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HBO GO: True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene Interactive (via @DarlingSookie)

For everyone who didn’t get a chance to view it, HBO has taken that next step and has offered a bonus scene to tease all of us Truebies.

Taking place right after the elevator doors shut, we find Jason, Pam, Tara, Nora and Jessica preparing to take down the Authority guards as they attempt to escape. If you view the bonus preview without the interactive section, you do miss the conversation between Jason’s parents, thus leaving Jason just acting extremely odd. Though it is nice to see both point of views and can help the viewers understand how Sookie “didn’t notice” his conversations with their deceased parents during the finale.

We see a brief moment of teasing between Tara and Pam, which is actually something I have been saying will happen since before we knew Tara was being turned.

The biggest highlight is the knowledge that Nora knows who the elusive Warlow is. After her inability to control herself around Sookie (without Eric’s intervening) as well as her less than friendly glares when Eric proclaims Sookie to be his and when Sookie remains behind to help Eric try to save Bill, it can be assumed she may be willing to hand over the pretty little fairy.

Though I personally find this aspect to be a bit tired. Pam’s disinterest and dislike of Sookie is enough. Must another female vampire attached to Eric share in this opinion?

What did you think about the bonus scene? What part do you think Warlow will play next season?

Feel free to comment below.

via HBO GO: True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene Interactive.


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