Cravin' More? Cure your TB withdrawal!

Fang-a-Thon Fangover Event

In honor of True Blood’s Season 5 finale, we at the Fang-a-thon have decided to host another event.

Now, before you start wondering how you are going to come up with another 30 days worth of blogs, calm down. Our fangover event will be a shorter event. Instead of 30 days (nights), we will only be going for 10 days. That’s right. Just a 10 day challenge.

What all do you need to do to join in?

First of all, you must register. A valid e-mail address, blog url and twitter/facebook link is required. Please provide these.

The fangover event will begin August 27th and will continue until 11:59 PM (PCT) on September 5th. Each post must be about season 5 of True Blood (if you live in a country that hasn’t shown the new season, please type that in the comment section of your registration, so an exception can be made). Each post must have at least 150 words. You may post as many video clips, pictures and gifs as you please, but an actual blog post is required.

Just like with the Fang-a-Thon, we will have several prizes to offer. I will update the prize page within the next day. But some of the prizes included are: an exclusive True Blood shirt from Comic Con 2012, Everything is at Stake – Alcide poster and Season 4 of True Blood on Blu-Ray or DVD.

The topics page will be updated and released on Sunday just before the season finale. So be on the look out. Registration is open from now until noon on August 27th.


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