill her. His transformation from mild mannered man to complete religious zealot was shocking in the way it was played out, that he would be so susceptible and yet still let Eric in to affect his rescue, knowing he would do it and seeing that Sookie was there too. I thought that when Sookie spoke, she may have even got through to him and saved him before it was too late but it seems that Bill was too far gone and succumbed to the voices and drank the blood.

At first I thought that the blood had overwhelmed him and his body couldn’t take it so he died. When he reformed I was basically in two thoughts, one was Oh shit and the other was what the fuck…Again I never saw that one coming either.

I just hope they don’t mess it up in season 6 now.

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True Blood Word of the Day: Billith (via @vs4as)

TrueBlood HBO hosts a “Wednesday word of the day” on twitter. Today’s word is : Billith. SPOILERS– If you haven’t seen the finale yet look no further:

Yes this is the new name fans (and looks like also HBO) is calling the newly risen Bill.

In the season 5 finale Bill Compton drank all the sacred blood (containing the blood of Lillith the first vampire).  The blood had quite an effect on Bill:

Eric and Sookie watched as he ‘liquified’ and wound up a puddle of blood on the floor.

Eric kept an eye on the puddle as he started to see it contract.

Lo and behold a body starts to rise out of the blood-

So to participate in the “word of the day” head over to twitter and use the tag #trueblood and use #billith in a sentence. If they RT you – you get some ‘swag’. Good luck! Connect HBO link Hopefully this incarnation of “Lillith” now Billith will get a bath sometime soon! (and yes hope Eric and the other vamps can figure out what to do now against this new vampire)

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Bilith Ressurected – Day 1 (via @lexiglam)

I’m a fairly new Truebie, started watching True Blood over 6 months ago on HBO2Go thanks to the buzz and my friend lending me her login since I don’t get the channel. Of course, I can’t get enough. I’m hooked and it’s now considered a, “Where have you been all my life?,” tv show.

This past weekend has truly been a True Blood marathon. I spent 9 hours catching up on everything S5!!!! I felt I shouldn’t experience this tv event alone, so I went to my friend’s house to watch. I wore my Fangtasia shirt (duh cause I’m a vamper)

and Glamour Me lipstick.

I also partaked in some Tru-Blood which btw was very tasty. (PS: Adding a bit of alcohol gives it some kick.)

A True Blood season finale would not be a show without a mindfuck and this one was MAJOR! I am a sad panda Truebie because I’ve been so used to seeing what comes next online but now I have to wait a year! 😦

Was very glad to see Russell turned to goo because I honestly I wasn’t sure where the writers were going with that. I can only take so much of him before he has to go! Love the faes! There are so hippie and free. But WTAF is up with that bitch fae who had sex with Andy “twice”?!? First, she has orgasms while giving birth and she leaves Andy with 4 babies! He deserved to be called a dick by Holly but it will be interesting to see this play out next season.

I don’t like Nora and Eric at all. Not because they are “brother” and “sister” getting it on but they have no chemistry! I like it when Eric and Bill pine over Sookie but now that Bill is too far gone, who will protect Sookie?!? I can’t stop dwelling over who the vampire is who owns her?!? Hopefully, he’ll protect her from all of the shit that’s about the hit the fan, even though he killed her parents. Knowing this show, they may add a twist where this guy was protecting Sookie from her parents because they were bad! Jason’s visions/concussion or whatever the fuck he has does not help.

Gotta say I didn’t see Billith being resurrected. There were several times I thought Bill might’ve seen the light (pardon the pun) but that would make it too easy, right? 😉 Hey, at least that means we’ll get to see more nakedness and that doesn’t totally suck.

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Fang-A-Thon: The Fangover: Day One (via @DemonXDiantha)

The Finale

     I’m very certain that everyone’s reaction to the finale can be summed up into two very eloquent words. Those words being, of course, “holy shitballs.” What was not to love about it? There were vampires, faeries, annoying dogs werewolves, death, blood, and sex. Well, not sex, exactly. But there was a really hot Pam/Tara kiss. And a faerie kicked her legs up and popped out a litter. So, it was kind of like sex.

     Let’s focus on the facts. Lillith’s blood is actually red gatorade and Bill was clearly allergic. Okay, so not exactly. But how much of a twist was that ending? I think M. Night Shyamalan even learned a thing or two.

     I have to say, after an almost questionable start to the season, I really did enjoy how it ended. Even though I was screaming obscenities at my television for a good ten minutes after it was over. The acting was completely brilliant and on point. Especially Stephen Moyer’s. Nobody can play a crazy, blood obsessed, religious zealot quite like him. Kudos to Billith.

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