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Fangover Day 6: Pam and Tara: I called it: “Hell on Wheels” (via @mswriteok)

During the pre-season “Fangathon,” I made some predictions about what would happen during Season Five of “True Blood.”
The one I was happiest about was thinking Pam and Tara would wind up together and would be “Hell on Wheels.”
It took all 12 episodes to get them there, but the season finale gave us what we wanted — a hot, steamy kiss between Tara and Pam.
Let’s look back over their stormy relationship these past 12 episodes.
Pam did Sookie and Lafayette a big favor by turning Tara, and her warning of Tara turning into a “Fucktarded” vampire was not even her best line.
I will always remember her dressed in one of Sookie’s sweatsuits from Wal-Mart, taking one for the team as she went to ground with her new child.
I loved how, even though she tried to keep up the tough as nails exterior, Pam was kind to Tara from the beginning, soothing her in every way she knew how except sexually. She got Tara willing donors and one bitch of a woman who was mean to Tara became her slave.
They shared “dinner” that night, but Pam made sure Tara didn’t make more of it than intake of needed calories.
I enjoyed seeing Tara dressed in some seriously hot outfits. She looked the best I’ve ever seen her, even though she could not believe she found herself behind a bar again, this time at Fangtasia, working for her Maker.
After Eric released Pam, I think Pam cherished Tara even more, though it was hard for her to admit it. Since they didn’t part on any sort of bad terms, I know Eric will be back around the bar when he can, and I look forward to the interplay between the Viking and his grandchild. Yeah, Eric’s her grand-maker.
Tara, at first so angry at becoming the thing she hated most, started to enjoy her new-found powers and her growing attraction to her Maker.
What’s not to love about Pam? She always looks hot (even in yellow sweats), gets all the best lines and keeps her kick-ass attitude front and center at all times.
When the new Area Five Sheriff showed up and started extorting money from Pam, Tara didn’t hesitate.
She took action.
Uttering one of my season-favorite lines: “I don’t know nothing about birthing no vampire babies,”  she beheaded the sheriff.
As a total aside, I totally loved the outfit Pam was wearing when she took the blame for the sheriff’s death and was arrested by Rosalyn. The waist cincher was too, too cute, and Pam looked great in it, even lying in a prison cell.
When Tara and Sookie showed up in the Authority prison to free them, watching Tara go into action was wonderful.
She finally, fully inhabited her role as vampire and accepted that Sookie and Lafayette did her a favor by getting her turned rather than letting her die, though she did not let Sookie forget for one second that she owed Pam.
When Tara grabbed the silver door of Pam’s jail cell and grabbed Pam, all wishes were granted.
Tara got a real kiss from her Maker, Pam realized that Tara could be “The One” and kissed her right back. Sookie’s debt to Pam was retired and for a split second, all was right in the world.
Heaven knows what will happen in 9 months, when Season 6 kicks off, but I think “Hell on Wheels” is on.

via Fangover Day 6: Pam and Tara: I called it: “Hell on Wheels”


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